Save Hope for Podencos, we must raise €120,000 by 31/03/18!

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Albacete, CM, Spain
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Save Hope for Podencos, we must raise €120,000 by 31/03/18! (Hope for Podencos)
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The Story

SOS – Help Hope for Podencos raise €120,000.00 by 31/03/18 to save our centre from closing!

After the heart breaking loss in January 2018 of one of the centres founders Suzannah Stacey, we must raise €120,000.00 by 31/03/18 to be able to stay in our new centre, currently housing and caring for 40 dogs to continue her legacy.

Suzannah had committed years of her life to the plight of these beautiful dogs but sadly during her move to purchase the new centre in November 2017 had not been able to finalise all of the legal documents to secure the funds for the centre in case of her passing, which was sudden and unexpected by all of her family and friends. This has devastatingly left the charity without its benefactor and owner of the centre while all funds are tied up in probate.

We now need to raise the money from scratch by 31/03/18 to be able to secure the property again, even though we are living in it with the dogs already moved in and settled whilst waiting for their adoptions to their forever homes.If we can’t secure this funding in this timeframe we will lose the centre and be out of our home for both the charity runners (Irene and Steve Allan) and Podencos themselves, which is just something we cannot risk after our many years of commitment and hard work to this amazing cause.

We hate to use the statistic, but if all of our 9,355 followers were to donate €13 each we would reach our goal, as we know you have all supported us in your own very meaningful way since we started this charity. Regardless if you are able or unable to donate please still share this message as far and wide as possible so we can reach new friends who can help us achieve what feels like the impossible right now!


Después de la muerta trágica y inesperada, en enero, de Suzannah Stacey, - una de los fundadores del centro "Hope for Podencos" , tenemos que conseguir €120,000, antes del 31/03/18 , para que podamos quedar en nuestro centro nuevo, donde al momento cuidamos a 40 perros, y para continuar la herencia de Suzannah.

Suzannah había dedicado muchos años de su vida al apuro de estos perros tan bonitos, pero desafortunadamente durante su compra del  centro nuevo en noviembre 2017 ella no había podido finalizar todos los documentos legales para asegurar que el centro sería beneficio de fondos en caso de su muerta, que era totalmente inesperada por su familia y por sus amigos, y ha dejado aplastada la Caridad sin su bienhechora y su dueña  del centro, mientras todos los fondos están inmovilizados en legalización de testamento. Resulta que tenemos que empezar de la nada conseguir el dinero en 3 semanas para garantizar posesion de la propiedad otra vez, aunque vivimos ahí nosotros y todos los perros, todavía traslados y establecidos ahí , esperando sus adopciones y familias y domicilios permanentes.

Si no es posible conseguir los fondos antes del 31/03/18, perderemos el centro y nuestro domicilio (para los funcionarios de la Caridad  Irene y Steve Allen) y los Podencos también, una cosa que no podemos arriesgar después de muchos años de compromiso y trabajo para esta Caridad maravillosa. Aunque no nos gusta citar la estadística   - pero si todos nos aficionados.  9,355 en total, hicieron una donación de 13 €  cada uno, ganaremos nuestro objetivo. Como sabemos bien todos ustedes nos han soportado en su manera del inicio de la Caridad.

No importa si puedan o si no puedan donar.

Por favor siguen ustedes compartiendo nuestro mensaje por todas partes para que lleguemos y encontremos nuevos amigos que puedan ayudarnos realizar nuestro objetivo - algo que al momento parece imposible.

Muchas Gracias


Après le décès tragique en janvier 2018 de Suzannah Stacey l'un des membres fondateurs du refuge, nous devons réunir 120 000 € par 31/03/18 afin de pouvoir rester dans notre nouveau centre d'hébergement et de soin accueillant 40 chiens et perpétuer son souvenir. Suzannah a consacré des années de sa vie à la détresse de ces merveilleux chiens mais malheureusement au cours de l'emménagement dans le nouveau centre en novembre 2017 elle n'a pas eu le temps de finaliser  tous les documents légaux  pour assurer les fonds du centre en cas de décès, lequel s'est produit de manière soudaine et inattendue pour toute sa famille et ses amis. La conséquence désastreuse est de laisser le projet caritatif  sans bénéficiaire ni propriétaire tandis que tous les fonds sont bloqués.  

Nous devons à présent réunir les fonds à partir de zéro par 31/03/18 afin de régulariser l'acte propriété , même si nous y vivons déjà avec les chiens en attente d'adoption. Si nous ne garantissons pas ce financement dans le temps imparti, nous perdrons le centre, laissant à la rue les bénévoles (Irene et Steve Allan) et les podencos eux-mêmes, ce que nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre après tant d'années d'implication et d'efforts pour servir cette cause fantastique.

Nous n'aimons pas nous servir de statistiques , mais si chacun de nos 9355 abonnés donnait 13€, nous atteindrions notre objectif, et nous savons que vous nous avez tous soutenus avec force et conviction depuis que nous avons commencé cette aventure. peu importe que vous puissiez faire un don ou pas, s'il vous plaît, continuez à partager ce message aussi largement que possible, afin que nous puissions toucher de nouveaux amis qui nous aident à accomplir ce qui semble être l'impossible à l'heure actuelle!

"régulariser l'acte de propriété"

About the Hope for Podencos charity (charity number - CV-01-054570-A):

Most of the Podencos who come under our care have either come to us abandoned in the countryside or from Perreras (dog pounds) in Gran Canaria and the mainland of Spain. These beautiful dogs have been subjected to long term abuse, no adequate food, locked up in dark buildings tied up with a chain 24 hours a day 7 days a week unless being worked to the bone. They may get fed twice a week, if they are lucky and suffer mental and physical abuse with no veterinary treatment.

We have turned our centre in Spain into a sanctuary for all of our rescued Podencos and strive to create a home environment as close as possible to normal family life as this is our greatest ambition and the reason we set up in the first place. They spend time in the house getting used to the noise of the television, they have play time to enjoy their freedom with other dogs and they get love and affection from us all to get them accustomed to everyday life in a forever home.

Once safe at Hope for Podencos, all dogs receive medical care and are assessed and matched with their new families. They are neutered/castrated where possible, receive worm and flea treatment and a full blood test before travel.Hope for Podencos does not distinguish between age and mix, Podenco mixes, senior Podencos as well as puppies are all welcome.

Podencos can be adopted in countries such as the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, USA and Canada where full back up is available if the adoption does not go as hoped – but rarely needed as you can see from our forever home Facebook group -

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 9, 2018

Posted on March 9, 2018

We now have an international bank account that donations can be sent directly to:

IBAN ES28 3190 0031 8349 2957 5613 

Thank you!! 

Posted on February 18, 2018


Posted on February 18, 2018

We wanted to share with all of our wonderful supporters the fabulous update from our meeting last night with the current Centre seller!

Last night we met with the owners of the property to discuss the future of the centre .They were amazed that in such a short time we were able to raise €56,667.
This has allowed them to have confidence in us to extend our deadline until the end of March allowing us to fulfill our commitment to the podencos in our care, to find them forever homes whilst continuing fundraising to save the centre for the future of the Podenco .
Our little team are overwhelmed at the speed you have responded and the messages of support are amazing .We are very proud to have you all on our side to be part of the future of Hope for Podencos
A huge THANK YOU from our h4p team
Together We Are Stronger

Posted on February 12, 2018


Posted on February 12, 2018

We have had a another brilliant article in the Vet Times that we again wanted to share, highlighting the current crisis situation to keep our centre open and the wonderful work of Suzannah.

Thank you Holly Kernot!

HFP Team xxx

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Save Hope for Podencos, we must raise €120,000 by 31/03/18!

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