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Thank you for visiting Hana's site! Your support helps our family be able to focus on our daughter during her continuing journey with cancer. Hana is a very special and unique girl who loves animals and art and has a caring, warm spirit and a beautiful smile. Here is how her story starts. 

In December of 2013 we received the news that our daughter Hana has Pilocytic Astrocytoma, a type of slow-growing brain tumor. She was admitted to the hospital and underwent surgery to remove a small part of the tumor. The rest of the cancerous cells are diffused throughout her brain and are inoperable. We decided to watch her tumor to see if it is actively growing to determine if she will need further treatment. Recovery from brain surgery was rough, but she got better every month.

Watching her tumor through MRI's showed us that it was growing and she began to have more physical symptoms. After she took a fall at school in June of 2014 we decided that it was time to start chemotherapy to try to get the tumor to stop growing. The day after school got out she had surgery to place a port to receive chemo infusions and the next day was her first treatment. Seeing our daughter experience the side effects from chemo was so hard, but with much love and support we got through it.

The chemo stopped the tumor from growing, and we even saw some shrinkage in size. But after 9 months of treatment Hana became allergic to the chemotherapy drug Carboplatin and had an anaphylactic reaction. After weeks of trying to desensitize her to the drug so she can finish her treatment, we decided to stop the chemo and see if it was enough to keep it from growing. Her quarterly MRI showed that she was still stable so she had surgery to remove her port. Hana's last MRI at the end of August showed a little bit of growth for the first time in over a year. 

Apart from having cancer, Hana has a rare genetic condition called 15q11.2 deletion. This causes her some motor skill delays and mild autism, among other things. Many of the same symptoms that her brain tumor can cause could also be explained by her genetic condition. This likely prevented her tumor diagnosis from being caught for at least several years.

As Karli is the main caretaker of Hana, we have struggled to make ends meet financially with only Scott's income. Hana has had several therapies and specialist appointments of all kinds throughout the last several years. We have also had difficulty with making the school environment work for her needs which led us to homeschool the kids instead. Now we work around Hana's schedule of appointments and she can still receive a complete education. 

Any donations we receive will help us to pay bills including Hana's medical expenses. We appreciate your support which will help us be able to focus on our family and on getting Hana healthy again. We also ask for your prayers for continued health and stability of her tumors. This journey can be rough, but she is strong and we have much to be hopeful for! 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 23, 2018

Posted on January 23, 2018

Hana did amazing through her brain surgery and we are now back at home recovering. She is such a trooper! Her surgeon said that it went well but it was a difficult procedure. We had hoped that this area of tumor was just growing towards her brainstem, but it has in fact grown into the brain stem itself. The surgeon removed as much as he was able to without disturbing the sensitive areas. She had a new MRI while we were in the hospital, and we will be talking to her neuro-oncology team after this week's tumor board to make a plan forward as far as what else to do. We also need to do a scan of her spine to see if the tumor has spread down it. We are still waiting for the results of the biopsy from what was removed. Hana is experiencing some vision problems, but we expect it to improve as she recovers. We are so grateful for everyone's support financially, with words of encouragement, supporting us in prayer, and in so many ways. Thank you for helping our family during this time! 

Posted on December 31, 2017

Posted on December 31, 2017

Hana has continued to be such a trooper this past year! Her MRI's have showed periodic growth of her tumors and some slight changes, but she was able to stay off treatment while we focused on some of her other health issues. In the past few weeks she has started to struggle more with nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and some swallowing issues. Her doctors rushed an MRI and we learned that she has some new tumor growth close to her brainstem. We no longer have the option to monitor her tumor, it is time to act. She will be having brain surgery on January 12th to remove some of the tumor and relieve the pressure. They will only operate on this area by her brainstem and not the other tumors, since this is a critical area of her brain. They will attempt to remove as much as possible of an area the size of a quarter. After she is healed her team will determine if she needs any further treatment right now, possibly radiation. I know she is in great hands with our team and she will continue to thrive with all of the love and support she needs! We appreciate your donations as well as the many prayers and words of encouragement for our family. Any new donations raised will help us to care for our girl during this time. Thank you so much!  

Posted on December 5, 2016

Posted on December 5, 2016

This has been a memorable year for Hana! This summer was her Make-A-Wish trip all the way to Australia for all kinds of animal adventures. She was drawn to Australia for its beautiful birds, her favorite of which was the Victoria's Riflebird, a bird of paradise. We had tours through the rainforest, saw nocturnal animals, giant bats called flying foxes, and fed wild wallabies by hand. The whole family had a wonderful time, truly her wish come true. 

Recently, another big wish of Hana's was fulfilled-we finally got her a dog! He is a poodle mix named Acorn. She loves having him sleep in her room with her and she is so comforted by his presence. Hana has gotten a lot more exercise since he has come into our home. We all love him so much!

Hana's health has had some ups and downs this year, which is how it usually goes with her, but mostly she is doing really well right now. Earlier in the year she started to have a lot of joint pain and developed a knee pain syndrome. We do not know what made this suddenly get so much worse, but her hypermobile joints probably contributed to it. She began physical therapy again to help with her legs and knees. She also has had some issues with stomach pain and weight loss earlier in the year, which has led to more doctor's appointments and now feeding therapy at the autism center. She has just recently gotten back up to a BMI in the 25th percentile, which is her goal! So she is doing better and her stomach pains and nausea are not bothering her much these days. Sleep continues to be a big challenge for her, and she has had some times where her autistic behaviors are becoming a problem with emotional regulation and outbursts. But we are trying some more things to help her sleep, including changing her supplements, having her new dog Acorn in her room, and starting sleep therapy as well. It hasn't been long, but so far so good!

About Hana's brain tumor, she has remained stable for the most part this year, praise God! But her MRI's have shown a very small amount of growth at times. Even though this has never been enough of a concern to require more treatment, her doctor told us at her last oncology appointment that the cumulative effect over time is that her tumors are growing, and if this happens again he will recommend that she start either chemo or radiation. Her next MRI is in January-please pray for completely stable tumors with no growth at all, so she can avoid the damaging side effects of cancer treatment!  

We have also just recently found Hana a wonderful naturopath that we are hoping can help her to be as healthy as she can so that her body can be well and her cancer will have as little chance as possible to grow. I am again asking for your support to help us to cover the costs of this treatment so that we can help Hana to be her healthiest best! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has helped us so far, including the donations made recently to help get Hana her new dog Acorn! As always, we welcome your prayers of healing and health for our special girl in all ways-in her health, her mind, her spirit, and her body!  

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