Help my Mom and Step-Dad bounce back from a house fire.

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The Story

My Mom said she stared in disbelief as four fire trucks pulled up to their home to put a fire out. She said she stated "please no" to herself. She couldn't believe this was happening. The firefighters were able to put the fire out and save their house and cat, however, there was so much damage left behind and to their dismay, they found out their home insurance had lapsed so the extremely high costs to fix their home is now their responsibility. They are stunned, shaken and sick to their stomachs. We are so thankful everyone is safe, however, they have a long road ahead of them.
My mom has struggled with physical ailments and therefore has been on disability for quite awhile. She has many medical bills in which they are still trying to pay off. Thus, making this a more stressful situation for them. My Mom, however, has always been the person to help others, without question or judgement. A few months ago she started giving rides various places, to an elderly neighbor, who rarely comes out of her house. This woman's son later came up to my mom and said "you have changed my mom and are bringing her out of her shell". When my Grandpa passed away and my Grandma hurt her shoulder after a fall the day before the funeral, my mom went over to my Grandma's house to help her shower and get ready for the funeral. This is her past husbands (my Dads) mother, whom my Mom has befriended since the divorce. My Mom is always there to watch her grand-children, when needed, and is the first person many of her friends call on when in need of an ear or shoulder. She is a giving, kind, self-less and thoughtful person. A class act.
Tony has worked hard to support my Mom through the many, many surgeries and medical turmoil she has been through. He openly excepted my mothers three girls into his life and is now a super Grandpa to our children. A class act.
Mom and Tony are now displaced from their home until Christmas time. There is that much work that needs to be done in their home. 
It's time they are given back the support and love they have given to others.
PLEASE give anything you are able to. Do your good deed for the day and lets help lower their stress and get them back on their feet!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 16, 2013

Posted on October 16, 2013

Hello Kind Hearts!
Just a little update.
This past Sunday, a handful of us spent some time at the Mom and Tony's home, clearing and cleaning everything from their home.  We got the job done in a day! Everything is out in the home and either in one of two large dumpster garbage bags or in the POD.  It was great to see everyone work so hard to get it done in a day so that Mom and Tony did not have to worry about it after that day.
I have to say, this was the first time I saw the home and it was actually worse then I had thought.  The saddest part was that the two big dumpster garbage bags were FULL of their belongings. They lost so very much and it made my heart very sad.  Anything plastic in the home had to be thrown away.  The saddness hit me, for some reason, when I was tossing out all of their tupperare containers. I realized then how much has to be replaced. I also became sad when I saw the look on my Mom's face when I had to throw away a BIG bag of sidewalk chalk that she has collected for all the grandchildren to play with. It is little things like that that needed to be thrown-and there was a lot of it. 
So, your donations are going to be used to help rebuild their life. Help with those small things, but many things they lost.

Other things that they are needing to pay for include:
1. The POD rental for 3 months.
2. The big garbage bags they had to rent to throw everything in.
3. Quarters for the laundry mat as they have A TON of their clothing, blankets, etc. that need to be washed.
4. They had to throw their couch and two big chairs in their living room, so, they will be needing to buy new furniture.

It all adds up so your donations are so insanely appreciated!
In time, if there are belongings you have to donate, that would be awesome! Right now it is too overwhelming for my Mom to think what she may need replaced. Its little things though, like, all of her candles she had to throw because they are so pourus.  I can update at a later date with things they may need.

Thank you everyone!
With lots of love,


Posted on October 13, 2013

Posted on October 13, 2013

Update on how things are going and also "Where is your money going?.....

Mom and Tony are moving things along. Today, part of the family along with some friends are heading over to Mom and Tony's home to move everything out of the house to store in a POD. The house needs to be cleared before work can be done. They also need to decide which items are salvageable and then clean them after that, before putting them into the POD. A lot of work to be done and thankfully we are doing it all before the snow hits! They have been in and out of their house throwing the items away that need to be tossed. Tony was able to take the week off of work to make phone calls, go to appointments and do some work at the house.  He will head back to work on Monday.

"Where is your money going???"
Your money is going to the following:
1. Because they did not have home owners insurance they have to pay a large chunk of money before the work at the house even begins. They need to pay $10,000 dollars out of pocket.  The association then kicks in with the rest needed to repair the structure of the home.
2. They need new items such as a washer and dryer and various other item around the house. This will all come out of their pocket.
3. Other "small" things need to be done such as painting, new carpeting, etc., that is not covered by the association. 

So, needless to say, your help has relieved so much stress with them as they have a lot to pay for out of pocket. THEY THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF THEIR HEARTS!!!! Kindness and compassion in which they are so amazed and thankful to see.

GREAT NEWS!!! We reached our goal of $3,000.00 raised in SIX days!!! Wowsa!!!  The fundraiser will be going until November 3rd, so, donations can still come in! We are also going to do a 24 hour fundraising campaign from October 25th-26th, to try to get as much as possible before the fundraiser ends! Stay tuned for an invite for this event in your Facebook announcements!!

Posted on October 9, 2013

Posted on October 9, 2013

Mom and Tony are getting help from various places. Its great to see people pull together to help others. For starters, there has been such genorosity on this site. I know they are both overwhelmed but also grateful for the support.
They also will be receiving new bed from Slumberland, through the Salvation Army. Their own bed and also bunkbeds where my neices sleep when they stay the night, all had to be thrown. Because of their situation and also Tony's veteran status, they qualified to receive new beds! 
Another shout-out should go to the firefighters who helped save their house. They also saved their cat. My Mom just had to get out of the house since there was so much smoke, so, she was unable to get their cat. The firefighters found the cat, brought her out and even put an oxygen mask on her (CUTE!!).  We are grateful for the firefighters who save many lives each day! By the way, the cat went to the vet and all is okay with her. She is at my sisters along with Mom and Tony.

Posted on October 8, 2013

Posted on October 8, 2013

Many have asked various questions so I wanted to address them here!
First I have to say, Mom and Tony are being pretty darn positive during this whole experience. They are grateful for others support, grateful for their lives, and are seeing how important it is to just live one day at a time. These circumstances can often bring about positive things!
Also, people have asked about other ways in which they can help if they are short on funds right now. See below!

1. Where are they staying?  My older sister Elizabeth has been so kind and generous to find them a bed to put it in the downstairs of her town home. So, they will be staying with her, most likely the whole time.

2. Can they use their kitchen?  No, they can't be in their house because of the excessive smoke damage. It is not healthy or safe. Both in regards to the chemicals and fumes and also the damage the smoke did to the structure of their home. Until its repaired, it could easily collapse.

3. What all is damaged?  A restorer has evaluated the house. The floors, carpeting, walls, ceiling, a window, and structure of the house all have to be replaced. There are other small things as well that need to be replaced.  Then the house needs to be repainted and everything has to be cleaned.  Anything that is plastic had to be thrown away as the smoke seaps into plastic.

4. When will they be back in their home?  They will be back in their home around January 1st.

5. Do they have internet access? Yes, they can use my sisters computer so feel free to send them a message of encouragment!

Other ways to help:

-make them a meal/freezer meal-this helps cut the cost of groceries so that they can pay for other things in regards to getting their house back together and also frees up some of their time to work on stuff that needs to be done in this process.

-send them notes of encouragment, kind words, etc.-even if you don't know them, your words still mean a lot!

-they may needs some help with moving furniture in and out of their home, cleaning various things, painting, etc. I can keep you updated on this!

Posted on October 7, 2013

Posted on October 7, 2013

Mom and Tony spent a good chunk of time at Veterans Affairs office today.  The VA will be writing a grant to pay for the electric and water bills at their house, while they are not living there. Ruth (my sister) found this source for them!!  Its awesome to see people doing kind things and people working together to help out others in need!

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