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Heal Hazel with TMJ Specialist #YouCaringGives #HealHazel (Heal Hazel)
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The Story

Enjoying holiday dinners and treats? Please help Hazel chew! 

Hazel already had it rough. Completely housebound with a severe incurable neurological disease, she was in constant pain. She's 23 years old and since she was 13 she has only been out for medical appointments. She and her mom are both disabled by chronic illness and they don't have an able person in their home. That's bad enough, but then it got worse. 

In May, her jaw pain became so severe she couldn't chew. After a couple of months on smoothies and broth, she finally found a jaw pain specialist and began treatment. She's currently able to chew very soft foods, sometimes. But she needs $6000 worth of treatment that her health insurance won't cover. 

"Heal Hazel" has already held some smaller and successful fundraisers, to get some bits of relief for this impoverished, and completely-disabled, and totally-stuck-in-her-house young woman.  When we realized she honestly would never play violin again we raised money for an electronic keyboard and a good computer, so she could play and compose music. 

When her special anesthesia needs made covered oral surgeons afraid to treat her wisdom teeth we raised money to have her oral surgery done by a specialist with experience treating patients with neurological diseases. And when her sleep problems were so overwhelming we knew we had to somehow get her an adjustable bed, we raised the funds for that. 

We raised money for a new used car, so she could ride in a vehicle that wasn't full of toxic mold and too small to fit her wheelchair. Our most recent fundraiser, and our first using a crowd funding site, was our Hazel's Hound fundraiser on YouCaring, where we raised $1740 towards a service dog to assist Hazel with mobility support as well as psychological support.  Living at poverty level on disability means we would have been able to cover none of these needs, without fundraising. 

Now we're faced with this truly daunting sum we must raise. The cost of her treatment will be $6000. The total needed for her dog's training is $3500 so we've added the remaining $1760, plus $17 towards transportation to make a total of $7777 for this fundraiser.

Fortunately, we can pay both the dog trainer, and the jaw pain specialist, in installments, so we can start towards the $7777 goal but be paying, and getting Hazel's treatments, and training her dog, as we go. So please help with even a small donation whenever you can. This could take us three years to complete. 

And of course, please give us the tremendous help of sharing the fundraiser on social media and in your personal messages. That makes a huge difference every time you share. To qualify Hazel for an extra $500 holiday donation, share with the #YouCaringGives hashtag and #HealHazel and add this message to your donation: "I want to nominate your cause for #YouCaringGives." 

Thanks for helping Heal Hazel!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 25, 2016


Posted on December 25, 2016

Thank you, Anonymous! 

I just came in from eating outside because Hazel's nauseated by the smell of food. It's Christmas, a beautiful day of sharing and celebration for many, but for Hazel it's just another day of pain to manage. Or, it would be only that, if not for someone's generosity!

More than one someone, actually -- one of our helpers brought us a beautiful vase of flowers and a lovely little dish, and recently a friend afar sent a magical music box, plus a caring colleague gave me warms socks and slippers, and Hazel received a useful and nicely-packaged collection of toiletries. All these are touching and much appreciated, but a special gratitude goes to the Anonymous donor who this week gave Hazel the gift of hope. 

Everything that can possibly brighten our limited lives is of course appreciated, and just knowing we're remembered is heartwarming, but the most useful gift -- beyond useful, a gift that's potentially transforming -- is the gift of a donation to this medical fund. Thanks, to everyone who makes the season bright with anything from an emailed hug to a photo of family gatherings, but special thanks to those who give any amount, large or small, to help Hazel make it to a day when she can smile without it hurting, smell without it nauseating, and even go out of the house and off to some celebration, too! 

Hope, hope, hope. Merry Christmas! 

Posted on December 25, 2016


Posted on December 25, 2016

Thank you, Anonymous! 
I just went outside and stood in the cold to eat because the smell of food is too much for her. She's feeling super sick this morning while it's Christmas for a lot of people, it's just another day of pain for Hazel. Nevertheless we're cheered and filled with gratitude for the flowers and vase and pretty dish from a helper, slippers and socks from a caring colleague, the enchanting Christmas music box from a friend afar, and the kind donation from a mysterious benefactor. Yep, one more "anonymous" donated this week, whoever you are, we thank you very much! Hope is a most precious gift. 

Posted on December 19, 2016

Posted on December 19, 2016

Today several people took an hour out of their busy holiday schedules, to come hear me speak on the history of Tarot. They showed their appreciation for my presentation, with a gift of $25.

That contribution was so sweet, but even sweeter was the fulfillment of being able to contribute something myself, to them, that they found interesting and valuable.  Being disabled myself, while caring for a disabled daughter, means that I don't get to go out and do things much, and it's not only fun I crave. Far more, I crave to be out doing useful and helpful and interesting things.  I crave engagement.

So, it was really cool to be able to be a speaker, and share some historical research. I had that energy boost you get, when you've done good work and you know it. We severely-disabled people miss that feeling, as much as or more than we miss parties or travel.

I do miss parties and travel a lot. At this time of year it's bittersweet, to hear of others' holiday plans and not be able to participate in any of it. I just found out by accident that other members of my family will be gathering a few hours away from me. It's been years since I could join them, though before we fell ill my kids and I used to drive many hours to share holidays with family. I'm happy for them, that they'll be together celebrating, but I do wish... and for Hazel, oh how I wish! 23 years old, and for her, Christmas will just be another day of pain management.

But far better than a party, yeah, it was fun to give a talk today, and to receive a donation, and to feel almost like a worker and an earner again. I was able to do so through the power of Virtual Reality. I could not have done it in the real world. Just getting dressed and traveling to a venue would cause so much pain and exhaustion, I wouldn't be able to give a talk. But in a virtual world, I stood at a podium, and shared information and illustrations, and took questions, and was applauded and rewarded. I'm so grateful to have been able to do so.

Earlier this week, I received another donation, in a most moving way. It came in an anonymous card: $300 cash, handed me by our social worker, who couldn't say who it was from. The message on the card was very moving:

"In recognition of your unflagging generosity to those you love, here is a token of my admiration."

My illness is invisible. That is, I don't look sick. You can't see by looking at me, what I'm bearing up under. And then there's an additional sense of invisibility, in being housebound and unable to work. The things I do, the efforts I make, that cost me so much pain and exhaustion, seem to me to be invisible to others. It's easy for me and for Hazel, too, to think we are not seen or cared about and that our efforts are not appreciated. So those words of appreciation meant a great deal to me.

Thank you, anonymous donor, and thank you, Aether Salon, for helping me feel like a loved and cherished member of the human family this holiday season! Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for helping me help Hazel.  

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Heal Hazel with TMJ Specialist #YouCaringGives #HealHazel

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