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The Story

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Just 2 precious years ago Hart and Vanessa welcomed a bubbly little blonde bundle into the world. Not long after that, this beautiful little bundle seemed to catch one virus after another, staying consistently sick. Thanks to the care of his pediatrician, they learned younger than usual that his constant sickness was because of a genetic blood disorder called Severe Congenital Neutropenia (SCN).

Fast forward two years & lots of Neupogen shots later, that little blonde bundle is now a firey force to be reckoned with! Judah is a fierce little fighter & to see him, you'd never know the constant battle to his little body's medical well-being!

In May, during Judah's annual Bone Marrow Biopsy, they learned some hard news; Judah was pre-AML (leukemic). The type of AML Judah was developing was very aggressive and the only way to cure it is through a bone marrow transplant. Judah was referred to MUSC and an incredible Dr and team for this procedure. Over the next 3 months the Traylors met and talked with that team. Through God's grace a bone marrow match was identified and the potential donor agreed to donate.

At the end of July/beginning of August it appeared that it was time to begin the transplant. The Traylors traveled to Charleston for a week of work ups and tests that needed to be done prior to the transplant. During that week of testing an abnormal cell appeared in a biopsy they did that week. A 2nd biopsy was done, which again showed the abnormal cell. The team of Drs at MUSC were perplexed and ended up sending all files and labs to a Dr at Johns Hopkins who is considered the world expert on Leukemia. A week later the response was in. Judah was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia; Mixed Phenotypic. This type of Leukemia means he has both AML and ALL. Their Dr at MUSC said there are currently only 7 reported cases of people in the world who currently have Mixed Phenotpic Leukemia. SCN patients who have developed Leukemia have always developed AML, never ALL. So Judah is the first known SCN patient to develop ALL. After sharing this news with Hart and Vanessa, their Dr at MUSC said we knew Judah was 1 in a million, but now we know he's 1 in a zillion.

Because of this new realization, Judah would require a new treatment plan. He would first have to undergo a completely different round of chemo, called induction chemo, to get rid of the ALL ('induction' because we need to induce remission). Once he reaches remission (meaning there are no ALL cells in him) he could then proceed with the bone marrow transplant. Because of his SCN Judah is considered a high risk patient and would have to remain in the hospital for the whole induction chemo process. The good news was that the induction chemo could be done in Columbia at the Children's Hospital. As of today when this description was updated, Judah finally was able to return home after spending 43 total days in the Children's Hospital. He was a trooper through the whole induction process. The first 3 or 4 weeks of chemo didn't seem to slow him down. It was only until his last round of chemo that he finally began to fatigue, lose his appetite, be in pain, and begin running 'chemo' fever. Because of that he had to spend an additional time in the hospital as he recovered.

We will not know if he is in remission until a bone marrow biopsy is completed. This will be done down at MUSC tomorrow, 9.27.16. All 4 Traylors will spend the evening of 9.26 at home together for the first time in over a month and a half and will head down to Charleston the morning of 9.27. They will return home later on the 27th and must be back down in Charleston early Thursday morning for some work ups and labs. They should learn the biopsy results on Thursday. If he is in remission, then on Friday Judah will be admitted at MUSC to proceed with Transplant. If he is not in remission, then the Traylors must return to Columbia and do the month of induction chemo again.

If they can proceed with transplant, the schedule will look as follows. On Friday, 9.30, Judah will be admitted at MUSC and undergo G-Tube surgery. The purpose of the G-Tube is because the chemo will cause him to lose his appetite, and this will allow for getting food/nutrients in to him, and also allow them to get important medicines in to him that cannot be given by IV. The following week he will begin transplant prep which will involve rounds of chemo and radiation. Once prep is done he will have a day of rest. On this day of rest will be when his donor, who is overseas, will likely donate his bone marrow. The bone marrow will be flown over to Charleston and the next day will be Transplant Day (AKA, Day Zero). The next 100 days are critical.

Judah will likely spend the first roughly 45 days of the 100 days in the hospital. Once he is discharged he must remain within 30 minutes of MUSC for the remainder of the 100 days. During that time we will all be anxiously watching and waiting to see if the marrow grafts and his body begins to positively respond. Results typically start to be seen roughly 2 weeks post Transplant Day.

Once we have a green light to proceed with transplant, Vanessa will remain the majority of the time with Judah in the hospital, while Hart and Cai will commute weekly between Columbia and Charleston. Through God's grace and sovereignty and the kindness of others, the Traylors have been connected with a family with a studio apartment that they have graciously offered for the Traylors to stay in during this time. This will serve as 'homebase' for when Hart and Cai are in town, or where Vanessa can go to shower and nap when family/friends come to temporarily relieve her at the hospital, and once Judah is discharged but must remain in Charleston for the remainder of the 100 days.

How can you help?

The following is a list of prayers and needs. Please lift the Traylors and these needs up in your prayers, and if you have a resource that could potentially meet any of these needs, please contact Hart and Vanessa.
  • Pray that Judah is in remission so that they can proceed with transplant.
  • Pray that if Judah is not in remission, the Lord will give the whole Traylor family a peace, and grant them the needed endurance, energy and sanity to do the induction round all over again.
  • Pray for Judah's health and protection throughout this process: that he remains healthy pre-transplant and his body will be protected post-transplant (after chemo his body will have zero immunity)
  • Pray for wisdom and skill for the Drs as they treat and care for Judah
  • Pray that the match identified proves to be the absolute most perfect match for Judah
  • If a greenlight for transplant is given, pray that the donor is able to donate on the needed date (at this point the agency who is representing him has said they think the time frame works, but an official response has not been given by the actual donor)
  • Pray that the transplant will be successful and the bone marrow will graft perfectly (without any negative side affects)
  • Pray for big brother Cai as these next few months will certainly shake up his world and routine he has grown accustomed to. Pray that Hart and Vanessa would have opportunities to love on him and give him attention as well (Side note: Cai has been a trooper so far. The last 40+ days with Judah in the hospital has been rough and naturally caused a lot of attention to be directed towards Judah, but Cai has continued to be the sweet and helpful and loving boy that he is)
  • Pray for good rest for Hart and Vanessa (especially Vanessa who will be the one primarily staying/sleeping in the hospital) and that the Lord would use this time to further strengthen their marriage and their roles as parents
  • Pray for protection for Hart as he will be commuting weekly between Columbia and Charleston, and for endurance as he will be handling all of Team Traylor's real estate responsibilities for now (alongside his weekly church responsibilities)
  • Pray that Hart and Vanessa would hold fast to the promises and hope that's found in God
  • Pray that the Lord would meet their financial needs. Expenses are going to greatly increase during this coming season. There will be medical expenses. Because they won't have access to a normal kitchen set up they they will be ordering out and eating fast food and hospital cafeteria for a lot of their meals. With Charleston being a tourist city, parking to go to the hospital, even at MUSC's parking garage, will cost money. Based on the tentative time line MUSC has given them, it appears that they will likely be down in Charleston for 18 weeks. With Hart commuting between Columbia and Charleston weekly (roughly 240 miles round trip between their house and MUSC) they will be having to fill up their cars with gas a lot. While Cai will be making the weekly trip with Hart some, there will times where he will be staying with family, friends and babysitters. The Traylors would like to be able to give a little something financially to whoever is keeping Cai. Because Judah's immune system will be so low post-transplant (even after he can return home) the Traylors plan to have their vehicles and home deep cleaned by professionals for Judah to be able to return to sterile environments. Plus, there's potential other expenses that haven't even come across their radar yet that they are unaware of.
Would you join us in praying for God's hand in each & every one of the details of the transplant? And if you are able, would you consider contributing towards their financial needs and also passing this link along to your friends and family who may be willing to pray or contribute? Please know the Traylors would greatly appreciate whatever you are willing and able to do! Hart and Vanessa are so thankful for each & every one of you & the role you have in Judah's life!!! What a God-sized story Judah's life already is...we are all trusting God with these next pages!

You can get the most recent updates via their facebook page 'Prayers for JudahJET' (please note you don't have to have a facebook account to read this page): https://www.facebook.com/JudahJET/

You can read more about Be The Match to be someone's cure. https://bethematch.org/support-the-cause/donate-bone-marrow/

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 26, 2016

Posted on October 26, 2016

#PrayersForJudahJET Flight Crew T-Shirt Pick Up Deets:
Alright friends!  Your #PrayersForJudahJET Flight Crew T-shirts are ready for pick up.  Our pick up schedule is listed below.  Please reach out to Amanda Mann ([email protected]) if you have questions specific to pick up.  
Sunday, October 29th
- Midlands (400 State Street West, Columbia)
11:15am - 12pm will be in Burris Hall off the side of the church...look for sign of Midlands
- Columbia Crossroads (2723 Ashland Rd, Columbia, SC 29210)
9:15am - 9:30am & 12:15pm - 1:30pm:  The picnic table next to the playground in front of the church

Tuesday, November 1st
The Flex (100 Park Pl Ct, Lexington) 
6:10 - 7:30pm:  Parking lot
Thursday, November 3rd
Kristin Franklin's Home (1136 Denny Rd, Columbia)
5 - 7 pm
Thank you again for your love and support for the Traylors.  Words truly cannot express how much it means to them to have each and every one of you in Judah’s corner.  We fully believe that we have seen the Lord graciously protect his life through your prayers.  

Posted on October 7, 2016

Posted on October 7, 2016

TGIF friends!  
{Fundraiser Update}
This is our last weekend to pre-order your #PrayersForJudahJet t-shirts.  Please remember to leave a message in the YouCaring site letting us know what size shirts you are asking for.  Also, please spread the word.  We are placing our t-shirt order next week!  

{Judah Update}
Judah finished his last radiation treatment yesterday!  Praise Jesus for His work during those treatments.  

Judah starts his chemotherapy tomorrow!  Please continue to surround them with prayers.  Pray for minimal side effects from the chemo.  Also pray for protection as Hurricane Matthew reaches the SC coast this weekend.  Thank you so much for going before them in such a big way!

Posted on September 29, 2016

Posted on September 29, 2016

Praise Jesus from Whom ALL blessings flow.  The Traylors found out this morning, in Charleston, that Judah is in remission!!!  THIS.  IS.  HUGE.  God has gone before this family in mighty ways and rid Judah's precious body of leukemia.  Will you join us in praising God for the work He has done?!?

This is only half of the marathon friends.  

The next leg of this race is Judah's bone marrow transplant.  Please join us in praying for the Traylors and Judah as they are admitted for his BMT.  Tomorrow, September 30th Judah will be sedated for further testing and his G-tube surgery.  They will be admitted for 48 hours and the transplant radiation and chemo conditioning begins Tuesday, October 4th. 

Christ be all around these dear friends.  

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