Hart's Fort - Helping homeless and at risk military veterans

For: Homeless and at risk military veterans
Sutherland, UT
Organizer: Trenton Weekes
Hart's Fort - Helping homeless and at risk military veterans (Homeless and at risk military veterans)
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The Story

It's obvious to see, this administration doesn't care about our veterans.  The VA (you know... those guys who's job it is to take care of our vets) is more interested in their own bonuses and covering up their crimes than actually helping vets.  We're importing people from other countries by the boat load and giving them free housing, food, clothing and spending money.  But we can't spare the same for those who protected our country?  Pointing out the obvious isn't a glamorous job, but someone has to.  This treatment of our veterans is completely unacceptable and speaks volumes about the problems our country is facing.

I aim to change that.  But, I can't do it alone.  I need your help.

Here's what I'm doing:

I want to build a facility, where we can bring homeless and at risk veterans in.  Give them food, shelter, clothing, and medical care.  Once those basics are taken care of, we want to address the root cause.  We want to teach them trades and life skills they can use to take care of themselves.  To give them something to learn.  A mission to complete.  To help them so they will never have to be homeless again.

This takes a lot of money.  I need to buy the land, build the facility, build the website, and of course I won't be able to operate without filing paperwork and paying fees to Uncle Sam.

Once all that is done, I am going to go and find these veterans, wrap my arms around them and bring them in.

I can promise that more pennies per dollar are going to go directly to helping the veterans.  With a "Brother helping brother" set up, we aren't going to have to pay expensive salaries.  Veterans are going to teach veterans.  As they successfully complete the program, they will help train the next group.  Mentoring them and helping them achieve the same success.

Now, this is a grass roots effort.  There are no big corporate sponsors, no special interests using this to hide their fortunes.  It's every day people like you and me.  To illustrate the difference you can make, let me give you an example.

Lerado Texas is not a big city.  Only about 250,000 people.  Small, by today's standard.  If everybody in Lerado Texas were to give me JUST $5 a piece (you can't even get a decent fast food meal for that anymore) I would have $1.24 MILLION.  That would be more than enough to start, build the facility, and operate for a few years.  All off of a one time donation, by a extremely small portion of our population.

This is where I need you.  I can't possibly contact 250,000 people.  I need you to contribute what you can.  But then I need you to get your friends to donate.  And their friends.  Together we can help eliminate this epidemic among our bravest.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 7, 2016

Posted on February 7, 2016

Alright.  After talking to a few friends, I have decided... If you guys help me get to $3500, I will build and giveaway a firearm of your choosing by popular vote.  (To be determined by a quiz to be sent out once we hit $3500.)

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Hart's Fort - Helping homeless and at risk military veterans

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