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The Story

Please help support Hitomi Kimura and family during this urgent time of medical crisis and what we hope will be a complete recovery in the near future. As a mother, wife, sister, daughter, artist, musician, healer, cook,  care-giver, house builder, trusted friend, community member, Waldorf school parent and co-worker--Hitomi Kimura has inspired and touched many of us in Sonoma County, New York City, and in Japan, her country of origin, with her great kindness, her gentle, playful spirit and her powerfully creative life. She has built a home with her husband Hideaki Nishikura, and their son Hiroya in Sebastopol, where they came after years of living in New York City, and where they continue to honor and practice their Japanese culture through language, arts, food and other cultural practices, in particular Taiko Drumming. 

We are grieved to share that Hitomi suffered a brain aneurism and collapsed while working, on the evening of Tuesday, February 27, 2018. After being taken to the hospital in Santa Rosa, doctors determined that she be sent to Washington Hospital in Fremont, in order to have access to the best doctors for surgery, where she was placed in a medically induced coma. The next morning, faced with a 50-50% chance of survival, Hitomi came through a 2 1/2 hour long surgery in which her doctor was able alleviate the pooling of blood in her brain. She remains in ICU, on a breathing machine, in a medically-induced coma so that her brain will have the maximum opportunity for healing. At some point within the next two weeks, doctors hope to bring her out of the coma in order to assess her condition. As of March 1, Hitomi's CAT scans indicated progress. 

She has survived the most critical 7 days following a brain aneurism. Hitomi's husband Hideaki and son Hiroya request your prayers and loving thoughts of supportive energy to send her during this time. As her friends, we felt that some of you would be moved to provide some monetary support as well, so we asked Hideaki's permission to set up this YouCaring page. Hitomi's road to recovery will require much support and many resources. During this critical time, her family is attempting to stay close by to attend to her in the ICU. The hospital does not provide beds and does not even allow people to fall asleep in the waiting room, so Hitomi's family must sleep in a local motel. The drive to Sebastopol from the hospital in Fremont is upwards of two hours with traffic. Additionally, because Hideaki works as an independent contractor as a carpenter, he suffers the loss of wages. 

Your donations will support Hitomi's ongoing medical needs, as well as enable Hitomi's family to be in close proximity to her as she remains in ICU and when she begins her journey to a full and complete recovery. Other ways you can help: Visiting Hitomi during this time is challenging, because she remains in Intensive Care Unit, but this is possible. The family appreciates your visits to them in the hospital and receiving messages. Perhaps loving note cards would be very nice, so that your messages of support may be read aloud to Hitomi. There is no place for flowers, plants or other objects in the ICU at this time, so please do not send any at this time. Hideaki and Hiroya greatly appreciate healthy snacks and meals they can eat in the hospital or motel. Japanese food is very much appreciated. 

Please continue to check this site for updates on Hitomi's medical progress and how you can help. Thank you to all family, friends, co-workers and fellow community members for your loving kindness and support to our dear Hitomi Kimura and her family.    

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 21, 2018

Posted on April 21, 2018

Dear Friends of Hitomi - Hitomi is Home!

Since our last post, Hitomi has been strongly focused on  a challenging schedule of physical therapy. When she was transferred from the Critical Care unit, she could not eat or walk. Her progress has been miraculous.

Hideaki has been by Hitomi's side for 16-18 hours a day, encouraging her and working with her as she worked with the Rehabilitation nurses and therapists.   Here is Hideaki's message from Sunday, April 9th (sorry that my post has not been more timely. -S.K.) At that point, Hitomi was not able to eat, swallow or walk:

"Hitomi's been making good progresses everyday since she transferred to the Acute Rehab Facility at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital 10 days ago. Today she made a milestone at the 40th day from the traumatic event happened. 

She is able to eat or swallow regular food, she has made 650 steps/200 meters with walker going up and down the staircases, walked 60 feet without a walker! It's just incredible to see her recovery. The doctor told us that there is a projected discharge date set on Saturday, April 14th. Finally we can go home. Thank you so much for your support."- Hideaki, Hitomi and Hiroya.

Hitomi continued progressing in Rehabilitation work and met the discharge date on Saturday, April 14th, when she was released and allowed to go home.  Hitomi will continue to work at home with visiting  Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists for a while. Hitomi's in-home nursing care needs will be evaluated soon and are in the process of being determined. We are very grateful for the miraculous healing and renewal of body, mind and spirit that Hitomi has undertaken. Thank you all for the great love, prayers, thoughts, wishes  and support you have shared with Hitomi and her family. which has enabled her family, particularly Hideaki,  to be close by and demonstrate constant love and support to her throughout this very challenging journey. Miraculously, Hitomi's recovery has been remarkable, but her journey to full health continues.

Here is the most recent message from Hideaki, posted on Sunday, April 15th: "Hitomi had her first good night sleep in 48 days. We are glad to be under the one roof. Thank you very much for your support. Have a nice evening."

Posted on March 29, 2018


Posted on March 29, 2018

Dear Friends of Hitomi:

Here is the latest update from Hideaki, followed by more information about Hitomi's condition:

"We  would like to share good news with you. We've just got official word  from the hospital. Hitomi will be discharged from Washington Hospital on Wednesday, March 28. She'll be transferred to Acute Rehabilitation facility @ Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. 

We are so happy that we'll be closer to our friends and families.

We as a community have made a miracle. 

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, and Love!  

We are turning a page to the second chapter... " ---- Hideaki Nishikura

Here's more information based on our recent conversation with Hideaki, so many of you will have more details about Hitomi's health, and what she will  focus on in her work with therapists in order to strengthen and regain  certain functions. Thank you all for your great support through this  Youcaring site. If you are interested in visiting or bringing much-appreciated meals for the family, please contact Hideaki directly at his  email address: [email protected]


Susan Kanga & Evan Livingstone

Hitomi recognizes friends and family members, verbally expresses herself fully  and is very happy to be conscious and motivated to participate in  regaining her health. Her brain functioning is fine, except she is still somewhat unclear about the time of year, and some memory has not yet  been regained.

Hitomi is able to speak in whispers, because her vocal cords were  injured during use of the breathing machine during the time she was in a  coma, although her voice is becoming stronger and her vocal cords are expected to recover. She remains unable to eat and must work on swallowing. Hitomi receives nutrition through a feeding tube in her stomach, but she is expected to be able to start eating solid foods within a week, as long as her progress continues. 

Hitomi's other challenges include working on strengthening her lower body,  particularly her legs and feet. Although she is not able to walk at this  time, she is able to shift weight and push one foot a time while holding onto a walker.  On Monday, she was able to use her elbow to bring her upper body up to the side of the bed to a sitting up position. 

In addition to working with therapists at the facility, Hideaki's 78 year-old mother took time off from her full-time nursing work and has  arrived from Japan, bringing decades of nursing experience to help Hitomi in her recovery. We are hopeful that the proximity of family and friends will continue to support Hitomi in what has been a powerful recovery so far. Thank you again for your support of Hitomi Kimura and her family during this time of medical crisis and renewal.

Posted on March 22, 2018

Posted on March 22, 2018

Dear Friends of Hitomi,

There is much good news to share about Hitomi's progress. Hideaki has remained close to Hitomi's side this entire time. Thank you all for the  extraordinary hope, love and support that has helped Hitomi and her family through this crisis. Please keep Hitomi in your thoughts, prayers, meditations and good wishes as she works through the next phase of this healing journey to recovery. 

Here is the most recent update from Hideaki, sent on March 20, 2018:

"Hitomi is out of ICU unit after getting 19 days of treatment. She's making good progresses every day, though there were setbacks. Yesterday (March 19) she could sit up for about 2 minutes without any support from PT, and gaining strength on both legs, stand up for about 15 seconds with help, sit up on the chair for about 10 minutes, etc... She's been improving her physical strength in past three days. She might be getting transferred to the acute rehab facility as early as in a week. "

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