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Service opportunity towards HH Varsana Maharaja's healthcare (His Holiness Varsana Swami)
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The Story

Thank you for your interest in helping with HH Varsana Swami's health care fund. Donations generated by previous fundraising efforts really helped Maharaj in his very critical  condition. We thank everyone of them for their timely help. Currently Maharaj has to undergo prosthodontic surgery/procedure to get help with oral care. The specialists at University of West Virginia has kindly agreed to provide his treatment.  
Prosthodontic procedure is necessary because of the following reasons:
  • This has been a long term problem that has not been addressed previously in a holistic manner because of lack of resources. 
  • The doctors on examination have all stressed the need for immediate and short-term treatment to prevent irreversible damage and disintegration to his teeth, gums and jaw bones.
  • Infections in the jawbone will spread throughout the body if not treated in a timely manner. 
  • Maharaj's immune system is weak and the dental issues are complicating his overall health significantly.
  • Maharaja's compromised immune system limits the range of materials that can be used safely in his treatment.
For more information about prosthodontics, please visit: For alternate ways to donate please write a mail to [email protected]

The total overall cost of the procedure/surgery is around $15,000. We humbly request you to participate in this service by your kind donation. Your sincere prayer is more needed at this time for Maharaja's overall well being. Thank you for your service & support towards HH Varsana Swami's health care. 

Short biography of HH Varsana Swami:
Known and loved as a true sadhu, HH Varsana Swami is a disciple and follower of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. HH Varsana Swami’s classes and writings on Lord Gauranga’s eternal lila are famous for their eye-witness quality, wherein the listener is blissfully transported to the spiritual realm. As a strong proponent of self sufficiency, HH Varsana Swami also teaches how to live in harmony with Goddess Bhumi (Mother Earth) and show respect to all living beings.
HH Varsana Swami took birth as John Mowen, Jr., in the year 1950 in the small town of Morristown, New Jersey. In his childhood he was strongly drawn to the workings of the natural world. Determined to lead a life of compassion, he became a vegetarian of his own accord at the age of seven.
As a young man his search for meaning led him to study theology in college, visit ashrams, and hear from different gurus. In 1972 he had the good fortune to meet his beloved spiritual master, His Divine Grace SrilaPrabhupada. Thereafter, John moved into the Brooklyn Hare Krishna temple. A few months later he relocated to the Krishna community in New Vrindavan.
Over the past four decades, HH Varsana Swami has performed a variety of services in New Vrindavana, including raising and training draft animals for farm work; excavating and building the infrastructure of New Vrindavana; pujari seva and teaching. He accepted the renounced order of life, sannyasa, in the year 1986.
SrilaPrabhupada requested replicas of the holy places of Vraja be established in New Vrindavan. At present HH Varsana Swami is working with DhamSeva, a non-profit group, to establish the lila-sthan of Govardhan Hill in New Vrindavan.

HH Varsana Swami also travels to inspire and support ISKCON farms and communities that are moving toward self sufficiency. He is the author of Sri Gaura Lila.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 6, 2017


Posted on August 6, 2017

Dear Prabhus and Matajis,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you for your continued kindness, encouragement, and prayers. With your support, I am resolving long-term health challenges.

The level of personal care and attention I am receiving at West Virginia University is highly commendable. For example, last week, I was scheduled for a three-hour appointment. For my convenience, the specialist extended my appointment by over one hour, and stayed overtime to personally complete the work on my teeth.

Because of this consideration, the restoration and rebuilding of my teeth is progressing ahead of schedule.

At the same time, two other inter-related chronic medical issues have been resolved:
(1) systemic candidiasis; and
(2) internal scar tissue in my neck, shoulders, and back.

The on-going health challenges are:
(1) osteoarthritis in my neck;
(2) heavy metal toxicity; and
(3) adrenal exhaustion. 

I am continuing to receive medical care in Wheeling and Pittsburgh to address the osteoarthritis and heavy metal toxicity.

Treating the adrenal exhaustion requires a different, more complex approach.

Restoring my adrenal system to normal functioning requires a holistic lifestyle change. Thus the next phase of the health care project is unfolding with two prominent components.

The first component is to create the proper physical facilities for a natural, healthy lifestyle in line with Srila Prabhupada’s vision of “plain living and high thinking” for his farm communities.

The second component is to develop an extended family of devotees who, working as a team, will relieve me of some of my duties. Again, the extended family is a natural outgrowth of the earth-centered lifestyle that Srila Prabhupada prescribed for his farm communities.

I pray that Srila Prabhupada's words and example continue to purify our consciousness such that Srila Prabhupada himself will take up residence in our hearts. Thereafter, Lord Balarama's appearance will be inevitable, as will be His setting a stage for the appearance and eternal lila of Sri Sri Radha and Krsna.

By the plow resting on His shoulder which expands as the pen of the acarya, Balarama assures that the ox maintains his rightful position and service.

By the rope He carries and His flute song which calls all the lost cows back home, Sri Krishna assures that the cows have a place in His heart and will be home in time for their milking.

And Srimati Radharani, by Her cherished Name Vrshabhanu-nandani, immortalizes the archetypal bull Vrishabha who sets the turning of the universe into motion; is the source of dharma; symbolizes the father figure who spiritually impregnates the earth as a sacrament; and whose four hooves represent the four pillars of spiritual life (cleanliness, austerity, mercy, and truthfulness).

Your servant,
Varsana Swami

Posted on July 10, 2017


Posted on July 10, 2017

Dear Prabhus and Matajis,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I want to again extend my deep gratitude to you. Through your generosity, kindness, and support, the members of the health care team are unanimous in their assessment that the most urgent phase of the health care is coming to an end.

Two weeks ago, when I visited my root canal specialist at West Virginia University, he confirmed that the infection in the jawbone is finally eradicated. Furthermore, all symptoms of the severe chronic candidiasis (infection) from which I suffered for decades are in remission.

This is a clear indication that my immune system is stronger. Thank you for your support which allowed me to make multiple trips to specialists at West Virginia University and in Pittsburgh.

A few weeks ago, I also visited the specialist at West Virginia University who is restoring and rebuilding the teeth that were previously deteriorated. My next appointment in early August will continue the progress.

As the dental care reaches its final stages concurrent with the resolution of other long-standing health challenges, a new phase of the health project is unfolding. This phase has two prominent components, both of which are necessary in order to maintain the health improvements I am currently experiencing as well as to contribute to further healing in the future.

The first component is to create the proper physical facilities for setting up my health care equipment, and for following the lifestyle and protocol prescribed by my health care team.

The second component is developing a team of devotees who will relieve me of some of duties. As devotees cooperate and share responsibility for Srila Prabhupada's mission, we attract Lord Caitanya's blessings and become empowered to expand His sankirtan movement.

Your servant,

Varsana Swami

Posted on April 15, 2017


Posted on April 15, 2017

Dear Prabhus and Matajis,

Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you all for your concern, kindness, and generosity.  With your support, my health care team is continuing to work together in a most encouraging manner.

I just completed a series of four intensive treatments at West Virginia University to begin re-building my teeth which had become worn down after decades of teeth grinding and other factors.

The former teeth grinding was a symptom of a neurological disorder I had experienced for decades.  Just two weeks ago, during a treatment on my neck and shoulders, the specialist confirmed that the disturbance in my central nervous system is becoming resolved. Thus, through a combination of the different treatments administered by the health care team, my teeth are being re-built and the underlying neurological disorder is being resolved simultaneously.

Furthermore, I had a second intensive visit with the root canal specialist at West Virginia University.  I will have a third appointment in May to continue treating this jawbone infection which is persisting due to my compromised immune system.  As various members of the health care team address chronic infections throughout my body, the problems with my immune system are becoming resolved.  

As Nrsimha Caturdasi approaches, I pray for well-being and protection in both your spiritual and material lives.  Furthermore, I urge you to again consider the offer of HG Venkatachalapati das to perform Nrsimha Deva yagna at the request of any donor.  This sacrifice will benefit yourself, your family and friends, and all of creation.  You may contact Venkat Prabhu at [email protected] to request Nrsimha Deva yagna.

Your servant,

Varsana Swami


Here is an edited transcript from a Nrsimha yagna performed by Venkatachalapati das at the request of a donor.  Here is a link to the video:

By Srila Prabhupada’s mercy, Prahlad Maharaja and Lord Nrsimha Deva have appeared in New Vrindavan to accept our service and worship.  And what is that special quality of Lord Nrsimha Deva that attracts His devotees?

The ksatriya type may be attracted by the great power He exhibits for conquering the king of the demons and the vast army that He annihilated single-handedly by His nails and teeth. The devotees in general, however, are attracted by Lord Nrsimha Deva's protective qualities.  He is very fierce to the envious but very gentle, encouraging, and protective of His devotees like Prahlad Maharaja.

In His fierce mood, Lord Nrsimha Deva conquers the demons, thereby protecting the society of devotees from the onslaught of vicious elements from without.  He also protects us from the anarthas within our own hearts which choke the bhakti-lata.

Lord Nrsimha Deva in His gentle, encouraging, and protective mood is very evident for the devotees of New Vrindavan.  Our Lord Nrsimha Deva is very special because He appeared here in New Vrindavan, along with Prahlad Maharaja, after being lovingly crafted by the hands of His devotee Soma das.

Lord Nrsimha Deva also resides in Navadvip dham.  Just after killing Hiranyakashipu, He was feeling attraction to His own Abode of Mercy.  He came to Navadvip and washed His hands in the Mandakini River.

The demigods descended with Him.  The architect of the demigods, Visvakarma, created jeweled cottages all around the temple of Lord Nrsimha Deva, the presiding Deity of Nrsimha Tirtha.  That is a very holy place in Navadvip dham.  Since that time in Satya yuga, that Deity remains in that village.

By Varsana Swami

Here is a link to the video from this Nrsimha yagna:


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