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The Story

Dear Family & Friends,

You are receiving this letter because we are blessed to share this crazy thing called life with you.  I know my dad has somehow touched your life with his charisma and passion for life! Writing a letter like this is not easy, but it would be a shame not to allow you to be a part of this amazing and fortunate journey my dad has been on.  I have not been obliged to share until now that my dad had a diagnosis in September that “fortunately” has provoked a positive outcome. Dad was told he has esophageal cancer, stage 1. 

I didn't make a mistake up there where I used an affirmative adjective because I meant to use "fortunately" instead of "unfortunately" for such a life glitch.  Let me explain, my dad was given a 5 year survival rate of 40% only if he does the barbaric surgery and toxic chemotherapy {expected of him to do}.  It literally took my breath away hearing the surgeon explain that he would reach in and cut my dad’s throat out, all 9 inches and stretch his stomach up to his neck!  I held my breath at the complications list he rattled off too. Yes it was frightening and it took every ounce of will to keep my composure but I kept leaning on my faith and knowledge about cancer.

Dad didn't like those odds and you may have heard my father jokingly say, “I'm allergic to pain!”  So 3 months of chemo, burning throat, exhaustion, vomiting, then 7-12 day hospital stay after surgery to create a new throat with his stomach tissue; all the while leaving a stomach the size of an apple sounded tremendously painful to dad. This would be followed by 5-6 months surgery recovery at home with stomach tubes, ports and staples everywhere and if he is strong enough 3 more months of chemotherapy. Needless to say, he was not fond of that process. 

It sounds nightmarish but we are looking at this with a different perspective.  He gets to choose life and not let this be a death sentence! With Dad's abiding faith {and our own personally} we all have had underlying peace in this turbulent storm.  With research and science behind them, there are some alternative treatments that seem very promising and overall have his best interest at heart.  I should mention, dad did his own medical research (getting several medical opinions too} and we found some complementary therapies with the success stories and doctors that help 1000’s of patients worldwide claim their health back!

Although, this might not be a popular "choice" with many health care professionals {or even some of our family}; it is just that Dad's "choice."  He has complete confidence and peace in his decision and that in itself is healing.  Not to mention, he has tons of support in this direction of healing to give him the odds of a full and healthy life!  We would never risk his life or anyone’s for that matter if we didn’t fully know the science and proof cancer CAN be cured! 

What’s amazing is that before dad even travels to this clinic {we mention below}, he has made some dramatic improvements in his health!  With following Tom’s advice {finally} on diet and supplements, he has lost over 20 lbs. and his reflux cleared up!  In 4 weeks he has made some impressive changes in his blood chemistry; which is essential for his health and immune system.   His lab work in comparison to the prior show his diabetic markers - normal, cholesterol- normal, inflammatory markers- normal {they are high when disease is present in body} and lastly, his blood pressure is normal and he is off all of his meds! His doctors were happy to see this. 

If you are interested in what this choice might look likeCLICK here for a link that you can share with anyone facing such a diagnosis.  There is tons of information out there but it is important to have knowledgeable support and researched protocols when making an alternative choice and knowing the Truth about Cancer!

This is where the letter actually gets grievously awkward but so many of you have reached out and asked how you can help.  It took some convincing on my part with dad to do this support page not only for fiscal support but for emotional support.  He is humble and notoriously the one on the giving side, often anonymously.  So this was certainly out of his comfort zone.  I believe he sowed his own Karma by such acts!

With that said, we would much rather you celebrate dad’s life with just that kind of support and not buy flowers at his funeral, which we are believing to NOT be for a long, long time!  When comparing the arduous road of agony or so called traditional treatment {1 year or more} with the other options Dad has decided he wants to go to Mexico.  There he can receive alternative treatments that have been used for years with success and that he can’t get in the states. 

Dad has said several times that he is actually excited for his life and to finally get his health back!  Can I get an Amen to that?!  Finally!! Mom is on board, well she is still eating fast food ha, but not for long.  She will be joining dad for his treatments in Mexico so that she can learn alongside him in the classes and how she can help dad…and maybe herself!

This particular clinic in Mexico comes highly recommended by a colleague and friend of ours who was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 4 and has used these particular protocols and is cancer free for 15 years!  Our friend Chris has visited and knows this dr. personally.  Chris has actually visited several facilities over there since he helps others beat cancer!  The cost for care depending on 2-3 weeks stay can run $29, 500 {or more}for lodging, meals, labs, IV’s, a list of specific treatments and educational health classes.

Dad’s goal is to be cancer free and he wants to help others after he is cured.  Any monies raised above his treatment cost he wants to {of course} give to someone who is seeking to get their life back and be cancer free too! We know he can do this with alternative medical treatments and we are graciously asking for any help you can offer. 

Most importantly, we ask that you keep Mom & Dad in your prayers!  Truthfully if it weren’t for the saving grace of God and his Son we personally wouldn’t have the peace that surpasses all understanding of the “life glitches” we have to face as humans on earth.  The gift we each are given thru God’s promises has fortified Dad and it has been amazing to witness the last few years he surrendered his life to the Lord.  The living water dad has received has been like an inner spring of joy that continually renews and satisfies the heart of a believer. We hope you find peace in this knowledge too. 

With grateful hearts,

Dawn, Tom, Ana, Mom,& Dad’s dear friends, Tommy Stevens & John Pellegrino

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 6, 2017


Posted on January 6, 2017

So grateful to St. Marks Epicopal Church & School for hosting the Wash Away Cancer Fundraiser Carwash for dad!! Big hugs to the 30 plus friends and family volunteering Saturday 9-2!!! Come join us for some soapy fun, food, Adriana's Healthy Lemonade and our amazing Chinese Raffles!!! 

Posted on November 24, 2016

Posted on November 24, 2016

Hi everyone! Dad has a special message for you in the video link up there by the pictures!  A heartfelt thank you to each of you for believing in dad!! We are grateful you will share in our joy that dad whoops cancer in the booty!! 😘

Posted on November 10, 2016

Posted on November 10, 2016

We are so happy for Dad and the progress he has made in just over a month! Comparing from September pictures when he was golfing to today in his red work shirt you can see the transformation! His blood work looks just as impressive with everything from his PH balance to his diabetic markers that are now normal! 

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