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The Story

The background :

Rudy has come a very long way since he was rescued by Houston Street Dogs almost 11 months ago. Rudy came to us last Christmas Eve and he was about as abused and broken as a dog can be. We don't know the details but we DO know he came from a place where evil exists. He had been mistreated. Old wounds, fresh wounds. Old cracks in bones and really badly broken/displaced hip.  He was starved. Skin and bones starved. No teeth anymore from eating rocks starved. (We were horrified to learn that this was a 'thing'). Rudy was very neglected. He was high heartworm positive to the point the heartworms had enlarged his heart. He had a very serious case of pneumonia and we really thought for a second we might lose him. He was riddled with worms, parasites, infections of the eyes which had entropion (inverted eyelids) and terrible ear infections and of course he was not fixed. Poor Rudy was a mess.

Slowly his immune system grew stronger which meant we could start on the next phase of his treatment!  Given he was so terrified of humans, we gave him a month or so off to relax and just let him be. We watched as his 6 foster siblings did what us mere humans couldn't. They taught him to bark at squirrels, bark at the postman (instead of hiding), bark at each other, pull the squeaker of the toys,  wrestle on the couch, dig holes in the lawn and generally be naughty. The kind of naughty they are allowed to freely be here. They taught him how to be a dog! It was such a joy to watch. Rudy was now ready to be neutered and begin his lengthy and aggressive heartworm treatment which involved 2 separate injections that could potentially kill him if we didn't keep him still for 30 days. (The worms break up and go through the bloodstream which can cause a clot). Then once that was over more injections and another 30 days of inactivity.

Where we are today.

Rudy is now a very happy and almost healed dog. Sadly, here's what Rudy CAN'T do. He can't go for walks. He can't run and play without pain medication twice a day (which is bad for him long term).  He can't be a normal dog and chase squirrels the way he wants to because his past abuse destroyed his hip.  Rudy needs a total hip replacement and we want to make that happen for him. Rudy has been examined by one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Houston, Dr Beale of Gulf Coast Veterinary Surgery and this is his recommendation. We have exhausted all funds and we really really desperately need your help. We would love to get Rudy taking an opening for surgery on the 18th of December (the 8th would be even better!) so that he can recover over the holidays while everyone is off work or at least not as hectic. Please, we beg you, can you donate $5 or $10? Oh, and your donations are tax deductible! You get extra money back from the tax man if you help Rudy! It's a win win right? :)

We know everyone is busy but Rudy sure would appreciate it if you could just stop what you're doing for 5 minutes. What are you doing right now that matters more than saving a life that was almost destroyed but the cruelty that exists out there?  Take 5 minutes and be that person that makes a difference. Oh, and if you donate, he's going to put you in his youtube video. Rudy's foster sister Pumpkin has over 1.7 MILLION views on youtube (view here: and Rudy is going to make his very own video just like it and thank all of his supporters by name!

We truly thank you for taking the time to read Rudy's story. If you can't donate we understand and simply ask that you please tell a friend. When he is all fixed up Rudy will be looking for his forever home so let's get him on his way!

We promise to keep you updated on Rudy's story!

Please note you can also donate directly to Houston Street Dogs and just put "For Rudy" somewhere in the notes!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 11, 2016

Posted on February 11, 2016

Rudy update - So it's been 2 months since Rudy's full hip replacement. In that time he has been spoiled rotten, had round the clock 'nurse' care and has been given way too many 'sympathy' treats.  He hasn't been too impressed with his solitary confinement and has spent many days looking out the window sulking as he watches his 6 doggy siblings run around the yard like the lunatics they are.  Yesterday Rudy had a follow up appointment with Dr Beale at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. They did some tests, took some x-rays and the verdict is in: Rudy is healing beautifully! He is now allowed to slowly (yeah right) start playing and running around with the dogs. In 3 weeks he will be allowed to pretty much do anything! Thank you to those that donated, and shared his story so that others could donate and make this happen. Rudy has come a long way and you ALL played a part.  So stay tuned and video of Rudy being "let loose" to follow soon! xoxoxoxoxo

Posted on December 29, 2015

Posted on December 29, 2015

RUDY UPDATE! - Hi everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the holidays! Firstly, we are SO sorry we haven't provided an update sooner, but we sure have had our hands full lately! Thanks for being patient with us!

Okay, so we left off with not being sure how Rudy went with his surgery (which YOU all made happen with your generous donations. Thank you again soooo very very much!).  Rudy spent two days and one night at the hospital (Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston, Texas)  and after a thorough evaluation on day 2, Rudy was allowed to come home!! (see gallery for cool video of Rudy being wheeled in on his hospital bed to see Mum and Dad for the first time in nearly 2 days. We were more excited than him...). The deal was we keep him crated and still and under careful watch. This was pretty easy to do as he was drugged up and not really interested in doing much of anything. Mum and Dad took turns living in Rudy's 'quarters'. We spent the first week hiding pills in rotisserie chicken (yes, every meal.. and now he expects this all the time thank you very much), taking him out on a leash in the yard to go potty, while also holding him up with his walking sling (pics in the gallery... he looks pretty cool with his fancy blue sling!). Funnily enough he seemed to LIKE having the collar and leash put on him and being walked with the sling. He was in a bit of pain of course but he just SOAKED up the one on one attention. Pretty sure he was giving Woody (one of his buddies) taunting looks through the door and showing off, but it could have been the drugs making him look funny. He ate and drank well the first week but also developed a bad cough. I had a panic and thought he was getting pneumonia again and did want any over protective Mum would do - I emailed Monica, his amazing vet nurse (that's not her official title) on a Sunday night when she wasn't working. She did what any amazing vet nurse would do and emailed me back RIGHT AWAY (did I mention it was a Sunday night and she wasn't working? Love Gulf Coast and love Monica for giving me her email address and number in CASE I had a panic over anything..) and asked a few questions. She assured me it wasn't likely to be pneumonia and it was more likely to be a throat irritation from the tube during surgery. Turns out she was right and after about 4 days the cough disappeared (I was worried sick for 4 days and didn't actually believe she was right until then of course).

Fast forward and we are into our 3rd week of recovery now (we are told we have 3 MONTHS so we have a little way to go yet folks..)and Rudy is walking confidently. He has finished his antibiotics and his incision is healing nicely. He didn't chew on his stitches and only needed to wear his cone a few times. Mum and Dad took turns sleeping in the sunroom (errr.. Rudy's bedroom) but he's now good sleeping on his own. He has gotten quite used to the nightly lullabies though and doesn't seem to mind that we can't sing. He's walking with strength and not wobbly now and doesn't need his sling so much. He isn't in pain which is good and bad. Good because we don't want him in pain of course. Bad because now he's starting to want out of solitary confinement and wants to get rowdy. He's ready to go!  He wants to play in the yard with his 6 doggy siblings. Sorry Rudy. Right now he has to settle with going  out on a leash and hanging out with them quietly for 15 minutes at a time. His room has french doors off the main living room so we have a little baby gate set up on one of the doors so he can kiss noses and see everyone so he's not completely isolated. He got to hang out in the main room with little Pumpkin on Christmas day while they were humiliated and made to wear antlers (photo's in gallery). He was spoiled rotten with toys, treats and MORE treats. He even had a HUGE batch of healthy treats FLOWN in from San Diego by an amazing donor from Bahia Blue (if you are looking for  HEALTHY pure natural human grade ingredient treats for your pets you HAVE to order their FishStix! They have transformed 7 rescue dogs coats from mangy to thick and shiny!). 

We are all set to continue to spoil Rudy and wait on him hand and foot. We go back to the specialist in 2 weeks for more x-rays and evaluation to see how the bone is knitting. It is supposed to take 3 MONTHS... (help us!!) but once the bone has knitted to the implant Rudy is going to be able to run with the pack and terrorize the squirrels! We can't wait to be sharing those photos and videos!

Until then stay tuned for an update after we visit the vet. We wish you all a very blessed and Happy New Year. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and tails) for making this happen. We just know 2016 is going to be a very Happy New Year for young Rudy the rescue dog.

Love to you all.
Rudy, Kelly, Tristan (foster Mum and Dad who will be adopting Rudy), Sheila, Skippy, Pumpkin, Jensen, Olivia and Woody.

Posted on December 9, 2015

Posted on December 9, 2015

WE DID IT!!! I'm literally crying happy overwhelmed tears as I post this update! Firstly, THANK YOU ALL so very very much! We absolutely LOVE each and every one of you! We have hit our goal and then some because you all took the time to donate. (I will be reaching out and thanking you all individually when we come up for air!). Thank you to the people who understood that taking the time to donate even a 'small' amount like $5 does make a difference and DOES add up! A special thank you to Tish Buss, Regina Piehl and Gina Geyer for the VERY LARGE and generous donations! Amazing! Wow! Thank you! Okay, enough about our excitement. Let's talk about Rudy!!! (Ladies, you will be hearing from me with hugs and kisses!)

As soon as we saw those donations climbing we confirmed the 8th of December surgery slot we were desperately hoping to fund! Rudy was taken to Gulf Coast Veterinary Surgery at 7am yesterday. Dr Beale and Dr Hudson completed the total hip replacement surgery in the afternoon. I spoke with Dr. Hudson last night and received an email from Dr. Beale also.  The surgery was "challenging" due to Rudy's old injuries and the old break of the femoral head. The "radiographs" (Dr. talk for x-rays) looked "beautiful" afterward and Dr. Beale is hopeful we will have an excellent outcome. Rudy is still in recovery and his pain level will be evaluated this morning. He will likely need to stay an extra day but if he's responding well there is a chance they will let him come home today to begin his recovery. I have posted some pictures in the gallery from yesterday when we dropped him off at the vet and will have more to come.

My personal email is [email protected] for those that have any specific questions otherwise, as promised we will be sure to keep everyone updated on Rudy's progress.

It takes a village and this village kicks butt! Look how fast we made that happen for Rudy!

You should all go through your day with that warm fuzzy feeling in your soul knowing you really made a difference and gave an abused pup his life back.

Oh, and on a side note, it turns out foster Mum and Dad were a mess having to leave Rudy for a couple of days and the house is not the same without him. Rudy's foster siblings are running around looking for him and toys are piling up because Rudy is not here to steal them and hoard them in his 'secret' hiding places.  Foster Mum and Dad will be applying to adopt Rudy and give him his much deserved forever home. We're pretty confident they will be selected but we'll let you all know when it's official!!!

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!


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