Support Gaiatree while she reunites with family in the UK

For: Gaiatree Claire Jones
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Organizer: Michael Jabbar, Shafee, Bhavani and friends of Gaiatree
Support Gaiatree while she reunites with family in the UK (Gaiatree Claire Jones)
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The Story

Gaiatree Claire Jones came from England to California over twenty years ago; she should have been eligible for permanent resident status (green card) in the US, which would have allowed her to travel freely between the US and the UK, as well as to work in a greater variety of jobs. (She has been working hard for years in a variety of capacities, as a housekeeper, as a gardener, crafting jewelry and more.) However, until last month she was unable to obtain her full legal status because of a series of technicalities. After many difficulties and delays, and working with lawyers on both sides of the pond, her papers have at last been issued -- and just in time -- as her mother has been in the hospital recently and is a very fragile state.

Gaiatree Claire left on May 29 for the UK to finally be reunited with her mum and her extended family. She has many friends in her local community in California, but until now has been cut off from her family and old friends in England. 

She is also a beloved leader of the Dances of Universal Peace. Her seasonal celebrations of nature and community and her weekend retreats in the East Bay are always eagerly awaited. She is also a long time student of the Diamond Logos work, and a beloved of Indian saint Amma, at whose California retreats Gaiatree has led sacred Dance circles.

Her local expenses will continue on, including rent and utilities, and she will lose income for the time she is in the UK, currently anticipated as two months. Our goal is to raise enough funds to cover those expenses and her lost income. "Green energy" of all amounts is welcome, so that when she returns to our area she will have a home to go back to!


Budget: $5000 includes two months of rent and utilities, and reimbursement for lost income

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 28, 2017

Posted on August 28, 2017

Dear friends of Gaiatree Claire Jones, it is my bittersweet duty to let you all know that Gaiatree's mum passed away over the weekend (on August 26). I know it has been a blessing to both Gaiatree, her brother, and her mum that they were able to take this poignant journey together. Your generosity enabled them to not worry about finances, and just invest themselves in each passing moment. Pablo is in the UK now, and he and Gaiatree will fly home together soon. We will keep this fundraiser open for a while longer, to continue to move toward the goal, which was based on her actual expenses while away. Blessings to you all! Ya Salaam, Ya Salaam, Ya Salaam to Gaiatree and her mum. Peace to all who mourn.

Posted on August 15, 2017

Posted on August 15, 2017

Hello Beloveds
I find it hard to come out of this situation to write a check-in! Often I delegate it for the evening and then I'm too tired and enjoy some British television instead. One of the most common events is that I set myself up to do it and life steps in and occupies the time slot.

As you can imagine/know this is a very intense journey we are taking, I am surprised to find myself exhausted and what a full time job this is.
Hard to believe I've been here so long, days pass in a blur of similarity except for the weather! Right now it's beautiful and I'm sat outside writing this.

There's a lot of changeability in my mums condition but there's been a couple of setbacks since hospital, and this week she got overtired; and that creates too much strain on her heart valve causing a shortness of breath and lack of Oxygen especially at night. So that was a real turn for the worse this week as the appetite goes again and sleeping becomes difficult for both of us.

There is also a gradual weakening, she has been trying so hard to regain some measure of her former self and wellness. It breaks my heart to see this struggle, so much beauty, preciousness, humour and life force within a failing body and for us all how to integrate that.There's the dawning knowledge that its probably not going to get any better. Acceptance is hard won and then there's Grace which has been abundant, very close.

I don't really know what to say about this process. I'm on a retreat from life as i have known it. When she gets weaker I can't leave, unless someone else comes in. I now have "respite" twice a week, it's only 2 hours so not much chance to travel anywhere.

This week I went and lay on the ground at the beach and couldn't move, it was fantastic! Followed by a good coffee at the cafe there.

There's one care person who gives me space to go out for a walk in the evening so I rush down thru the Chine to the beach and paddle. The Chines are the valleys you can walk down to get to the ocean, the one nearest me is Alum Chine and I'm in heaven as it has magnificent trees, Copper Beeches, Oaks, Sycamore, Hazel, Pines 🌲 on both sides of the path down. I was feeling how it is a Hobbit place and then someone told me that Tolkien lived near here.

In order to get 4 Care people a day plus a night sitter I would have to leave and find a room locally. There is no room in the flat for anyone else to sleep over but me.

I realised this week that I could not maintain this level of increased night time care as well as day because my immune system was lowered and I cannot become ill. Not to mention keep my Sanity! To be honest Care four times a day is not enough to keep Body and Soul together at this point there has to be Love and companionship. The suffering is too much I think without Heart to help hold us. I know I struggle here being so alone without friends and family to come and go bringing life into the situation. Ive been feeling it takes a village/tribe really to do a death just as it does with a birth.

My mum has some lovely friends and a couple of them are beginning to realise the situation and help by giving me a break occasionally. I have no idea how long I'll still Be here, my mum told the morning lady Helen who's a gem that she wasn't going to live long and we've talked about it. It could be weeks or not......

My brother is coming down this weekend and Pablo is flying over from America on Monday for 2 weeks. My mum loves classical guitar so she's going to be so happy with Pablo playing to her, how lovely 😁

Thank-you all so much for your help, love and donations, I couldn't be doing this without you and thank-you to all the people who have preferred to donate off line. My village is with me energetically, I feel that love and care when I call upon it. Sometimes you just need some good hugs though and a cup of coffee ☕️ with someone you know.

Looks like Autumn is approaching here, Blessings to you and Fare Thee Well -- until we meet again.....
Much Love and Gratitude Gaiatree 🌈 ☀️ 🙏 💕 🌺

Posted on July 6, 2017

Posted on July 6, 2017

Dear Ones
I am up in Sheffield wi my brother which is lovely except that my mum's health had a setback as soon as I left😥 Her breathing became difficult in the night. it seems she has a lot of anxiety and fear particularly in the morning and of course that doesn't help her breath either. She is trying to manage and be brave, has care-givers coming in 2 times a day, not really enough. It's good that I'm going back down soon.
I am very restricted by this situation, I have no idea what I am going to do long term. I can return only to have to turn around and come right back again -- or just stay. I trust that it will unfold with the usual Divine Grace, but it is excruciating and painfully sad at times.
So my time here in Sheffield is coloured by her situation, I guess you could say I'm mostly having a good time up here. It's the only place I've been besides with her: great city, beautiful moorland close by, Yorkshires an amazing county. I love the stone buildings and old stone walls everywhere. Lovely to be with my brother and meet his son Miles who's 6, and we're going to see his school play this afternoon, then go to the Botanical gardens.
I am separated from the photos I wanted to post for the update until I return on Saturday to Bournemouth. They're on her IPad. If you want to use this as an update you can, otherwise soon.
It's weird to be away from all my people, good to be in England but I'm so cut loose, alone. I feel everyone's love and support greatly but sometimes I just need a real hug.🌺
Ya Shakur Allah
Ya Wahhab
Love 💚Gaia🌳🌴🏝👣🌲🌈☀️

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