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The Story

During the early morning hours on January 5, 2014 Bobby and Michelle Murray lost their home in a fire that engulfed everything that they own. Thankfully, they were not in their home at the time and Molly (their dog) was safely with them too. Unfortunately, they did not yet have insurance on their home and could really use our help to get back on their feet.

For those of you reading this that don't know, Bobby and Michelle were just getting ready to start a new adventure in their lives. After watching a documentary that inspired them to live more simply, they sold their home in Buchanan, Michigan bought a 5th wheel trailer and a truck and got rid of much of their "stuff" (Michelle placed all of their unwanted items on a Free table outside the house and donated it to neighbors in need) in order to Jump start this new life. Their new home, which Michelle very appropriately called "The Nest" was temporarily parked outside a friend's home in Eau Claire, MI while Michelle and Bobby could come up with a destination to begin this new chapter.  As Bobby has been working hard in his career at an architecture firm (and many other side jobs...seriously this man never takes a break!) and Michelle just graduating from nursing school and passing her boards (yay! Michelle Murray, RN) they had finally decided on Denver, Colorado. With plans to leave in just two short weeks, they were ready to hit the ground running and head out west. 

Unfortunately, last night their home, the Nest, caught fire. The front ends of their truck and car are melted. On top of all of this, they did not have insurance on the fifth wheel. They have quite literally lost everything they own. Their home, keepsakes, clothes, etc and could use any type of donation you're able to give (even $5.00 can buy some new underwear). Bobby and Michelle could really use our help in getting back on their feet, so please donate what you can.  

Bobby and Michelle are constantly giving to others, whether it's buying someone's lunch who forgot their wallet to buying Christmas gifts for the less fortunate, they are always Lending a helping hand. Their giving nature is also reflected in their aspirations to become missionaries some day. This is our chance to help them now and show them how many people care so deeply about them. 

If nothing else please send prayers as they navigate through this difficult time. Also, for those of you in Michigan that have clothes or shoes to donate that would be helpful as well. Bobby wears a size 10 shoe and could use some boots. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, let's do our best to help Michelle and Bob get back to their adventure ASAP. Love to you all!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 30, 2014

Posted on January 30, 2014

Hello friends,

I hope all of you are having a blessed sabbath! Bobby and I are surrounded by blessings everyday. Our website doesn't indicate it but through additional checks that have come through the mail we have reached our goal! We are still planning on heading to CO, just not sure exactly when. We have started looking for a fifth wheel again, we are getting our cars fixed and we have put most of wardrobe together. We have been staying with wonderful friends like the Brummett's and the Walls who so willingly opened their home to us! Bobby was given some of the truck parts, as we is going to fix the truck on his own. We haven't gotten a final word on the homeowners insurance covering anything, but it doesn't look like they are going to. So obviously we would have been in a awful predicament without all your help! I recently gave my brother Yaser 15 dollars for helping me clean something and he told me yesterday that he could give it back to me if we needed it. Of course I couldn't accept it, but it just made me feel so humbled that he was willing to give all the money he had to us. This is the same feeling we feel from all of your donations! We know you all have your own bills, kids, and personal struggles, the fact that we have been so surrounded by love is truly is humbling and wonderful!! Please keep us in your prayers!

The Murray's

P.S. Feel free to repost!

Posted on January 30, 2014

Posted on January 30, 2014

Hello friends!! We have finally mustard up the courage to read everyone of your sweet messages on our fundraiser website! They are all so sweet and dear to our hearts! We love each and everyone of you and while words cannot express our gratitude, that is all we have! So many friends have left annoy omits names and amounts so to whomever you are... God bless you, you've done so much for us and it means so much!! Someone who left an anonymous name shared this,

"Call to Me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3 "And it shall come to pass that before they call I will answer, and while they are still speaking I will hear." Isaiah 65:24.

Thank you all again an God bless!!

Michelle and Bobby Murray

Posted on January 7, 2014

Posted on January 7, 2014

Here is a message from Bobby and Michelle that they asked me to share with you all....

Our Dear friends and family,

Our hearts have been a bundle of mixed emotions over the last few days. A mixture of sadness, confusion, depression and misplacement, and then when we were sure we had lost everything a glim light appeared in our tunnel of despair. We have been utterly humbled at the outpouring of LOVE and KINDNESS from all of our friends, family and even some we don’t know. The amount of support has been immeasurable and for that we are truly grateful. We feel that words are not enough for all of the love we have been shown; however at this point all we have is our words. They say that tragedies bring people closer to Christ, and Bobby and I couldn’t agree more. Among all of this mess, so many blessings have poured through from receiving warm meals at our doorstep, to free clothes and needed items, to prayers and support and even to secret blessings that God had started to put in place before the fire. Among the things we lost our big items on our hearts were our computers and our hard drive because that had Bobby’s portfolio, important documents and our wedding pictures. Bobby never wore his Carhart coat to work at his Architecture job and on Friday he wore his Carhart to work and placed our hard drive in his pocket. Our friends were just about to wash his coat last night to remove the smoke smell and ash when they decided to double check pockets and that’s were they discovered our hard drive. We are also delighted that our vehicles appear to only have heat damage and will be able to be repaired. There is a saying that goes God is good, all the time and we couldn’t agree more! We also could not be more blessed to have the wonderful friends Kelsey and Megan have done so much for us we just hope one day we can do the same for them or someone else in need.

I know a lot of you want an update as to our plans from here, but we honestly don’t have one yet. Since we did not have insurance on our “Nest” (the name we had given to our little fifth wheel home) we are now at the mercy of the homeowners insurance, so for all of you that are praying, please continue to pray that we receive good news for us, the homeowners and our wonderful friends Andrew and Kayla Brummett who also lost possessions.

Again we are so humbled by all of your love and we pray that this will all pass over soon and we can have the opportunity to pay it forward. Thank you ALL for your LOVE and PRAYERS. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and we will try and keep you all updated! Love you all, and may the Lord bless and keep each one of you.

-Michelle and Bobby

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