Socks+ for the homeless

For: Homeless in Chicago, Chambana, Indianapolis and St. Louis.
Chicago, Chambana, Indianapolis and St. Louis.
Organizer: Love Your Neighbor
Socks+ for the homeless (Homeless in Chicago, Chambana, Indianapolis and St. Louis.)
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The Story

12/7/2015:The majority of the remaining socks were distributed in Champaign-Urbana over the past weekend.

2,000 pairs of socks were distributed in the St Louis area over the weekend and 200 in Chicago.

1,750 pairs of socks were distributed in the Chicago area over the weekend. Photos from only a few of the sites are attached.

: Distribution in Indianapolis took place over the weekend. 1,750 pairs or socks were distributed to 350 individuals. See attached photos.

10/28/2015: Socks were purchased today and distribution should get started next week. Thanks to everyone that contributed thus far. We're a bit shy of the fundraising goal so please keep donations coming. Also, please stay tuned for our next campaign to be launched very soon.

We are receiving donations to buy 6,120 pairs of winter socks. These will be distributed during the next few months to homeless individuals in the cities of Chicago, Champaign-Urbana, Indianapolis and St. Louis. Our cost will allow us to give approximately 20 pairs of socks for every $10 you give. Your donations to this cause are tax deductible (see below).

This is not more complicated than that. If you’re ready to give, please click the red “Donate Now” button above (and to the right). If you need more information, please read along or contact the organizers.

Who are we? Simply, a group of friends who have a concern for the homeless and who are expanding our outreach to those in need. We have a history of serving the homeless and one way we’ve done so is by distributing essential items such as gloves, underwear, coffee, sandwiches, etc. in numerous occasions, cities and countries.

Tax exemption: We have recently established a charitable organization "Love Your Neighbor" and have received exemption from federal income tax. All donations through this page are eligible to be deducted as a charitable contribution. Further, donors giving $250 or more will receive a written acknowledgement of the contribution from our organization. For more information email us at agr 'at'

As part of the mission outlined above, we’re looking to partner with others and raise awareness to the needs of others in our communities... yes, practical needs which together we can fulfill. Note that the organizers are personally funding ~40% of the cost of this campaign.

Why socks? In our experience socks (and of course, other forms of clothing such as blankets and underwear) are items the homeless invariably need during the winter. Just imagine (better, try) spending an hour or two with no socks under freezing temperatures.

Obviously, socks are only one of many items the homeless need. Please don’t let such observation stop you from doing something (e.g., giving to our cause)… rather, let this prompt you to do more.

For those curious about the numbers: We plan to distribute 6,120 pairs -- we know from experience this is a number we can handle (with some help, more on this below). These will be roughly equally allocated among the 4 cities mentioned above (with Champaign-Urbana likely getting the smallest number due to its small population). At 56 cents a pair (including shipping, handling and other costs) we’re looking at a fundraising goal of $3,427.

Want to help? Please start by giving. Want to do more? Great. We can definitely use help distributing socks in different locations. Please leave a comment or contact the organizers if you want to get involved.

Thanks for your support. Please feel free to share this page with your network.

Please visit our fundraising page from last year if you want to read about what was done last year:

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Socks+ for the homeless

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