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The Story

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."- Nelson Mandela 

My vision is to create a living, learning centre.

I wish to dedicate my life to achieving this vision. 

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa in the mid 1970's. It was an environment in which we were encouraged to always remain humble and be grateful; to be tough and resilient. I am fiercely proud of my heritage, and I have a deep respect, admiration and infinite gratitude for the sacrifices made by all those who came before me. I pay homage to those men and women who paid the ultimate price for our liberation, and I must acknowledge that here, the fight for true liberation continues

Just as I was compelled more than half a lifetime ago to leave, I am now compelled to be here, on the frontline to help explore and design better ways of living, for the benefit of all.

Imagine an eco-village which strives to harmoniously re-integrate people with the Earth, by: 

  • offering a sanctuary to reconnect with one’s self and others through nature
  • enabling communities through collaboration
  • learning how to grow quality fresh produce which is beyond organic
  • creating purpose through process, expression & sensitivity
  • encouraging exploration through enriching experiences
  • being… a vibrant shared, living, learning centre   

Some of the challenges which we face today include food and water security; ever-rising property prices, a lack of a supportive community, a skills shortage, lack of quality education, equal empowerment opportunities, an enabling environment for entrepreneurship, to name but a few. But what if we allow ourselves to see solutions within them? I do! 

What if we are able to design regenerative systems to help build nutrient rich soil to cultivate quality fresh produce and harvest our own water? What if models already exist for profitable and sustainable farming on small pieces of land in either an urban or rural setting? What if the design calls for people to be at the very core of what we do, to co-create the space, to teach and share the learnings; to encourage buying local and hereby help create a supportive community, enhance skills and help ignite opportunities for empowerment and entrepreneurship?    

I aim to achieve this goal by pursuing a Masters of Science in Integrative Ecosocial Design, through the Climate Steward Scholarship Initiative at Gaia University

The ethics of Gaia U resonate with those of my own, since these were very similar ethics which we embraced as a family and as a community, growing up in Cape Town.  

Gaia U, with its transformative action-based learning programs, affords me the opportunity to integrate learning with doing whilst finding solutions for real-world problems. 

The tuition fees I would need to raise for the Masters in Science is $17100. The aim of this crowdfunding campaign is to raise about half of that for my first year of studies. 

With a leap of faith during tough economic times, I have now retired my suit and tie for overalls and wellies. I believe in this vision so much that I am willing to further galvanize my knowledge through volunteer opportunities with farmers who are practicing regenerative agriculture at present, in return for board and lodging and a labourer’s wage. 

My ultimate goal is to play an active role in contributing to the change we so desperately need in the world. 

One way I can achieve this is to become the mentor I wish I had.

You may find more about my story here

Thank you for your time, thank you for support.


Jason Engledoe

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 26, 2017


Posted on October 26, 2017

A quick update on the campaign...

We have passed the $1000 mark, with almost 100 shares, in just 1 week!!!Thank you for believing in me! I pledge to pay this forward and I will let you know directly how this manifests. 

During my time on the road, I have always made the effort to learn the most magical words in the language of the host country. It's amazing how this littlest of  effort, welcomes the warmest of smiles.

To the donors so far, I thus say a heartfelt:



Spasiba! and

Thank you!

Earlier this month, I attended a most amazing course and learnt how to build structures, with natural inputs, using my hands and feet.The universe conspired for me to share this wonderful experience with an equally wonderful group of people, that I shall never forget!


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