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The Story

Help us support HMN’s heart and soul.

Humans, families, mothers, all need meaningful connections and community. The Holistic Moms Network (HMN) is all about the connections our leaders, members, and local chapters make with one another. Our non-profit organization relies on our database to communicate with our members and the invaluable volunteers who lead them.

HMN needs new donor management software to house our database. Our provider unexpectedly informed us that they could no longer support our current database and we would need to find a new solution right away. This is a big undertaking for any organization, let alone a small non-profit like us. This entails migrating all of our current data over to a new system, consultants, and training. Such a large, unexpected expense significantly impacts HMN financially and greatly stretches our resources. Your donations, of any size, are needed to fund our new system!

What HMN is all about.

At the very core of HMN lies one simple rule: moms need support. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, how holistic you may or may not be, or whether this is your first voyage or you are an experienced adventurer. Surrounding yourself with support and community is invaluable. Bringing parents together, building communities, and creating opportunities for moms to journey together is the very mission and purpose of what we do here at HMN.

Our amazing volunteer chapter leaders come to us with the desire to build that community. They plant the seeds of local, like-minded communities across the country and mothers seeking out that strong place of belonging and empowerment join and bring them to life. It is quite a beautiful thing to watch unfold, and evolve, over and over.

HMN was founded almost 14 years ago and in that time so many local communities have sprung up from that seed being planted, from that mother’s desire to find her tribe. In 2016 alone, 30 chapters were born. Our volunteer chapter leaders made that happen.

They are the heart of our organization.

Their passion, their strong need to connect, share, and learn from others on a holistic path, their craving for that in-real-life community, in turn, brings others that join the community.

These members are the soul of our organization.  

Please help us raise funds for our new donor management software and database, the brain of our organization. The funds will offset the cost of the project, and allow us to continue to support our members and leaders. We need your gifts to keep this community alive, to continue to weave the web we have intertwined across the United States, and between the hearts and souls of holistic parents.

Here is what your gifts mean to our non-profit organization:

  • $15 - Provide scholarships for our Moms in Need Membership program
  • $25 - Allows a new volunteer leader to start a community
  • $30 - A one year individual membership
  • $40 - A one year family membership
  • $75 - A one year membership, plus the year-round support provided by HMN National
  • $100 – Build a new HMN Chapter
  • $500 – Create outreach and community building to bring HMN to a new region in the US
  • $1000 - Start up for 10 new communities

Connect with us, and learn more about our organization:

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 7, 2017


Posted on July 7, 2017

Our June fundraiser helped continue to connect and strengthen our network. We didn't reach our goal, but your contributions will go a long way to help us. Because of you, we will be able to communicate effectively with our members and help our dedicated chapter leaders and team who contribute countless volunteer hours.
These parenting years are short and the month of June just flew by! Our campaign will remain open so our network can continue to contribute and share.

Thank you again for helping us!

Stay connected with the Holistic Moms Network:

Posted on June 30, 2017


Posted on June 30, 2017

How has the end of June arrived so quickly?? We need your help today to reach our June goal of $5,000 in our crowdfunding campaign. THANK YOU to all of you that have contributed already!

Read our story. Watch our videos. Contribute what you can. Yes, $5 will help! So will $10, or even $100, or sharing with someone you know.

Our volunteer leaders and our members bring like-minded, in-person communities to life across the country. We need to fund a new donor management system to keep our network connected, and to continue to grow it, and impact more and more families.

Posted on June 26, 2017


Posted on June 26, 2017

One of the principles of holistic parenting is living more simply and consuming less in an effort to reduce our impact on the environment and to emphasize non-material values. But sometimes life gives you challenges you can't avoid. Like when you are told you need a new donor management program, and fast.

We are a small non-profit, with a small team of moms, mostly volunteers, who have families, and jobs, and a passion for holistic living and gentle parenting, like you.

We support thousands of parents and family members, and those who want their families to grow up in the healthiest, most planet-friendly world they can.

We can't do this alone. We can't put some breast milk on it and watch it magically render a new program. We need a consultant, training, and a program that will fit our needs, as well as be there when we grow.

Our grassroots network (and anyone reading this message) needs a grassroots effort to do three things:

1) Contribute what you can. Believe it or not, $5 will help! So will $10 or even $100. Any and all amounts are so appreciated.

2) Spread the word.

3) Tell someone about our mission.

In return, you will receive our thanks. And you will know that the next time one of our members (moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, daughters and sons) needs support from like-minded families to heal their child, or their parents, or their environment, we will be there. We will continue to give our heart and soul, our time and our talents. And our tried and true remedies and recipes. Many of which include a little bit of breast milk. Or a shot of ACV.

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