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The Story

Please help my husband, Gary, recover from brain injury and get rehab treatment.

My name is Jeanie, and we live in Dallas, Texas. When I met Gary for the first time, I was taken away by his kind heart and his big smile. He puts his wife as first priority above all, loves to travel and enjoy life, and genuinely loves family and friends with all his heart. We were just regular people in our 30's, trying to enjoy the small things in our lives.

On May 12, 2016, Gary collapsed at home when his heart suddenly stopped. Upon arrival at the hospital, he was hooked to life support and placed into a medically induced coma to prevent further damage to the brain. After a few weeks, he was brought out of the coma, but he wasn’t the Gary I knew. He was opening his eyes, but he wasn’t looking at me; he was moving his arms, but he couldn’t hold my hands. Gary often cries out loud uncontrollably when he realizes what is going on with him, which breaks my heart. He often screams from terrible muscle spasms all over his body, and he developed insomnia which makes him even more restless. All of this has caused by the injury to his brain.

Gary’s insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, has denied his hospital stay since July 1, 2016 and denied approval for him to go to an inpatient acute rehabilitation facility. Since then, Gary has been lying in bed without any physical therapy, and we are being forced to leave the hospital now. The first 6 months are crucial to brain injury patients like Gary. The brain heals the fastest during this time period, yet Gary is left to languish in his bed without the critical rehab stimuli that is necessary.

Insurance states that Gary is not strong enough to go to a rehab hospital, but I disagree. Gary has made progress with his cognition; he started smiling a lot and laughing at jokes. Also, he is very strong with his limbs but needs to relearn how to coordinate his movements. Gary has gone more than a month without any therapy. I have realized that in order to save Gary, I will have to do it without the insurance company and pay out-of-pocket. While the insurance company and hospital may have given up on him, I refuse to.

Our goal for this fundraiser is to raise money for Gary to go to rehabilitation hospital that specializes in brain injury.  The inpatient acute rehab hospital in Houston, called TIRR Memorial Hermann, is one of the top 5 brain specialty rehab hospitals in the nation. They have a state of art rehab program that will allow Gary to relearn skills to become independent again, and I believe it will give Gary the best fighting chance at recovery. They have a program specifically developed for patients like Gary and have accepted his case as long as I am able to pay for it.  As a registered nurse, my savings and salary will only cover a fraction of this cost, and I desperately need any financial help to get him to this hospital.

It has been a difficult journey for Gary, our family, and all our friends. God has been gracious to let Gary live, and we need to stay positive, be patient, and be faithful to God and keep praying. We need God’s healing power to restore Gary, but we also need your donation so we can help Gary get the right treatment by the experts. If you would like to help Gary start walking, please click the link to donate to Gary’s remarkable road to recovery~! And thank you for being part of Gary’s journey to recovery.

Our goal:

$2000/daily x 30day x 2months= $120,000 for 2 months stay in acute rehab
Contribution from his mother and I will lower this amount to $105K.

For more information on TIRR, visit

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 8, 2017

Posted on July 8, 2017

Hello, Gary's friends and supporters
Thank you very much for your continued interest and thoughts for Gary. It's been such long time since I updated this website.

Gary is now back at home after 9 months of hospitalization!! Even if insurance denied several months of hospitalization, it was not a right thing to just bring him home at that time.

Transition to home was a long difficult process, but we are finally getting used to the routines and daily care for Gary. Gary initially started home health therapy with home health agency, but that was not a good experience. We had to get him out to the Outpatient Rehab so he can get the right therapy he needs. His progression is not as fast as we would want, but he is making small progresses continuously!  :)

Taking care of Gary at home can be challenging some times since Gary needs total care for 24/7 and we have just his mother and I to do everything for him. We were able to hire a care giver from the donation you have supported, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Really could have not afford this without your help... With the donation you sent us, I was able to pay for some medical bills, medical expenses, and care givers.

Thank you for your continued prayer, thoughts, and support for Gary. Could not have done this without your help   :")


Posted on February 14, 2017

Posted on February 14, 2017

Dear Gary's Supporters

Hello, everyone~! It has been very long since I posted on the last update. I apologize for not haven't been able to do so.
And I wanted to THANK YOU again for your support, I was able to use the fund towards care for Gary.

There has been a lot happened since last September. Gary was finally able to go to TIRR Memorial Hermann rehab in Houston, YES!!! But we still had to fight against insurance denial for more than Four long months, but he was finally able to go to TIRR Memorial Hermann in late November with insurance approval. Since it cost $3500 daily in rehab, we could not have done it without the insurance coverage. And we THANK YOU so much for all your prayers and support.

After 6 weeks, we had to rush him out of the rehab because insurance once again stopped covering for rehab. During the time Gary was in TIRR Memorial Hermann, he was able to walk long hall ways with assist, got simple procedures to help with his movements, and gained more strength with aggressive therapy.

Gary is back in Dallas, and he is supposed to come back home this week!!! The house isn't quite ready due to abrupt discontinuation of insurance coverage AGAIN, but we are glad to finally have him back home. I am concerned of enormous amount of medical bill, but I feel that life is more important than money... And we could not have done a lot of things without your support, so I THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and so does GARY.

We are expected to pay a lot of things out of pocket such as equipment and rehab sessions due to limited insurance coverage. You continuous support would be greatly appreciated. I will post more updates again. Thank you for reading our story!


Posted on September 18, 2016

Posted on September 18, 2016

Dear Gary's Supporters and Fighters

Hello, everyone! I apologize about the delay on updates. But I have more news to share with you!

Gary has been making very good, steady improvements. We are still in the same hospital as we are going for second try with TIRR Memorial Hermann, the inpatient acute rehab. Ever since one of the occupational therapist found hope in him and started working aggressively with him, he has been making improvements faster than before. He is still not meeting all the criteria for "regular" rehab, but under the brain injury rehab guideline from his own insurance, I strongly feel that he is appropriate for rehab now.

However, when we sent the precertification to Blue Cross Blue Shield, they came back again with the denial, saying that it is medically not necessary and that he is not following commands which is NOT true. Whether it is insurance's fault or hospital's fault, we are going to fight for him to go to rehab. Gary needs intensive therapy now more than ever before, now that he is progressing every week! 

Now that he is closer to "fitting in" insurance criteria for rehab, I needed to withhold your donation so I can pay out of pocket cost in the future. The rehab hospital wants payment upfront, and we did not want to deplete our resources early on. And since he will need therapy for long term, he will max out his insurance quickly. Your donation will be in safe place, and very dollar and pennies you have donated will be strictly go into Gary's care.

Gary has been sitting up on wheelchair, loves to be pushed, he doesn't like to sit around. He is such a HAPPY boy when he gets to get out of bed and have a wheelchair ride!  :D  If you know Gary, he is a busy person, always doing something. He is being trained to stand up, but current hospital does not have enough equipment to do so. This is why he needs to go to specialty rehab, not any less intensive setting like skilled nursing facility or nursing home.

I strongly believe that he fits under insurance's own guideline for acute rehab, and if they keep denying him to go to rehab, they are causing harm to patient by decreasing the quality of life and outcome. Please spread this word if you wish to share.

Thank you for your support.

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