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The Story

My story began 45 years ago at age 7 when I had two gold crowns placed in my mouth. An amalgam filling was also placed in my left wisdom tooth. Ten years ago, I had two root canals done which are highly toxic.

I immediately began to suffer from frequent migraines and vision loss, requiring glasses by 6th or 7th grade.

At age 50, the lifelong migraines I had switched from inside my brain to my neck and the base of my skull, with severe neck tightness causing frequent pain, and another type of headache in which I would wake up with shooting pain in the base of my skull and the pain would last all day. These shooting pain headaches continue today. When I have them, I have to lie in bed all day with an ice pack on my neck and head. It takes a full day to recover from them.

In 2010 I got Bells Palsy, in 2014, at age 49, my health began to totally fall apart. I suffered from liver damage and gallstones and went through a year of natural cleansing to remove the gallstones.

In 2015 is when the real problems started. I was luckily diagnosed at that time with severe mercury poisoning; luckily because now I know what is the cause of ALL my health issues. I can no longer work and have no funding to remove the mercury filled gold crowns and root canalled teeth.

The severe health problems in 2015 began with severe stomach and abdomen pain, ulcers, right knee pain making it difficult to walk, other illnesses, one of which is brain fog and memory loss.

In 2017 my health issues from mercury poisoning have become totally debilitating, have affected my ability to work and take care of myself. I am no longer working, and my career is over and have no income. I am housebound and daily life, including washing, showering, cooking, cleaning, shopping is difficult. I am losing my vision. Everything hurts. My nerves are being destroyed by mercury.

I have located a mercury safe dentist 2 hours away but have no funding to travel there or get the work done. I am afraid of dying a continued slow painful death and of never having the funding to get the necessary dental work done. I am reaching out in the hopes that some compassionate people will help me, so that I can in turn help others. I must go to a mercury safe dentist, otherwise the mercury exposure having it removed will make me even sicker. Traditional dentists are not on board with the fact that mercury is one of the most toxic and poisonous substances on earth. It poisons and disintegrates every part of the body slowly over time. I feel that time is running out. I am 52 years old and if I do not have these toxins removed by a safe biological dentist, I will die a slow, agonizing, tortuous, and painful death.

You can read my full story at

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest in my healing and for any donation that you can make to support me in healing from mercury and dental poisoning. I promise to pay it forward to help others with mercury poisoning now and especially when I make a full recovery which, God willing, I someday will.

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Posted on September 23, 2017


Posted on September 23, 2017

Continuing to work on my new website,, filled with all the info anyone will need to educate themselves about the dangers of mercury amalgam and root canal toxicity, and how to find a mercury safe and biological/holistic dentist who will safely remove and replace dental toxins such as mercury and root canals with biosafe materials. Also information on how to detox from mercury after it is removed.

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Goldenlight Medical Fund to Recover from Mercury Poisoning

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