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The Story

Here's the deal. I really didn't want to resort to something like YouCaring or GoFundMe but I have been asked how people can help out so here it is.

I am looking to get a Great Pyrenees puppy to be trained to be a service dog. Why a Great Pyrenees? They are large dogs and I need a larger dog for mobility assistance. More on why a puppy in a moment. First I want to go over the why I need/want a service dog.

  • I have walked with a cane for well over 10 years because of the damage that scoliosis has done to my right hip. The curve isn't deemed medically bad enough to do surgery to correct, but it's bad enough that it's put additional wear and tear on some of my joints. I have chronic bursitis in that hip and used to get cortisone shots in it until they quit working a few years ago.
  • I have fibromylagia. I have had more than one dizzy spell from it where I have fallen. Luckily I haven't done any major damage to myself...yet. 
  • I have arthritis in every joint in my body...hands, feet, knees, back, get the idea. Did you know you can have arthritis in your ribs? I didn't either.
Needless to say, I live in chronic pain and a lot of days it hurts to walk. Because of my hip I loose my balance...a lot and do a lot of wobbling and walking into walls and door frames. 

Now, to add insult to injury, my last trip to the doctor I probably have rheumatoid arthritis. A lot of tests and x-rays were ordered. I'm still waiting for everything to get back to the doctor. It's just a matter of time before I need a wheelchair and we are trying to prolong that as long as we can.

Now for why a puppy.
There are a number of organizations that place service dogs. The cost of getting an already trained dog starts at $15,000 and can go up to over $20,000 depending on the organization. There is often a waiting list and a lot of hoops to jump through. Some places even have their own medical review board that decides if you qualify for a service dog (they also don't state what their qualifications are). 

Getting a puppy and having a trainer work with you to train the dog is a bit more cost effective and it means you don't have to meet anyone else's standards of what it means to be disabled. 

This is a big reason on why I didn't want to do a fundraiser. Financially I am in a position to take care of a dog (food, vet bills, etc) and have it trained so I feel really weird asking for help in getting the money together to get the dog. Purebred dogs are expensive. (I found one breeder asking $800.)  It's a large one time cost and while saving up for a puppy is always an option, it just means prolonging the process of finding a puppy ( and getting it trained. It takes about 18 months to fully train a service dog. I would rather not wait if I don't have to especially since my support system at home sucks.

So, there it is. Thanks for reading and everything. It's much appreciated.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 3, 2017


Posted on October 3, 2017

The second breeder I have been in contact with finally got back to me.  Maybe I should say first breeder as this is my first choice. Puppies will be old enough to go to their new homes Nov 17. They also aren't purebred dogs. Their mother is a Pyrenees - Bloodhound mix and their father is a Pyrenees. The breeder told me it's pretty easy for him to tell which of the dogs is going to take after their dad more and be the larger of litter. I don't need a dog with AKC papers to do what I need it to do. He's asking $300 per puppy.

My second choice puppy - which is the one that I based the fundraiser on - is $550, will be ready to go to their new homes sooner, and have AKC papers. I was also told that they have, in the past, had people get puppies from the for the exact reason I am looking for a puppy - therapy/service animal.

I would still very much appreciate people supporting my handmade crochet business over donating directly. I honestly would prefer to feel like I am doing something to be useful and get the dog myself without relying on the kindness of strangers. I will do custom orders since I don't have a ton of stuff in my shop. 

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