This magical place needs a few more miracles

For: Fundacion Santa Maria de la Esperanza
Olon, Provincia de Santa Elena, Ecuador
Organizer: Erwin Musper
This magical place needs a few more miracles (Fundacion Santa Maria de la Esperanza)
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The Story

The story of an unknown magical place where, against all odds, little miracles happen every day.

Day after day, we are working to make their lives a bit more bearable. Sometimes with small things, more often big projects, always focused on survival and creating glimmers of hope for the orphaned or abandoned kids. We keep food on the table during dry spells from government aid, have built refrigeration rooms to keep that food from rotting, set up music classes with donated instruments and capable teachers, recruit volunteers to help with all kinds of random projects. Some are one-time or annual projects, other ones are basically every day crisis moments that we need to solve. 

Even when the government is able to allocate money to the orphanage, it has a cap of $ 4 per child per day. For everything. This is beyond unacceptable.

I am currently working to get three projects up and running in the next few months. Improving sleeping conditions, constructing a more reliable water supply, and creating vegetable gardens. Long term plans are setting up dental care, additional academic education, funding children with extraordinary talents. Because talent is a terrible thing to waste. Especially with these disadvantaged kids.

What strikes me the most, I see only happy faces at the orphanage. In great part because of the incredibly passionate caregivers. Mamitas who chose to live with the children day and night. Some of them already for 25 years straight. They are the true heart and soul of the orphanage. Kids were living on big city garbage dumps, or abandoned after the earthquake last year. Other ones found in the woods tied to a tree, or abused by family members. They did not only survive, but are finding love and developing trust again.

I have seen malnourished, almost lifeless bodies being nurtured back to healthy and smiling children within months after their arrival at this magical place. Look at the split screen picture of a 5 year old girl. On the left when she arrived, on the right three months later.  A sanctuary for about 60 kids, appropriately named ‘ Santa Maria de la Esperanza’.  Let’s make sure their new hopes are not squashed again. That would be cruel beyond words. You can be a life saving and joy bringing part of it.   

Thank you. 

Erwin Musper.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 6, 2018


Posted on March 6, 2018

Hello children of the world !   

We have had quite a few months with a lot happening at our beautiful orphanage.  There was an outbreak of conjunctivitis (pinkeye), a highly contagious virus. We had to go into quarantine for almost two weeks. Not that it made a difference, because almost everybody in Ecuador was already infected. With us, it started when I saw a girl with infected eyelids, so we took her to a pharmacy for some medicine. Because she was hurting, I consoled and hugged her to make her feel a bit better. Next thing I know, I was infected, along with almost every kid at the orphanage. Including a 3 months old baby. But we’re back to normal and enjoying a vacation from school.  

We have accomplished a lot in the last few months. Our electricity system was failing and the wires were getting overheated to the point where the buildings could catch fire. That could have led to fatal consequences. I started a fundraiser and the glorious final result is published on my personal Facebook page :  Read it and you will cheer ! 

One miracle created - and on to the next. This one will change our living conditions dramatically as well. Over the summer we had our water supply stopped for three weeks straight. Due to a drought, the village stopped pumping water to the orphanage. Trucks with water tanks had to be ordered to give us water in very small supplies. And one month ago it happened again, but luckily just for one week.

So……. our next project will be to build a new water supply system with private holding tanks, big enough to keep water available for at least a week or two. For four buildings (and about 80 people). I have already contacted a company that is building homes nearby. They offered to give us their manpower FOR FREE !  So I only need to find the money for the materials to build those underground pipes and tanks, plus a pump house with three pumps.  Roughly about $ 8,000.   Can we do it ?

Of course we can, you and I.  Every single crisis and challenge we have faced so far has been successfully tackled and solved. I am convinced that before next summer (and another possible drought), we will have the water issues in the past.
It’s quite a job, but no water, no life. No choice.

My dear friend Anouk - the world-famous singer from my native country of Holland - sent me a message a few weeks ago. She wants to auction off some of her gold and platinum records to benefit the orphanage and specifically the ‘water project’. Don’t you want to join her ?  I know you want to. Check her website for all the information. I will keep you posted about the progress of our project. In the meantime, here's a picture of 3 year old Margarita Elena who lives with us, together with her 2 year old brother. She had her first birthday party ever and insisted she wanted to dress up as a clown. So we did. Because it made her happy.

Thank you,
Erwin Musper.

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This magical place needs a few more miracles

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