Ingrid's Haven Winter Warmer & Intensive Care Unit Appeal

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Organizer: Alison Warren - Ingrid's Haven volunteer
Ingrid's Haven Winter Warmer & Intensive Care Unit Appeal (Ingrid's Haven)
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The Story

The Winter Warmer Fundraiser has arrived and we need your help, not only to keep the kittens and cats warm this winter, but also for your assistance with a much needed upgrade to the cat intensive care unit (isolation area for sick cats).

As you all know, Ingrid works full time to help fund the running of the Haven but also relies heavily on the sponsorships and donations that come in from the public.  Also twice a year we hold fundraisers, like this one, to ask for help with “big ticket” items:

  • Christmas time is when we raise funds to help cover all the vet bills that are associated with the influx of kittens over that period – de-sexing, vaccinations, microchips etc. 
  • Winter is when we seek your help to raise funds to go towards the large electricity bill (plus this year the upgrade to the cat infirmary). 

The cost of keeping the cats warm is enormous – they have heat pads in all of their kennels and electric blankets on all of their bunk beds (at last count there were 13 double bunk beds at the Haven – that’s 26 electric blankets!) We’ve lost count of how many heat pads there are.

As well as this cost, Ingrid is having a special, purpose built isolation area constructed in her large kitten shed to enable her to keep the sick and infirm cats in a secure, quiet, sterile and warm environment.  The building works are almost complete (and paid for) but she now needs to furnish it with medical grade isolation stalls and other items to ensure that the cats have all that they need when they are faced with illness or arrive needing high care.

If you can spare some dollars over the next few weeks/months it will help Ingrid and the cats immensely.  The cats will be warm and dry, and (we hope) Ingrid will sleep a lot easier knowing the bills will be paid.

Thanks so much for your support of Ingrid and the cats at Ingrid's Haven.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 4, 2016

Posted on August 4, 2016

The Winter Warmer fundraiser has come to an end and I just wanted to send a final update and big thank you for everyone who has contributed this year.  $12,050 is an incredible amount to be achieved in 3 months of fundraising.  The electricity bill for heating has been paid and the upgrades to the shed with a new vet consultation room and intensive care unit is complete.  I've attached new photos of the rooms for all to see.  Thanks everyone so much, Ali Warren (vollie/fundraiser organiser)

Below is a message from the lady herself, Ingrid Arving.  To thank you all .....

"So the fundraiser has finished and a whopping $12,050 was raised (and I may add has also been spent.)

Just look where the money went in the photos.  Cupboards for the consultation room (note the door handles).  A stainless steel table where Dr Darren performs his consultations. Isolation cages, you can see little clipped Princess in the first one.

Lastly, which should have been first, are the welcoming doors. I had one request when it came to the colours, the doors had to be yellow, a happy sunny colour and they are.  I hope the cats coming through the doors feel the same, nothing to be afraid of, only a kind veterinarian waiting or a nice warm room to spend a few days in.

Now there only remains to put the lino on the floor and voila!

I have no words to express my gratitude for the generosity from all the Haven's supporters and a big thank you goes to Dr Cat's who organised it all.  Quidan, the plumber, who donated his time and material, and the painters. I am overwhelmed to say the least.


This was more than I expected and I can assure you, life as a shelter operator has become much easier. Things are organised, I hate clutter but above all, the cats get much better care than they have ever had."

Ingrid & the Cats xxxxx

Posted on June 20, 2016

Posted on June 20, 2016

A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far - I have posted a couple of pics to the Gallery that I took yesterday of the new Intensive Care Unit and some pics of the cats enjoying their electric blankets on their bunk beds.  

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Ingrid's Haven Winter Warmer & Intensive Care Unit Appeal

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