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The Story

When Emma Bee was born in March, she was premature.  Generally pretty healthy with only a few bumps in the road and a couple of medical obstacles.  But she has grown and is reaching her milestones and I am so proud of my big girl!

After Emma Bee was born, I was fired from my job because I didn't "qualify" for maternity leave.  I was told by my employer that I either needed to come to work or I would be terminated.  Well....I couldn't work.  I had just had a baby.  I wasn't released to work by my obstetrician or my family practitioner and Emma Bee wasn't released by per pediatrician to go into daycare because she was a behind in her development.  So since I couldnt go to work, I was fired.

Unexpectedly living on one income now, we had to completely revamp our finances.  We really needed two incomes to get by.  Even when I was still working, we lived paycheck to paycheck.  We realized that we didn't know how we would afford everything.  One thing we realized, was that we didn't have money for disposables (nor did I want to use them...icky) and we didn't have enough money to purchase as many cloth diapers as we would need for our new baby girl.

I discovered that a cloth diaper store about an hour from us had a cloth diaper loaning program for families who wanted to do cloth diapers, but couldn't afford to start.  They were so generous to loan us enough diapers to compensate for what we didn't have.  Now thanks to them, we have enough diapers for Emma Bee to be in cloth 24 hours a day.

Their cloth diaper loan program was a life saver for our family!  And now, I want to pay it forward and help other families in our area!

I want to start a cloth diaper loan program right in our town to help other families in need.  Diaper costs can be a huge burden on a low income family.  Especially for those families with more than one baby in diapers.  Cloth saves money in the long run but the starting cost can be a bit overwhelming, even when going to the cheapest options such as flats and covers.

I am seaching for mommas who would be interested in donating diapers for this loan program or who are intersted in donating funds to purchase diapers for the program.  All funds raised will be used to purchase cloth diapers, flats, prefolds and covers that will be loaned to families in need of them.  Once they are finished using them, they will be loaned to another family in need.

For more information about donating cloth diaper, please email Maegan at

Any type of cloth diapers would be appreciated.  Covers, flats, prefolds, all in ones, pockets, anything will help.   Even if they seem like disaster diapers, needing new elastics, new velcro, broken snaps, or holes.  I'm a pretty well taught (by my mother, two grandmothers and a great) seamstress so I'm confident I can repair pretty much anything!

If you are interested in donating to this cloth diaper loan program you can donated funds here, or know someone who might be interested in helping, please email me at for more information about donating cloth diapers.

Thank you so much for helping me help other mommas!!!

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Cloth Diaper Loan Program

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