Help Eric and Michelle Rebuild and Heal Post Flood

For: Eric Stevens & Michelle Wieber
Organizer: Gurpreet Gill
Help Eric and Michelle Rebuild and Heal Post Flood (Eric Stevens & Michelle Wieber )
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The Story

Dear friends and family of Eric, Michelle, Colton and Caleb: 

They, along with our other neighbours Steve and Michelle and myself, had the unfortunate bonding experience of not only surviving the massive flood but also that of miraculously surviving the rock/ mud/ landslide that hit the back of their guest cottage just before 1 a.m.; they had gone to bed a half hour earlier, Michelle W. had gone to bed only five minutes prior. Both Eric and Michelle were buried in the mud; Michelle used her unbelievably strong muscles to pull herself out and scrambled in the dark to find Eric, and to help him.  From there, we all worked together for over 2.5 hours to dig Eric out while more mud, water and rocks continued to come into the house.  We're happy to report that they're healing.

Not only do they have the expenses of rebuilding their lives (the cottage is destroyed; their two cars are probably totaled; the driveway and culverts are washed out; and more), they also have medical, emotional, psychological healing expenses that they will need to cover.  Their two boys, Colton and Caleb, may be physically unharmed but will need emotional support to process the trauma for sure.

They, like most of the community, did not have flood insurance this year.  Believing that we were out of the danger zone of a flood due to the fire from three years ago, many in the community did not purchase the pricey insurance this year.  No one could have predicted that we'd get a year's worth of rain in 3 days.  No one.  Unfortunately for Eric and Michelle, their house, their land, our little area, turned out to be one of the hardest hit areas in our devastated community.  We couldn't have known. 

The 12 of us (5 adults, 2 kids, 5 animals) who had taken shelter in the guest house are survivors; we will thrive again.  This fundraiser is specifially for Eric and Michelle and their needs -- needs which are vast already and they've just started taking a look at what needs to be repaired, torn down, etc.  They haven't had the time at all yet, unfortunately, to take care of their emotional and spiritual needs.  

My hope is that this private fundraiser will help alleviate some of their financial concerns; furthermore, I know there are a plethora of people wanting to help who don't know how to.  This fundraiser will directly benefit them and no one else.  You can have the peace of mind knowing that you've directly helped your friends.

Donations of $1k+ will receive a special thank you from me, the organizer.  It's hard to ask for help financially, but they need it in a big way.  

Thank you.  We are so grateful to spirit for keeping us around longer.  I am thankful to spirit/ God/ the powers that be for keeping this beautiful family intact.  

Please share this link, share their story, spread the word. 

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Help Eric and Michelle Rebuild and Heal Post Flood

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