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The Story

Our angel passed 8/2/00-6/14/15. We love you Ahmie. This page has been active for 20 months and will continue until Christmas 2015. Let's continue to love and support Ahmie's family as they grieve the loss of Ahmie. Losing a child and sibling is the toughest grief imaginable. Gienna will begin the journey of looking for employment after the new year. Until then, they still need us. This type of grief takes years at the very best to even begin to feel a little normalcy. We know all love and support is needed and appreciated. 

Click on link to read about Ahmie's journey, medical updates and how to help support her family and Childhood Cancer Research. 
MORE ABOUT AHMIE - Ahmie is a freshman and enjoys math, music, art, video games and Girl Scouts. She adores her younger sister and time with family and friends.
Treatment Timeline: 
DX 12/1/13: Desmoplasic Round Small Cell Tumors. 
Dec 4: Surgery to confim DX, drained 11 liters of fluid from abdomen, and added port. 
Dec-June: 11 rounds of in patient chemo completed 
3/19/14: Surgery at Seattle Children's Hospital - Ahmie endured 11 hours of surgery removing her spleen, uterus, eggs, half of her diaphragm, and peritoneum lining of her abdomen. 
3/21/14: Ahmie is going into a CT Scan for a possible blood clot in her leg. She is in ICU fighting a fever, low blood pressure, and high pulse. She has a breathing tube due to half of her diaphragm being removed. Ahmie will need therapy to learn how to breathe again without assistance. 
3/24: breathing tube was removed and Ahmie did awesome! 
3/25: Ahmie on TPN for nutrition 
3/26: Out if ICU down to recovery floor 
3/29: Chest tube out and went for walk 
4/3: Other chest tube taken out and more walking 
4/4: Moved to floor 8 cancer floor 
4/5: Rough day very sick 
4/11: First shower!! 
4/13: First 24 hours no throwing up and feeding tube in!! 
4/22: 2 Days of Chemo 
5/1: Admitted for fever and cough for 2 days 
5/8: 5 Days of Chemo 
ALL the above treatment also included multipal blood transfusions, constant blood draws, labs, weekly clinic visits, ct scans and ex-rays. 
5/13: Radiation begins 5 days a week 20 rounds on abdomen and 
20 on chest area 
6/2: Radiation to abdomen complete 
6/10: 8 hr out patient chemo given 

In the month of June Ahmie had four platelet transfusions due to low platelets which is due to the radiation. 

AS OF 7/11/14 TREATMENT HAS STOPPED - Ahmie's body is not recovering well enough from radiation to continue the five rounds of chemo she had left. 
7/18/14 - Ahmie had a CT scan which showed NO NEW TUMORS! She will begin radiation in the chest area in the next few weeks. 
8/12 - Ct scan to chest area at pre-radiation shows 2 new small growing masses. Biopsy ordered prior to radiation. 
8/20- Biopsy results show 2 new DSRCT tumors in Ahmie's neck which is devistating news. Several treatment options were given. Next meeting with doctor's to decide on treatment is 9/12. Please pray. 
9/18- Chemo started again. 4 pills taken at home each morning. Side effects can be harsh so weekly clinic appointments are needed. 
9/18- PET scan done awaiting results. 
9/18 - Pet scan shows 2 tumors in neck and 5 tumors behind the heart. Chemo treatment will continue and family is talking with surgeon. 
10/7- Ahmie admitted to Children's for 3 days due to severe side and back pain along with vomiting. Test ran with no clear results so sent home on morphine and to monitor at home. 
10/16 - Seattle Children's Surgeon will NOT operate to remove tumors in chest, could possibley in neck area. Having scans sent to New York for 2nd opinion. 
11/21 - Ahmie is officially part of palliative care offered by Seattle Children's Hospital. They will begin coming to our house weekly for pain management and other services. 
12/28- Ahmie has been admitted to Hospice Care (Stepping Stones). Her tumors are beginning to give her constant pain and the need for increased morphine. Ahmie is a very strong fighter! and we are still looking forward to our trip to Disneyland early Jan 15. 
12/30 - Meeting with care team at SCH. Treatment options are still available for Ahmie depending on the level of side effects she feels she can tolerate. Scans are scheduled for 1/20/15 and then decisions will be made depending on results. Ahmie's pain has been better controlled on a 12 hr slow release morphine and the iching has stopped. Beside fighting fatigue she has been up feeling well and playing video games. Happy New Year! 
2/7/15 - After a month pain free and returning back to school, Ahmie suddently is dealing with pain and is back on bed rest and using exegen due to shortness of breath. We are hoping the is only temporary. PLEASE REFER TO UPDATE SECTION OF PAGE FOR FURTHER UPDATES. Thank you. 
5/11/15 - LOVE NOTE: Ahmie has mass fluid in her lungs and mass tumors in her entire body. There is not going to be a cure and at this point we are keeping her as comfortable as possible. So many of us love her and this is very hard to hear. I appreciate all the advice that is coming out of love for Ahmie, but at this point it will not help due to the aggressiveness of her cancer. It is EVIL. I do read every msg and post sent. Feel free to continue sending, I just want to make clear it is not going to change the outcome of her journey. We have and are doing all we can for her. Ahmie is part of every decision that is made for her care and nothing is done without her input and approval. I send this with love and I know how much we all love Ahmie.

How can YOU help?
YOU can help by spreading the word about Ahmie and her journey with cancer. 
Please read, share, invite, talk, pray, love and donate. You can do this wherever you are in the world! Please make a donation today and/or share with family, friends, co-workers, churches and anyone who may listen. We are also always open to ideas for fundraising. Follow our page @ https://www.facebook.com/miraclesforahmie?fref=ts

Ahmie's Bucket/Wish List - Thank you for loving Ahmie.  

Beat Cancer! 
Help find a cure for Pediatric Cancer - Fundraising for Strong Against Cancer
Trip to Hawaii - DONE!
Meet Jennifer from Little Couple - Done!
Adopt a child - Done helped support children in Africa 
Gun Range
Go to Music Award Show - VMA 
Go to 5SOS Concert - GOING 7/15! Meet 5SOS would be ideal.

Be a Nurse - DONE! U/W Nurse for a day! 
Go to a Prom - DONE! 
Motorcycle bike ride - DONE!
Disneyland - DONE! 1/11-15!!
Have own room - Done
Meet Buddy from Cake Boss - Done!
Fly First Class - Done
Fishing Adventure - Done thank you Y.O.U Youth Outdoors Unlimited
Own Electric Guitar - Done
Learn the art of glass blowing - DONE
Great Wolf Lodge - DONE
Go to Leavenworth and go rafting - DONE
Digital camera - DONE donated by Kenmore Camera
Suncadia Spa & Resort - DONE

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 8, 2015

Posted on September 8, 2015

Join us for a 2.8 mile walk/run/bike around Greenlake. As we Go Gold and bring awareness during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (Sept) and raise funds for Strong Against Cancer at Seattle Children's Hospital. We encourage teams this year. Come up with your own team, or join Team Ahmie.

A minimum donation of $50 per adult. Donations can be made here: https://itrulycare.com/events/2nd-annual-childhood-cancer-awareness-walk-sponsored-by-through-ahmi
Please use the donation tab at the top right. Our goal is $5000!! That's just 100 walkers @ $50 each. You don't have to walk to donate and there is no limit on donating. We can do it!

T-Shirts are available for $5. Please try to purchase T-shirts prior to event at the above link so we can save your size.
Prize will be awarded to the top individual fundraiser ($200 Gift Card of choice).

The video in the above link was made in the very room and halls where Ahmie was cared for during her cancer journey. We want to make it so every child can go home.

Ahmie would be proud and she knew of the walk and was excited to have us push her around in the wheel chair. Let's make her proud! And if we save just one child, it is worth all our efforts!


Through Ahmie's Eyes is not a 501(c)(3) (yet). 100% of donations will be given to Strong Against Cancer. We have been in contact with SAC and a check will be personally handed to the research team @ Seattle Children's in honor of Ahmie.


Posted on August 10, 2015

Posted on August 10, 2015

This page has been active for 20 months and will continue until Christmas 2015. Let's continue to love and support Ahmie's family as they grieve the loss of Ahmie. Losing a child and sibling is the toughest grief imaginable. Gienna will begin the journey of looking for employment after the new year. Until then, they still need us. This type of grief takes years at the very best to even begin to feel a little normalcy. We know all love and support is needed and appreciated. Most recently, medical bills are coming in from Ahmie's trip to NC Children's Hospital. Approximately $500 for co-pays. Gienna wants to say thank you to those who have helped make her and Aishah's summer as bright as possible by giving zoo tickets, movie tickets and many more wonderful, fun items. 

Posted on June 17, 2015

Posted on June 17, 2015

On December 1, 2013, Ahmie Njie was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors.

3 days later she had eleven liters of fluid drained from her abdomen.
108 days later Ahmie had eleven hours of surgery removing her spleen, uterus, eggs, half of her diaphragm, and peritoneum lining of her abdomen.
134 days later, Ahmie was able to go home after a long battle in the hospital learning to breathe again, therapy, and feeding tubes.
192 days later, she completed eleven rounds of chemotherapy.
222 days later, Ahmie needed to stop radiation because her young body was not strong enough to continue.
246 days later, we celebrated Ahmie's 14th Birthday.
262 days later, two new DRSCT tumors were discovered in her neck.
291 days later, Pet scan found two tumors in her neck and five tumors behind her heart.
392 days later, Ahmie was admitted to Hospice Care (Stepping Stones). Her tumors were beginning to give her constant pain and she needed increased morphine.
410 days later, Ahmie and her family took a family trip to Disneyland. She was feeling well enough to return to school and was pain free.
475 days later, new tumors were found in her lungs and right kidney. The tumors around her bronchial tube had grown, as well as fluid build up in several areas including her right lung. Ahmie needed oxygen and was coughing constantly.
480 days later, Ahmie and her family took their final family trip to Disneyland in Hawaii.
554 days later, Ahmie started a new trial drug in hopes that it will help her and any data from her participation will help another child. Her body was weak, and her spirit was soaring.

560 days later, at 5:14am, another star has lit up the Heavens. We humbly ask one more favor after all the love and support that has been poured out to our sweet Ahmie. We would like to celebrate her life as she has requested to fill a venue with 5SOS, all of her friends and family, and raise her with love into the hands of God. Ahmie walked with us for 5429 days and 560 days she fought for her life and her family.

In loving Memory of Ahmie.
August 2, 2000 - June 14, 2015

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