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Help Hippolysis -horse assisted therapy center- develop (Hippolysis, Niki Markogianni)
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The Story

Hippolysis is a center in Greece that rescues horses, offers them love and a good quality of life and in return the horses help humans through sessions of learning, therapy and personal growth.

My name is Titika Dimopoulou and I am a volunteer at Hippolysis.
Hippolysis is a loving home for horses that have been rescued because they were either abused by humans or no more "useful" to their owners. Some of them where on their way to the slaughterhouse. Six years ago Dr.Niki Markogianni (neurologist-psychiatrist) decided to create this farm and provide dignity and love to these horses. She's been a horse lover since childhood and she believes deeply in the profound therapeutic effect that horses provide to humans.
So, a dream was born, to make Hippolysis a place where help circulates: the horses are saved by us and -when and if they feel ready- in return they help people through equine assisted therapy. All donations from people who have benefited from therapy sessions with the horses, return to the horses. Hippolysis is a non profit organisation. This means that all donations go to the needs of the farm: rent, food for animals, suppliers, dental care, shoeing, construction works and maintenance of stables.

The farm has grown and now it is the loving home of 7 beautiful horses 3 donkeys and 3 ponies. We also have 12 rescue dogs that we adore, 20 rescue cats and also ducks, geese, chicken and pigeons. 

Hippolysis is a small paradise of healing for everyone. Both animals and people. There' s a lot of love in the air and a philosophy shared by all that horses are a precious gift for humans. Horses have been serving humanity since the beginning of time. They have been hard workers in the fields, tireless soldiers in the battlefields and so much more. They have carried on their backs the evolution of the human civilisation. We bow before the horse and we stand next to it humbly, being aware that this beautiful creature is above all, a natural healer.

Horses are true teachers. Their capacity to see you clearly and give back to you all the information hidden from your conscious mind, is truly therapeutic. More than 5,000 people have visited Hippolysis the last few years and have benefited immensely by the sessions with the horses.

Help Hippolysis develop!

It is known on a global level that Greece is undergoing a financial crisis.  
Hippolysis was founded during the beginning of the crisis but we could not imagine how bad things would turn out to be. The expenses of the farm are huge.
So far, we have managed to get by, through donations, the help of friends who want to remain anonymous and continuous personal funding.
But we need to keep on developing our facilities and services in order to provide the best, both to the horses and the people that come to us.

We decided to ask for help online, making this crowdfund, because we truly believe that people all over the world, will help. We believe in solidarity, in kind hearts and in human and animal lovers.

We also believe that in this world that we live in, dreams and love are the things that keep us alive. 
All we, the volunteers of Hippolysis, adore our work at the farm. We love each and every animal, with its unique qualities and characters. They are our best friends in life and they are our family. We also have great trust in the benefits of equine assisted therapy.

We hope that with your help, first of all the current financial gaps will be filled, our spirits will be lifted and we will continue working vigorously as we have up to now, in order to provide help for the horses and the people who come for therapeutic sessions.
We also hope, that your help will buy us some time in order to continue searching for a strong sponsor, cause for sure one is needed. 
(We haven't succeeded so far since due to the financial crisis sponsorships are rarely provided).

Help us by donating as little or as much as you can.
We will be grateful for any assistance.

It would be also of great help if you share this campaign to friends of yours that you think that may want to help, share it on social media or the media in your area.

You may visit our site and our FB page, and learn even more about Hippolysis, through photos and text:
Hippolysis is the accredited Eagala centre of Greece:

If you don't wish to assist via Paypal, this is Hippolysis Bank info: 
IBAN: GR60 0140 3990 3990 0200 2000 466
Account number: 399002002000466

Thank you so much friends,

The Hippolysis team of Volunteers:
Titika, Niki, Piyi, Hryssa, Nefeli, Jacky, Danai, Fivos, Pavlos, Nektarios, Dimitris, Maggie

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 21, 2016

Posted on July 21, 2016

We would like to thank you all for your support. Each and every donation has made such a difference in our current situation. We managed to get by and Hippolysis is still here, providing to horses and people. Without your help this would not have been possible. We might have not reached our fund's goal, but many donations where made directly to our bank account so we are happy to tell you that even though we reached it half way, this was a big achievement! We thank you all once again, you gave us hope in order to continue our work. We wish you all the best!

Posted on April 16, 2016

Posted on April 16, 2016

Our fundraiser is approaching its end. Thank you all for still contributing. The help you each (sharers and donors) have provided is valued and appreciated so much.
Η καμπανια μας πλησιαζει στο τελος της. Σας ευχαριστουμε ολους που συνεχιζετε να συμβαλετε. Η βοηθεια που ο καθενας σας παρεχει (οσοι κανετε share και οσοι κανετε δωρεες) εκτιμαται απο εμας απεριοριστα.

Posted on February 17, 2016

Posted on February 17, 2016

Dear friends, our crowd fund is actually doing better than numbers show. That's because many people decide and donate directly to the Hippolysis bank account. We are happy to inform you that we are almost half way our initial goal! Thank you all so much. Let's do it!!!

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Help Hippolysis -horse assisted therapy center- develop

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