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Honey was a thrown away stray in WV. She has entropian eyes. It's where her lids are formed inward and the lashes and fur rub against the eyeball itself. She has this top and bottom both eyes. The bottom is the worst. The red that's sticking out is irritated tissue. All that would be taken care of during surgery.  Honey has been throwing up plastic  and garbage that she ate trying to find food.  Today cost the foster $227.00 at the vet.
This fundraiser is to cover the eye surgery and complete vetting/ vaccinations.  They would do another sonogram to verify presurgery on her stomach issues.
She was full of worms. After just two doses she looks totally different in the belly. No pooch. Actually a bit hollowed. She is active and alert. We will schedule her surgery as soon as we can pay for it. In the mean time she has meds to ward off infection and keep her eyes lubricated. There are no scratches on the cornea. The third eyelid is what's the thick red that looked like cherry eye. Dr thinks he can help that too. She has a loss of peripheral vision that's permanent but not a problem for a good life. 
She is underweight and still eliminating garbage. 

If you want to call the donation directly in to the veterinarian:
Surgery will be at All Creatures
The caller would need to specify the donation is for HONEY, on the ALIVE account.

Please be sure and leave your name and physical address or email address if you call the vets office, or email us and notify of Your donation so we can keep track of donations.

PayPal address is

[email protected]

address for checks:

PO BOX 5462
Princeton WV 24740

Make sure to put for Honey on the check. Alive is a non-profit organization.

This is a volunteer effort to raise the money to help this precious furbaby start living to see another day. 
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Thank you.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 21, 2017

Posted on February 21, 2017

2/19/17 Honey Hound update:

Honey is doing well. Her eyes are no longer oozing infection nor constantly watering. She is much, much calmer after the surgery. She seems peaceful and relaxed. Prior to surgery she was always bouncing, hopping and just could not be still. My thoughts were that even though sweet as could be she was just being an unruly child as some hounds can be. Now it appears that I was wrong. I believe her restlessness was prompted by her extreme discomfort of the constant scratching of her lashes against the cornea. I gained full and complete understanding of what had happened with Honey's demeanor when I got an eyelash in my eye yesterday. It was terribly irritating if only for that few seconds and I couldn't be still. The relief of getting it off the eye was immediate and I was once again calm and still. It was exactly then I realized why there was such a big change in our Honey hound. She was no longer hurting. Why I did not relate her behaviors to her condition is disappointing to my own self. I stereotyped her behaviors based on her breed. Shame on me. Never again shall that happen. Twenty seven years of animal advocacy later and Mother Nature can still slap me upside the head. Lesson well learned. I am so grateful to have such a compassionate and skillful veterinarian as Dr Bill Streit on my side. With the entropian issue on both eyes, top and bottom, Honey hound was in surgery for a long time in addition to being spayed while already under anesthesia. She left for her appointment with runny, puss dripping eyes and very unruly on a leash. She came home walking like a show dog, head held up level and steady, moving easily. Dr Streits excellent work has given Honey hound comfort and peace. Three cheers for our awesome vet. Small Bilateral cherry eye remains. These are obviously noticeable when looking at Honey but for now do not appear to bother her. Once the tender tissue around the eyes has healed from the recent extensive work Honey could have another surgery to repair these. That survey in itself runs the risk of creating a permanent dry eye condition, which we would not chance right now. If these protrusions do not give her issue she could live her life as she is. That will be a decision for her new family and their trusted vet to decide. For now, Honey continues to heal. She's constantly grazing on her kibbles, enjoying her big red, always fresh water bucket and leaving plenty of piles for me to clean up. ---Some days I'd think a Clydesdale had been in that kennel. LoL The search for a reputable rescue or approved adopter is underway for our Honey of a Hound

Posted on February 14, 2017

Posted on February 14, 2017

Honey needs a rescue commitment!  Please share! Contact Kathy Tabor with Alive if you can help.

The entropy has been repaired and her lashes are no longer scratching the eye itself. The eyes are no longer infected but both sides still have a remaining cherry eye. It has gone down considerably. Dr said he was not comfortable doing more surgery to that delicate area with all the incisions around it.

She seems in very good spirits. No indication of pain or discomfort like before.

She has completed her pain meds and abx. She still gets daily ointment for a while longer.

Posted on February 5, 2017

Posted on February 5, 2017

Update on Friday was,
She active, alert and very vocal.
Vet is pleased with upper eyelids but has some concern that bottom lids will have cherry eye remaining. The entropian condition appears to be corrected but there is still enough swelling in the lower lids that they are still showing red.
He released her to come home but I declined because of the cold temps.  I will know more about total cost of vet Bill once she has healed enough to come home.

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