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The Story

The Glory of God Anglican Church is a bible centered church serving the needs of the community in Cocoa, Florida.  We have a small congregation that is big in giving.  Last year, the Glory of God Tuesday and Friday Food Ministry served 10,880 households – 29,185 people (8,053 children).  We have a Nursing Home Ministry where we go to the homes and provide worship services with reading of the scriptures and Holy Eucharist.  During the summer months we have community movie nights where many come for popcorn, ice cream and wholesome fun.  We offer not only physical food and entertainment but also spiritual food and enlightenment to the needy.  We also partner with Christian Rural Ministry in Uganda - providing support for our brothers and sisters in Africa.  

Our campus is in serious need of three new roofs.  The campus grounds and buildings have been under major restoration for three years and, with God's help, great progress has been made.  But with roofs not being a DIY and with time ticking... I've put up this campaign asking for help.  Our sanctuary has a steep slope and the old and weathered shingles on the north side are holding by the grace of God.  Last summer, by God's grace, we had some success with band aids on the two, worn and blistered, flat roofs.  With what help we get, all the glory to God and blessings and thanks to you.  Thank you for visiting our page and God be with you.
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The church campus is on the Indian River in Cocoa, Florida.  It has a quiet solitude and is a place where our Pastor keeps us faithful to the gospel as it was received from our Lord.  There is a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit in this quaint setting. 

The Problem - Our Roof
The roofs are an expensive undertaking and it is not a DIY project - it is work that our small congregation cannot do ourselves - it has to be done by professionals and to code.

Where the money goes:
We have estimates on the cost:
Lower Flat Roof of Parrish Hall ~ $45,000
Upper Flat Roof - Education Building ~ $25,000
Sanctuary and Bell Tower ~ $50,000

We are asking for $150,000 to add for the likely possibility of higher cost due to water intrusion, to do repair around windows, treat for mold and replace ceiling tiles.

The Impact our Church has on our community
We give thanks, praise and all the glory to God for blessing our congregation in helping our community and the world.  We serve with the gifts God has provided and for a small congregation (we have about 70 members) there is a lot of activity at our church.  Members offer generosity of time, love and spiritual guidance.

We have a congregation of committed believers who live the Word daily in their personal lives with devoted, faithful, personal prayer and who are passionate about having meaningful, Spirit-guided personal and corporate worship both inside and outside the church.

  • Prayer Ministries - Prayer warriors!
  • Healing Prayer Ministry - Order of St. Luke's
  • Fellowship with the Anglican diocese through retreats and video studies
  • Multiple small group Bible studies
  • Sharing dinner as a family on Wednesday nights prior to study

If you are in the central Florida area, we’d love you to join us for worship, the study of God’s Word, our fellowship gatherings or to share a meal together.  We are not far from Orlando or the beaches and are across the Indian River from the Kennedy Space Center.  The drive along the river to the campus is a scenic route with old Florida beauty.  We’d welcome your visit and the sharing of fellowship in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Risks & Challenges
Our major risk is time and weather.   We have been blessed not to have had a hurricane or severe storm.  If we do not raise all of the money, we will use the money we raise towards the sanctuary roof.  It is the most susceptible to further damage and the most difficult to work on.

Other Ways You Can Help:
There are other ways to help if you are unable to support our campaign financially: 

  • Prayer is powerful.  Please stand with us in Christian fellowship and join in prayer for our church to be able to continue the mission for God for many years to come.  
  • Share the campaign link on Facebook, twitter, etc.  Put links to this page on your social media properties. E-mail your friends that you support this.  We need people to see our campaign.  
  • Tell your family, friends, neighbors - anyone you talk to who wants to listen - about our campaign and about God and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray for God to call His people and for God to draw His people to Him.  For God to awaken His people to His glory.  To give them eyes to see and ears to hear the truth of scripture.  For the Holy Spirit to engage all Christians in the mission of Jesus Christ our Lord, our King and our Savior.   For Christians to turn to God and fill our churches to worship and glorify Him. 

Thank you for your prayers, they mean everything! 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 30, 2017

Posted on October 30, 2017

Glory of God Anglican Church in Cocoa, Florida was blessed to be the meeting place for the CANA East Pastoral Retreat in early October for the fourth time.  At Glory of God, we see this as a special blessing for us to be able to utilize our campus as a place for fellowship for our Bishops and Pastors and their wives to worship the Lord and to find fellowship, rest and God's peace.

Our church is on Indian River Drive in Cocoa, Florida.  It is a scenic drive where many bicyclists, runners and walkers use the road.  The view of the river is beautiful.  Driving to the church on a bright Sunday morning for worship or early evening for bible study, the colors on the river can be magnificent.  Coming towards the river from US1 when the moon is full, rising and illuminating the river is quite spectacular as well.  The Lord has given us a beautiful setting to worship Him in all His glory.

The Lord works in interesting ways.......

Last year, with Hurricane Matthew quickly approaching, our visiting clergy were able to depart during the calm before the storm.

This year Hurricane Irma passed through three weeks prior to the retreat.  Praise God that there was time to cleaned up the tree debris from the campus before the arrival of the clergy and our grounds looked wonderful.  However, there was (and still is) a beached sailboat across from the entrance to the church.  The road leading up to the church had big piles of debris waiting for the FEMA pick up.  There was stormy weather and a strong east wind that made the too high river very rough, causing it to wash over the road.  The water was deep in some areas and the drive was a challenge for our cars.

During the four days that our visitors were here, everyone battled the river to make it to and from the church.  God kept our little church safe though and we did make it to the church each day.  And we saw the sun and the moon and the stars at times too.  We worshiped and praised our Lord in Christian fellowship and were all blessed.  

Posted on September 19, 2017

Posted on September 19, 2017

A lot has happened since my last post:

First, we had one of the roofs restored with the Gaco coating!  The upper flat roof was completed on Sept 2, 2017.  We've been working on our Nehemiah roof project for over 2 years and we a completion was accomplished this month!  Praise God!

A week later, we experienced Hurricane Irma.  We were blessed again through this hurricane.  Last year, Hurricane Matthew came up the east coast of Florida with the major winds coming from the north and west and the church survived.  This year Hurricane Irma came up central Florida with the major winds coming from the south and east and the church survived.  Our little church survived the winds coming from the four corners.  God is good to us.  We did lose more shingles on the sanctuary and there is always the concern of water intrusion.  But the Lord protected us through another storm.  Praise God!

We are continuing to do repairs on the lower flat roof and monitoring the sanctuary and believing in the Lord to preserve our church for the future to proclaim His True and Life Giving Word.  All glory to God.

Posted on August 31, 2017

Posted on August 31, 2017

We have been watching the events of Hurricane Harvey, the flooding and the desperate situation of so many people in south Texas and Louisiana.  People have been displaced from their homes, their families, their pets.  Hospitals and nursing homes have been evacuated.  The comforts of lives have been taken.  In midst of all of this, we also see how much we are blessed by our Lord in this country.  Many people are coming together to help. The National guard and local people with resources such as boats and trucks making heroic efforts to rescue people from their flooded homes and vehicles. All the volunteers in the shelters.  People giving prayers, time, supplies and money for the afflicted who have been impacted so drastically by this storm.

There is still much to go through but there is a rally and a surge of togetherness that is an inspiration for our country and the world to see our nation serve one another.  These are blessed times when Christians engaging in acts of faithfulness to our Lord can be the hands and feet of Christ and bring hope to people in distress.  Trusting in our Lord to see us through the storms of our lives and knowing that every good thing comes from God.  We pray for the people of south Texas and Louisiana to be blessed by the out pouring of generosity.  We pray for the sports stars and celebrities that are encouraging the country to stand together - using the gifts that God has given them to serve others. And we pray for the Lord's light to shine brighter than the sun that is now emerging from the rain clouds in these areas.

The Anglican Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast are based in Houston, Texas and will be coordinating the relief effort in the region.  Donations for this effort can be given at the site below.

We pray as taught in 1Thessalonians 5:15-18:

"See that no one repays anyone evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and to everyone. Rejoice always,  pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

You can help by donating through the Anglican Relief and Development Fund here.

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