Trusting God Again

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Trusting God Again (Idoni Family)
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The Story

As our 4th big adoption journey begins...

Our story is a long one. But it is full of amazing miracles and trials of faith!
This is the condensed version...

We are the Idoni family from Michigan. When Jim and I married in 1987, we believed God showed us that we would adopt children someday. After our youngest of 5 biological sons had turned 12, we felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to begin preparing for adoption, whatever that would look like. Through very amazing and confirming events, we began the journey which resulted in adopting our first 3 Ukrainian sons. In the summer of 2014 I lived for 2 months in the war zone in Donetsk, Ukraine. Our first adoption journey was a breathtaking season of nothing less than miracle after miracle to bring our boys safely home.

As we settled into our new family life after the adoption of our first 3 (ages 12, 16 & 17 at the time), Jim and I knew we were called to go back. After much prayer and fundraising (again!), we returned to an area west of the war zone and were successful in adopting 2 more sons, ages 11 & 14.

While we were there, we met so many children who also deserved to be in families. We committed to advocate for two of the boys we met, ages 12 and 15. Then we began to discern God's leading for us to adopt these 2 boys ourselves, because it became evident they greatly wanted to be a part of our family. We made preparations to come back quickly and to adopt them, as well.

While in Ukraine again to bring home the children who would become our 6th and 7th adopted sons, the Lord brought yet another young man into our lives. Zhenya is 19 years old and cannot immigrate easily as our other sons have done, but he is a son and brother in every way.  We long for the day he can join us in America. Our family will never quite be complete without him here.

Myself and 2 sons visited Ukraine in October 2016 to spend time with Zhenya -- and while we were there we visited an orphanage where we knew some children had been interviewed for hosting to the United States for Christmas of that year.

This is where we met Alex for the first time! Alex is 16 years old and he has never known the love of a family. He has waited so long for a family to love him. Much too long! So we invited Alex to visit us over the Christmas holidays at our home here in Michigan.  While here with us, Alex expressed that he wants to be adopted by our family, so we are preparing now to return to Ukraine and adopt him!

Not only that, but as of September 2017 we've had specific confirmation from the Lord that He is calling us to take a step of faith and prepare to adopt 2 more boys who are in Ukraine.  We don't know whether we've met these boys before -- but we are preparing for three new sons now!

All 7 of our already adopted sons are strong, healthy, happy and thriving.  They know they are loved and safe.  They know the orphan life is far behind them.  Only a short time ago they were all facing very bleak futures in Ukraine.  God stepped in and changed their stories!
His amazing love has transformed our lives into a beautiful picture of His grace and care.  We will never be the same... and we wouldn't trade our lives for anything. We look forward with anticipation to all that God still has for us ahead!

Thank you so much for giving as generously as you can toward our new adoption journey... and for sharing our need with friends.

If you have helped with our previous adoptions... thank you from the depths of our hearts!

Heather and Jim Idoni

Our children (so far) -
Benjamin (27, married to Cara - grandson, Ezra, almost 4), Carman (25), Angelo (22), John (20), Gabriel (almost 20), Aaron (19), Valentine (17), Jason (17), Vincenzo (16), Vladimir (15), David (14), Vanya (13)... and Zhenya (19, in Ukraine)... and one daughter and 2 grandchildren in Heaven.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 20, 2018


Posted on April 20, 2018

4/19/2018 -- Our completed dossier with all the documents we've been putting together for months... is on its way to Ukraine!!  Please pray for safe arrival.  This is always a nervous/happy/anxious time, but DHL's international package delivery has always been dependable for us in the past.  Things are moving more smoothly in Ukraine these days, so we are thinking we'll be traveling for our first trip before the end of June.  Now it is time to just wait, pray... and put the fire on raising the money we need!  Thank you for SHARING our need... for praying... and for the blessing of your support.  (Note:  This photo is exaggerated... the pile was not quite this tall!) ;-)

Posted on March 15, 2018

Posted on March 15, 2018

Such great news!!  First, the 2 brothers who we felt we should remain "back-up" for (just in case they didn't get adopted)... well, they DID get adopted!  Along with their older sister, they are now part of a beautiful family in Minnesota.  We are praising God for this wonderful news!!  Second, we *finally* received our clearance/approval from U.S. Immigration Services that says Jim and I are eligible to return to Ukraine and adopt between 1 and 3 boys between the ages of 9 and 18.  And third -- we now believe we know exactly who the other 2 boys are!!  Praise God!  The boys are 2 brothers, currently age 12 and 14.  They live to the south of the war zone area in Eastern Ukraine, so they also speak Russian.  We are very excited to be going to meet them in a few months to begin their adoptions, too!  So right now we are in final dossier preparation mode.  We are waiting on just a few documents, one from Chicago (Ukraine Consulate) stating that we have registered our previously adopted boys and have been making our regular reports on their well-being.  Please pray they send it soon!  If all goes smoothly, we'll be in Ukraine in June for the first of at least 3 trips.  Thank you so much for giving and caring... and praying.

Posted on October 24, 2017

Posted on October 24, 2017

This update has been a long time coming!!  We kept hearing "wait" through the spring, summer and into the fall... but now we have the go-ahead from God! :-)  Only time will tell what all the waiting was for... but God's timing is perfect and we are rested in Him.  NOW -- now we are ready to overnight our home study update to U.S. Immigration.  We had ONE YEAR from the filing of our first document to send in our home study... but it is happening nearly at the last possible hour!  So it is happening... we are finally moving forward with our documents.  Thank you, Lord.  Now we wait the 5 or so weeks for an approval from the U.S. side of things -- and prepare our dossier documents for Ukraine in the mean time.

But now the biggest news...

We are pretty sure God is calling us to prepare our hearts to adopt THREE boys!  We just don't know yet who the other two are yet.  He has hinted at this for a long time, but we needed more confirmation of this and now have it.  Loooong story. ;-)

Thank you for sharing far and wide and helping us to raise the very large amount of money needed to take this next step in our lives.


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