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YouCaring has helped fundraise over $262 million dollars thus far and that number only continues to grow.
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Don’t worry about expensive fees that will take away from your donations, all the money is kept by your small group.
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Add your teams personal touch to your campaign with photos, videos, texts, and updates.
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Showcase pride for your team by starting a fundraiser on YouCaring for your small group. In addition to your efforts to fundraise offline, you can start to collect donations online through your YouCaring campaign. Experience the joy of working on a unified team to accomplish a goal. Help your cheer squad get to the championships or fundraise for supplies to aid your relief team’s efforts. Whatever financial obstacle your small group is facing, YouCaring is eager to help your team make their dreams a reality.

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We’re the leader in free online fundraising. We focus on compassionate crowdfunding, providing free fundraising and support to humanitarian causes.

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Reach Your Team Goals with a Fundraiser for Small Groups

Small Group Fundraising - Tip 1

Being part of a team means being able to use your teammate’s resources, and social media is a prominent resource today for crowdfunding. Utilize your teammates networks to spread the campaign around. Ultimately, the more eyes that see your campaign means the more likely you are to receive donations so don’t be shy sharing your campaign on all of your social media channels.

Small Group Fundraising - Tip 2

It can be difficult to realize that financial obstacles may stand in the way of your small group succeeding in whatever it is they have set out to accomplish. Don’t let these obstacles bring you down; instead, let them inspire your team to reach its goals. YouCaring’s simple crowdfunding platform gives your small group the opportunity to fight for your dreams.

Small Group Fundraising - Tip 3

The YouCaring crowdfunding platform makes it easy for your team to work as a unit to achieve big things. YouCaring’s 100% free platform in the only one in the crowdfunding business, and we are dedicated to helping you overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. You can take solace in knowing that all of the money raised on your campaign is for your small group only.

What are other small fundraising teams saying about youcaring?

Small Group Fundraiser - Testimonial 1 - Nora P.
Our YouCaring page was a wonderful way to keep all of our family and friends informed about what was happening, and also give people a way to help.
Nora P
Small Group Fundraiser - Testimonial 2 - ‘Raise the Roof’ for Food Justice
We made it to $30k! Abundant gratitude to our dear community for coming out like you have. Your donations are more than money. They are hope and trust in our work and vision. We humbly carry that with the greatest of care … Over the past three seasons, Soul Fire Farm has grown from a small family farm into a national leader in the movement for food justice.
‘Raise the Roof’ for Food Justice
Small Group Fundraiser - Testimonial 3 - Alison B
I feel good when I’m sharing Youcaring.com because it achieves what I want and intend. Because when you ask people to open their wallets and give money to a cause, you hope all the money goes to the cause you care about. that’s what I like about YouCaring.com.
Alison B.

What Makes YouCaring the Best Place for Fundraising for Small Groups?

YouCaring’s goal is to help more people raise money through 100% free online fundraising, meaning more money finds its way to more people than any other crowdfunding platform. YouCaring provides templates, simple tools and great ideas, while maximizing the power of social networks to amplify your reach and help make your fundraiser for a small group a true success story.

  • 100% FREE online fundraising—all the money raised goes straight to your account
  • Unlike other fundraising sites, YouCaring has no deadlines, goal requirements or penalties
  • It’s completely safe
  • Vibrant, creative page template makes it quick and easy to tell your unique story
  • Your crowdfunding campaign is optimized for mobile, so from a cell phone, your page remains super attractive
  • With intuitive tools, it’s simple to broadcast your campaign and boost donations for your fundraiser