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Jean Genie is a euthanasia list survivor from Brooklyn Animal Care & Control in NYC.  She was on the list for not having the ability to walk properly.  So.... Green Fur Kidz pulled her for her foster mom who just happened to open an email from the shelter about her (which she hasn't done in a while since she wasn't able to foster) & fell in love with her face.  On the morning she was to be euthanized, her foster mom saw that she was on the list because one of her Facebook friends posted about her.  Green Fur Kidz moved quickly within 30 minutes of the euthanasia deadline to put in a pull for Jean Genie.  Thank heavens she was saved & came to us.  Now... Jean Genie & her foster mom saw Dr. Berg today (January 19, 2016) & (he loves Jean Genie & thinks she's a great dog just like we do!) & thinks it could be a variety of issues that are making her fall over & have a wobbly walk but says Genie needs an MRI to diagnose so we are moving forward with the MRI of Jean Genie's brain & spine today. We could really use your help!!!  We asked if people could donate over the phone straight to Dr. Berg's hospital but the office personnel prefers all donations go through our rescue & then we pay the bill. So far, we have collected about $1,250 in donations & we need roughly $1,250 more to pay for Genie's MRI. Please give to a sweet girl who really deserves a chance at a normal happy life!
Thank you for helping sweet Jean Genie. Everyone who meets her here loves her... she's a little gem!!!
This fundraiser was started by Meli Garthwait, Green Fur Kidz Founder & Current President for Green Fur Kidz' foster Fur Kid Jean Genie!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 26, 2016

Posted on January 26, 2016


It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write this update on Jean Genie. Over the past week, I have gotten to know Genie well & I will tell you that she is exactly as I saw her in the shelter picture the day I opened the shelter first alert email & made my promise to help her if no one came & she was put on the euthanasia list at BACC in NYC. She is sweet, happy, gentle & loving. She has deep, soulful eyes that will draw you in the second you meet her. It's been very hard for me to write this update because I am not the type to ever give up, it doesn't matter what she needs because she will get it & I will find a way for Green Fur Kidz to help. First, I will just get this out of the way & let everyone know that Genie had her MRI of her brain & spine. There was nothing remarkable except a metal foreign body which we had x-rayed & found out it was most likely a bb in the intestinal loop or surrounding soft tissue & was not the cause of Genie's mobility issues. We then did a spinal tap when the MRIs were inconclusive & waited a few days for the test results to come back in. They came back unremarkable which means after all the testing that can be done that Genie has a confirmed diagnosis of cerebellar/spinocerebellar degenerative abiotrophy. This means that Genie's neurons in her brain & spine are slowly dying until eventually she will no longer have mobility & should be humanely put to sleep. It can go fast. It can go slow. No one knows. At this point, Genie is now a hospice dog in Green Fur Kidz & although there is no treatment for her disease, we will take care of whatever she needs. Now, on to Genie's quality of life... When Genie first came, she exhibited what I had originally classified as submissive urination when she would see someone but I noticed she could not stop & that once it started, she would urinate anywhere from 8 ounces to 24 ounces, which made for a massive clean up. In my mind, I put her in the needs house training category, which I'm a pro at... I've had so many adult dogs that had no clue that I retrained & rehomed. She slept uncrated in my spare room in my studio area downstairs in my home - the typical place I keep my fosters as quarantine so that I don't give anything to any of my own dogs. It's clear to me at this point in time that I can not ever mix her in with my own dogs sadly. Over the next few days, several of her beds, the floor, the walls were covered with urine, feces every time I would come down in the morning & in between when she was alone & when she would urinate when seeing someone. We bought wee-wee pads with a gift card that was donated by a very nice lady whom I lost her name (thank you!) at Your Healthy Pet & tried to contain it with those but Genie just trips over the pads - which I then taped down but they got ripped up anyways - & they are only good for clean ups because she really can not control when & where she goes to the bathroom so she is not even trying to go on them. In an effort to try to keep her room clean overnight, I bought her a crate. The past few days I have been going down in the morning & finding her covered in her own urine & feces & sleeping covered in it. As you can imagine, it's completely heartbreaking to see her like that. The clean ups take me anywhere from a good hour & a half to two hours a day & as anyone can imagine, the smell lingers even when cleaned up so I can't use that area to work nor use the fitness equipment, which keeps me healthy (I also have spine damage from a car accident & exercise helps with the pain management). So I am at a cross roads. I do not think it is fair for Genie to sleep in her own excrement & she can not hold it because her disease no longer lets her brain know as it is involuntary. My next try is going to be panties although given the shape of her crate in the morning, I am sad to say that I am not hopeful at all. Her mobility is not great either. It takes her a long time to stand after she has been laying down for just a bit. She falls down often & trips over things with her back legs. At this point, I can not tell if her front legs are yet affected because the back legs' mobility issues are more dominant. Her appetite is good & she loves her chicken treats Your Healthy Pet's Ryan & Katie gave her & she's eating her Now! kibble that Dawn Popp donated. What I would really like is if there was someone who had no dogs who would serve as Genie's hospice caregiver so that there is a one on one with Genie until the end so that she gets all the time possible with her own person. I don't know if there is anyone out there reading this that has the heart big enough... & strong enough... to take on Genie as she goes through the end stages of her life's journey here on earth. But if you are out there & you are reading this, I am looking for you because Genie deserves more than I am giving her since we know her days are very short now. I have four other dogs (two of which are handicapped) & they also require a lot of my time. I really want to give her as one of her final gifts the one-on-one love of her own person or family. She deserves it. If you can make the commitment until the end & want to take Genie on as your own hospice dog through Green Fur Kidz, please contact me directly at 203-917-5400. Everything Genie needs will be provided for by Green Fur Kidz. This is not a job for anyone faint of heart nor stomach because Genie is slowly dying so the person taking her on must know that Genie will have to someday very soon be put to sleep & while I will be there with her for this, I would really like anyone who takes care of her to be there too so that she can be surrounded by people who love her. Please, serious inquiries only to my number above. Thank you from me... & from Jean Genie

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