Our Salty Passports: Helping Dominica Heal!

For: Glanvillia, Portsmouth, St John Dominica.
Portsmouth, Saint John Parish, Dominica
Organizer: Kayla & Richard Rognlie / Our Salty Passports
Our Salty Passports: Helping Dominica Heal! (Glanvillia, Portsmouth, St John Dominica.)
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The Story

I have loved Dominica for many years, and have been lucky to call her my home since June 2016. Sadly, much of our beautiful nature island has been reduced to rubble and debris, but though Dominica has been beaten, she and her people are not broken.

Our area of the island was battered by Maria for over 8 hours and we were left with a flooded house, doors torn from their frames and leaves plastered on the walls and ceiling all over our house. But our home is still standing, and the roof is still there -we were lucky where others were not. 

Our neighbor Daniel lost the roof of the house he just finished building himself, his tenants evacuated, and now without a roof, and no tenants he has no income property, and worries about how he will pay off his bank loan. He also has 3 children who's school lost a wall and roof, they have been home with him since the storm. 

Our neighbor Mr Embert lost his entire mechanic shop when a tree fell on it and smashed it into the ground, all his tools blown away. 

Our friend Dafar's house quite simply no longer exists, along with most of his earthly possessions. There is just the floor and scattered debris of a young man's life. He has been wearing the same swim trunks since the storm - they are the only piece of clothing he owns.

Our friend Olan, a police officer, lost the roof of the house he built himself, he has a young daughter and 3 month old baby boy with special concerns (eczema and lactose intolerance). We were able to help him put his roof back together but his children need food, diapers and special formula. 

These are just a few of the heart breaking stories of our friends and neighbors - and these aren't the worst of them, they are just examples of what people are going through and how they can be helped. 

Since the day after the storm our community has come together to clear up the streets, help one another, and even rebuild homes and businesses. It has been a beautiful disaster, but there is work to be done everywhere we turn. 

I have seen people with NOTHING, helping others in need and now I am asking you - someone with a roof over their head, a shelter with 4 walls, clothing on your back, electricity running through their wires, to please take this opportunity to help those that have none of these things. 

I am currently in St Lucia where I am gathering supplies and organizing relief. Every dollar sent will go towards purchasing these supplies which will be delivered DIRECTLY to families in need to insure your donations get to the right people. 

Every donation counts, even $10 can do more than you know. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 16, 2018

Posted on May 16, 2018

Sorry for no updates for a while... we've been trying to carry on with life on Dominica ... We are still without power in Toucari - which is where we are living full time now. 

An update regarding the plastic shredder and the projects we are using it for can be found here: 


Posted on December 6, 2017

Posted on December 6, 2017

The long delay in updates is over, it was very difficult to access wifi or internet via data when back on Dominica. Things are looking green in many areas throughout the north of the island including Picard and Toucari! There were some last minute changes in our boat of goods from St Lucia to Dominica due to some shipping delays so Richard finally took his first trip off island (since we moved to Dominica) to pick up the last of our supplies! 

We have obtained all the necessary materials for the first 'precious plastics' plastic shredder which will be built/ assembled by some local Dominican welders / mechanics etc who have shops up and running! Rich was able to find the perfect motor to buy in St Lucia at a boat yard of all places!  We will continue to post further progress on this project as it comes together. Rich is working out who is building which parts so they can all get to work and get it assembled. 

We delivered solar lights to 20 residents in need in Toucari all of which are still without power and 10 Glanvillia who were still without power (some of Glanvillia is getting power back thanks to the hard work of DOMLEC, as of Dec 5 2017 we do not have power at our house in Glanvillia) we also delivered 25 x 100 hr sterno candles to a variety of homes in need in areas still without electricity. Rich has a few more of each to hand out in TanTan and Portsmouth 

We have created a barrel each to deliver to the Home for the Aged and the elderly living in the Glanvillia Community Center with items specific to their needs 

We also have packages to deliver to our local schools shelters and community institutions with books & educational tools for children.

We've enlisted the help of some really incredible people off island to help with our bigger projects that cannot be done with resources or skills on island, and those will be announced once the final arrangements have been made! I don't want to jinx all the things we've been working towards! Thank you again for all your support! Glanvillia, Portsmouth, and Toucari are all making advances forward. business is slowly starting back up for some and we want to help put this money into the hands of those working towards rebuilding the economy and those literally rebuilding the island. We will continue to support local businesses whenever possible throughout this relief effort 

I am currently off island working while Richard continues each day to not only put our own life back together but help out as many people as he can and working on these projects we've committed ourselves to. I will keep you updated as I collect information from our beautiful Dominica! 

Posted on October 16, 2017

Posted on October 16, 2017

What will we do with $50,000 ... (or $80,000, or $100,000) 

Do you know how expensive it is to fix a roof? Do you know the cost of a metal compactor or PET plastic shredder? Do you know what it costs to create jobs to get the economy back on track?  

Our first round of relief, which I escorted back on the Flying Buzzard, was light building supplies and food for families we knew were struggling or in dire need. Feeding families now seems like the easy part, because money goes a long way, and you can find ways to feed people long enough that they can think about what else they need to do for life to go on, rather than constantly worrying about their next meal or where they will find drinking water. We were able to help feed over 60 families and the Home for the Aged (and disabled) with the first round of provisions!

Now we are focusing our efforts on the things that will help Dominica, and Dominican's now and in the future by creating sustainable jobs, sustainable housing (hurricane proof) and sustainable food practices. 

We are working on a budget to determine how best to allocate the money we currently have raised, and a plan all the funds should our goal be reached in a timely fashion. 

Projects we are trying to fund:

Roof for Possie Vibes Radio Station

Roof & repairs for pre school in Portsmouth 

Roof for Portsmouth Library (and restocking of books) 

Metal Compactor for metal debris (galvanized roofing / cars / etc) 

PET Plastic Shredder / Recycling Stations 

Community Food Garden (Toucari) 

... this is just the short list.

Since I will be making a trip off island at the end of the month, I will be collecting physical donations (of books, clothing, food, tools and building materials/ supplies) the next update will include an address where these items can be shipped and where they will be stored until I arrive in St Lucia November 20. I will be escorting all the donations & materials n a privately chartered boat back to Portsmouth to insure their delivery and correct distribution and proper set up. 

If you couldn't tell a lot of logistics / planning goes into each of these decisions and execution, which has been difficult to do without internet and power, but thanks to help from family and friends in the USA we've been making it work so far! Tomorrow we are meeting with the Rotary club to see how working together we might be able to reach the goals for the plastic & metal recycling centers faster and get things into action efficiently ! 

Thank you again for your donations, support, love, faith assistance and patience as we help Dominica heal!  

Kayla & Richard 


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Our Salty Passports: Helping Dominica Heal!

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