Awareness programs to promote Discourses On Terrorism

For: Interfaith Unity For Tolerance
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Organizer: Ali Taj
Awareness programs to promote Discourses On Terrorism (Interfaith Unity For Tolerance)
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The Story

Over the last three decades at least 60,000 people have been killed by militants adhering to either to the homegrown sub-continental brand of Deobandi militancy or its Salafi/Wahhabi cousin imported from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan by Taliban and Saudi missionary affiliates. An even greater number of people have been killed in the Middle East at the hands of Saudi-sponsored Salafi/Wahhabi extremists. The majority of these have been Shia and Christian citizens in both regions.

Often overshadowed by the activity of groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, Deobandi militancy is nevertheless a devastating force in South Asian life. It also draws both material and ideological support from the same religious and quasi-governmental organizations that fuel ISIS/AQ militancy.

Interfaith for Unity and Tolerance (IFUT) was set up in 2016 by the U.S-based Pakistani activist Ali Abbas Taj in response to escalating militancy from Deobandi groups on the Indian Sub-Continent and Salafi/Wahhabi violent extremism in Middle East and the West.

Since then, IFUT has worked as a commissioning organisation, funding projects that document Deobandi/Salafi/Wahhabi (DSW) violence against religious and ethnic minorities and that map the links between these forms of violence and mainstream political, academic and civil society discourses and actors.

IFUT is a 501 (c) (3) registered organization. As a non-profit organization, it mainly operates on a digital platform connecting to its audience mainly through blogs and social media platforms.

As part of its efforts in combating extremism, IFUT has commissioned a book published by MacMillan entitled Faith-based violence and militancy in the Muslim world. It has also commissioned articles, educational resources and events to document and advocate against killings by Salafi, Deobandi and other extremist groups.

We are seeking funding in order for us to commission an awareness programs including making a motion picture (documentary) to educate the public about the discourses of terrorism in the objective to seek solutions to stop it. 

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Awareness programs to promote Discourses On Terrorism

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