Hermen's Final Bill

For: Hermen (a gentle giant of a cat)
Davison, MI
Organizer: Romy McFerridy
Hermen's Final Bill (Hermen (a gentle giant of a cat))
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The Story

This fundraiser has been changed from it's original intention. It was a fundraiser for Hermen's much needed surgery. It is now a fundraiser for help paying off his final bills. If you can help, thank you so very much for lessening the burden of the bill so that we can just focus on grieving our loss.

Long story short, the cat in that picture was Hermen. He was a wonderful cat and we are devastated by his loss at 9 years of age.

Meet Hermen. Hermen was a great cat, sort of a gentle giant. As a Tuxie, it was up for debate whether he was running around in his pajamas or whether he was dressed for dinner. He was a big guy who liked to stalk the evil red dot, play with sticks and string, and had a battle cry like a comedian imitating Mike Tyson. He was always there to purr at me when I had a migraine or felt unwell. He was such a regular little nurse, I knew I could always count on him to make me feel better...even if just in morale. He had the best furry tummy ever and loved to have it rubbed. I could easily spent an hour petting or brushing him.

But Hermen was also unwell and needed surgery.

Hermen had a bladder stone. On January 4th, we had to take Hermen in to the emergency vet in the wee hours of the morning. He was urinating every few minutes while producing very little. He was obviously uncomfortable and we thought that it may be a crystal blockage. While at the emergency, he was diagnosed with a bladder stone. He was given a muscle relaxer to stop his bladder spasms, pain medication, and special canned food, then sent home with instructions to see our vet the next day.

More x-rays were done at our veterinary and more food was prescribed in the hopes that a dietary food change that is designed to dissolve the bladder stone would work.  It was less expensive and less invasive than the surgical option.

It didn't work. At his x-ray check, we were told the stone was still kicking around in there and Hermen's urine showed an infection. It was not welcome news. We were hoping that Hermen wouldn't be hurting, that he was feeling better, but then to find out that all our efforts really didn't solve the problem 8 months after diagnosis. Well, it was a bit heartbreaking.

Hermen was scheduled for surgery on Friday. But fate had other plans. Sadly, Hermen passed away during the surgery prep. His heart stopped beating and although the vet managed to revive the heart, Hermen had stopped breathing on his own. We don't know what happened, all that we know is that he is gone and there is a sizable hole in our hearts where he once was.

We are taking donations now to pay off his final bill.

Where this was once a fundraiser to help Hermen pay for surgery, it has now become one to help cover his final bills. We are still raw and grieving with the shock of his passing and we would like to get his final bill out of the way as soon as we can so that we don't have a sad reminder of the wonderful cat that we lost. Any donation that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

Also, a big thank you to those who donated before, that money will be used for his final bill.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 12, 2016

Posted on August 12, 2016

Sadly, Hermen passed away just before surgery. As he was being prepped, he stopped breathing on his own. We don't know what happened, all that we know is that he is gone and there is a sizable hole in our hearts where he once was.

We are taking donations now to pay off his final bill.

Thank you to any and all who donated.

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Hermen's Final Bill

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