Countless Orphans in Wake of Ecuador's 7.8 Earthquake

For: Humanitarian Project Amor 7.8
Puerto Cayo, Manabí Province, Ecuador
Organizer: Stacy Flamer
Countless Orphans in Wake of Ecuador's 7.8 Earthquake (Humanitarian Project Amor 7.8)
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The Story

Project AMOR 7.8 (Love 7.8) began in the immediate hours following the catastrophic earthquake that has devastated the Ecuadorian coastal region. There are still many remote areas that have not been reached by national and international organizations which has spawned a grassroots emergency movement  by people who are working 24/7 to collect and distribute basic survival supplies to  those who are in most need. There are hundreds of displaced and newly orphaned children who desperately need help. Many are rapidly becoming very sick due to unsanitary conditions and lack of water and food. Many are suffering from PTSD.

Project AMOR 7.8 is working with with The Ecuadorian Interior Ministry and The Ecuadorian Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion in order to to attain the appropriate legal permissions to eventually open a school and orphanage. But, until then, the urgency of the situation requires immediate action to help save as many children as we can.

Please share our fundraiser and donate whatever you can. We are committed to 100% transparency. 

Below is a first draft of our mission statement. We have designed it with two stages in mind: firstly, helping victims survive; and secondly, helping them to reconstruct their lives in a dignified manner.


To provide primary and immediate assistance to communities, with a central focus on children, who have been displaced by the recent catastrophic earthquake in the coastal providence of Manabi, Ecuador. We are presently collecting and redistributing primary care materials to those in most need, many in remote areas where other relief organization have not yet arrived.

To expeditiously construct a Humanitarian Assistance Center equipped with highly qualified personnel and excellent infrastructure that will facilitate in the reconstruction of hope and lives, again, focusing on children and the most vulnerable disaster victims.


In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, the center of operations, Project AMOR 7.8  (Love7.8),  was conceived and organized to manage the collection and distribution of incoming donations. Our new center of operations is located at Kilometer 8 on the Ruta Spodylus to Puerto Cayo, thanks to the generous and unconditional support of Tanusas Eco Retreat and Spa.

Project AMOR 7.8 has been launched with a working base consisting of more than twenty permanent employees from Tanusas Eco Retreat and Spa, and a significant and growing base of volunteers who place their confidence in the credibility and transparency of this project. As a result of this solid backing and foundation of encouragement and support, AMOR 7.8 has designed a sound plan of action to respond as quickly as possible to the most remote and hardest hit areas.

Our plan of action is being accomplished through the continual support of our donors who supply us with all the essential resources such as food, water and medicine, as well as transportation, technology and professional expertise in various fields.


The objective of this phase is to provide medium and long term assistance, on a larger scale, with children being our top priority. For this stage of the development we already have a property in the Cantagallo sector, very near our AMOR 7.8 headquarters.

At this time we will need the support of both natural persons and legal entities to help in the planning, designing and construction of sustainable community developments.  Our mission is to create a safe environment of respect and dignity where disaster victims also have access to medical care and psychological support.      


The aim and criteria for the type of construction we will use is that it be inexpensive and based on the local, easily obtainable materials. The structure itself will also serve as an educational model and example for future building. The final construction should be economically attainable, ecologically sustainable and structurally sound enough to withstand earthquakes.

Another aspect of the community design will include organic farming as a means of giving people a source of high quality nutrition and source of self reliance. Our hope is that, through example, this project will serve as an inspirational model  that will be replicated throughout the region in many other communities as well.

This project is the firm beginning of a fully realistic and realizable future. We believe it is essential for the people who have suffered such great losses be given an opportunity to rebuild their lives in a dignified way that will allow them to hope and believe in the future.It is our conviction that we must provide the tools now to heal and sustain the people who need it most.

We can't allow our children's joy and future to be buried with everything they have already lost.

Please support us in any way you can. Thank you.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 4, 2016

Posted on May 4, 2016

Last week I joined the onsite team based at Hotel Tanusas in Puerto Cayo. Every day trucks arrived with new supplies which we sorted into three different types of kits: one for families, one for children,and one for infants. Throughout the week we were able to distribute around 500 kits to various communities, most of whom are barely scraping by in makeshift plastic tarp villages. In spite of the precarious conditions it is deeply inspiring to see the solidarity among most of the Ecuadorian people. For example, hungry and homeless people will ask us if we can send help to other sick or handicapped people who are housebound. One of the highlights of last week happened on Friday when we were able to deliver a hot meal to about 200 extremely grateful people who had been subsisting on canned goods since April 16th. You may see more information about Amor 7.8 at our website:

or at:

Another important development occurred last week when AMOR 7.8 joined forces with Jon Rose and his amazing team of Waves for Water who are working tirelessly in Manabi and throughout the world to provide clean water to countless people using a deceptively simple looking and inexpensive filtration system. During the community presentations and training we would actually throw handfuls of dirt into the already contaminated water to illustrate the effectiveness of the filter. The people demonstrating the filter always drank the first glassful to the delight and amazement of the onlookers. The beauty of this filter is that it can be shared exponentially, family to family and community to community. For more information about Waves For Water and their work in Ecuador please see their website.

So much work is being done, but there is still so much to do. My heartfelt thank you to all of you for all your help. I would especially like to thank my dear friends who selflessly requested that donations be made to the fund instead of memorial flowers for their son. May the work made possible by their generosity be of deep comfort and solace to them.

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Countless Orphans in Wake of Ecuador's 7.8 Earthquake

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