Furrytail Life Rabbit Rescue: Operation Park Bunny Rescue!

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Organizer: Katie Matheson, Isabella Matheson, Paula Svendsen
Furrytail Life Rabbit Rescue: Operation Park Bunny Rescue! (Furrytail Life Rabbit Rescue and Sanctuary)
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The Story

Furrytail Life Rabbit Rescue and Sanctuary was founded when 17 unfixed juvenile rabbits were dumped from a trash can at a public park in June 2016. We soon learned that this public park was somewhere people came to dump their unwanted domestic rabbits. Approximately 25-30 unfixed domestic rabbits still inhabit this park. Our partner, Paula Svendsen, goes to this park every night to feed the rabbits that remain there. As of right now we have the opportunity to save all of them before their numbers grow into the hundreds, as rabbits reproduce very quickly and can carry two litters during one pregnancy due to having two uteruses. Unfortunately we find dead rabbits on a regular basis, some are even week old kits. Many of the rabbits that remain at the park are not only littered with diseases but also in poor health and physical condition. Furrytail Life has already taken in approximately 40 rabbits from this same park to date. 

We have recently taken in a rabbit from the park, his name is Shamrock. He has many abscesses on both of his front legs, entire right side and might have to have one of his legs amputated if we cannot clear the abscess in that leg. He was also very emaciated and covered in fleas. If his legs ends up being amputated we are anticipating that it will be quite expensive.

Listed below are some of the things your donations will be going toward: 
  • Medical/health expenses for the park rescues 
  • Spay/neuter expenses for the park rescues
  • Housing units for the rescued rabbits
  • Portable air conditioning units for the park rescues 
  • Shamrock's medical expenses/possible amputation 
  • Rabbit food/hay/vegetables 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 1, 2017

Posted on October 1, 2017

Good Day Friends and Supporters!
Thank you to everyone the has donated to date!
Katie and I continue to advocate for all animals but especially our heart's love... RABBITS, especially those in the Glendale Arizona park. White rabbits, black rabbits, gray, apricot, tan, silver, cream, multi-colored rabbits... All rabbits! We have over 90 rabbits now in the rescue (over 50 from the park) and a total of about 120 that we care for daily. Each night I continue to go to the park to check on and feed the remaining  rabbits. It is a great joy and a great sadness. Leaving most nights in tears because we don't have any more room or funds. We need good rabbit savvy fosters as well as continuing donation. We are currently using our retirement funds for the day to day operation, but that just covers the basics (and barely) . We have equipment needs, medical needs, volunteers needs... The list goes on as you can imagine.

Please donate if you can, share if you can't, or both.

God Bless and Bunny Hugs ❣️

Posted on May 23, 2017

Posted on May 23, 2017

Hi All! 

That we'd bring you up to date with things. First Shamrock's abscesses spread and we that for sure we'd lose him. However the staff at Arizona Exotics changed his meds and have done some laser treatments that appear to be helping. Needless to say this is all very expensive, but he is such a fabulous bunny that we want to do everything possible to help him. He is fighting for his life so please say a few prayers for him. 

On April 2nd we saved a wee kit about 12-14 days old after cat killed his/her sibling. We were then made aware of 4 kits under a shed and spent numerous hours working to rescue them. Unfortunately one kit was killed by a cat. However, to our amazement, their mama popped out and we got her and the remaining 3 kits. Lastly, we saved a younger sibling of our first little kit (who is now about nine weeks old). 

We have squeezed them all in and immediately started medical treatments for fleas and mites. We are pleased to say, all are doing well. 

There are at least 7 more kits that we know of but have no room to rescue. If anyone in the Phoenix, Arizona area is able to foster, please message us via our Facebook page, Furrytail Life Rabbit Rescue and Sanctuary. 

Lastly, a huge thank you to those that have donated to date...we are nothing without your kindness and generous hearts .

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Furrytail Life Rabbit Rescue: Operation Park Bunny Rescue!

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