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The Story


Severe Neglect - Dumped With Euthanasia Request


This precious little senior lady arrived to us on 2.1.17 after having been surrendered by her owners as a euthanasia request to the local kill shelter... she was transferred directly to the hospital upon release.

I hadn't posted her fundraiser page until now (2.4.17) because quite frankly, I initially wasn't totally confidant that she would survive - but she is proving to be a tiny fighter - so we will fight on with her.

Estimated to be between 12 and 15 years old, tiny Pinky is in critical condition requiring ongoing medical care and treatment.

12-15 years - spent in loyal companionship and faithful love to her humans... only to be neglected - then abandoned with an execution warrant; when she needed them the most.

Pinky is severely emaciated, at just half of her expected body weight.

She is suffering from dehydration.

She is experiencing bloody stools and abdominal pain due to gastroduodenal ulcers from gastrointestinal parasites and stress.

She has a terrible cough which may stem from an upper respiratory infection, onset of pneumonia or other underlying condition.

Her lower jaw is literally rotting away from oral infection and decay... she will require a full dental and extraction of her few remaining teeth.

Due to her frail condition, Pinky cannot currently undergo more thorough evaluation or advanced diagnostics - as she must first be stabilized - so we cannot yet know the severity of her overall condition.

Radiographs show that Pinky has severe orthopedic malformations which will ultimately require amputation of the right rear leg, at the hip.

This is due to long term lack of care and treatment for what stems from a severely luxated patella.  The excruciating pain of walking with the malformation has led Pinky to instinctively lift and carry the leg in a bent position for so long that it has completely contracted to the point that it cannot be straightened.

She does suffer with a luxating patella in the left knee as well - and while still painful, she has had no choice but to use it to ambulate, despite it being weak and causing to her fall over occasionally.  The left knee will be able to be surgically corrected once we get her through all of the immediate concerns.

As expected, due to dehydration, her malnourished state and general poor condition - her labs are all over the place so we cannot get an accurate view of her condition moving forward until she has stabilized a bit - but on initial evaluation and testing, Pinky's overall condition appears to have been instigated by sheer lack of even the most basic care - and advanced over time.

Immediate funding MUST be in place to assure that Pinky receives the best possible care and treatment.

Pinky is currently receiving in-house ICU care and respiratory therapy here with us and, while guarded - we are hopeful of seeing some positive change in her condition in the days to come.

We will update with further details regarding her condition and our funding goals as we learn more. 

We are counting on all of you for your support as we work together to bring this little lady to a comfortable healing and a blessed forever! ♥

We will amend Pinky's funding goal amount as we move forward.

EVERY bit helps - no amount is too small.... the drops in the bucket will add up quickly if we can all pull together for this little one!

Please hold this sweet little love in your hearts.... ♥

Regular updates, photos and additional treatment details will be shared routinely over on our Facebook Page.

As always, we appreciate each and every one of you for your never-ending love and support in aiding our mission to "help heal the homeless"! ♥

Visit our Facebook Pagefor updates!

**Please note - that we are not a 501c(3) rescue organization and your donations to our plight are not tax deductible.  We provide for these little ones in the same way that we have always cared for Emma - dependent upon the private donations of generous friends, family, businesses, individuals - and out of our own pockets.  We are limited on both space and funding - as well as physical ability - so we are able to take in and provide for only a limited number of pets at any given time - determined on a "case by case" basis.**


Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 20, 2017

Posted on March 20, 2017

**Just THREE HOURS remaining to get help us help Pinky with a DOUBLE YOUR DONATION DOLLARS MATCH!!**
Let's see some action on Pinky's fundraiser this evening so that we don't waste this awesome opportunity!!
EVERY drop in the bucket is much needed and deeply appreciated - no matter how large or small. ♥
**Please continue to share for Pinky - MATCH OFFER ends TONIGHT!**
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Posted on March 20, 2017

Posted on March 20, 2017

We have a 911 MATCH OFFER FOR PINKY!!!
**24 HOURS ONLY!!**
OMG, thank the heavens ~ Pinky truly deserves this incredible opportunity!!
Dropped by her family at the local kill shelter with a euthanasia request after a lifetime of devotion to them!

A love fueled THANK YOU to our awesome match donor!!! ♥

Beginning NOW ~ 9 PM CST- 3.19.17~ ALL NEW CONTRIBUTIONS posted to PINKY's fundraiser page linked below WILL BE MATCHED!!
Please visit Pinky's page, learn her story and see the "updates" tab for the latest information re: her current condition ~ then please do whatever you are able in order to assist with her ongoing care and treatment.
We have a combined 150K+ followers of our efforts... NOW is the time to step up and make a difference.  If everyone dropped A SINGLE DOLLAR in the bucket each month - the constant pleas for immediate funding, just wouldn't have to be. These animals would always have what they need, without hesitation.
We NEED YOUR SUPPORT in order to continue providing the urgent care and treatment that these special ones require.
Let's not waste this opportunity to catch up a bit with this incredible match offer!!

Your dollars in support of PINKY will be DOUBLED RIGHT NOW to aid in her costly critical care.

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Right HERE - Right NOW - - For PINKY!!!!
Click here to donate:  https://www.youcaring.com/SavingPinky

Thanks and love, as always.... let's do this!! ♥

Posted on March 19, 2017

Posted on March 19, 2017

After hours and hours at the hospital yesterday evening (into late last night) we are not really any closer to a definitive diagnosis for Pinky. :(
Multiple new tests and reruns of the previous ones.
It's not thought that we are dealing with any type of fungal or bacterial infection... there is nothing jumping out as cancer (though that is definitely not "off the table"), no obvious issues with her heart (it's a little larger than typically seen, but that is pretty common in older dogs) - and while different radiographs at different times and views do show possible issues with the trachea, that would not cause the myriad of issues that Pinky is currently experiencing (though a diagnosis of collapsing trachea surely wouldn't be unlikely).
We still have her on low level oxygen, she's been started on a full regimen of new medications and we're to return to the hospital in a few days for repeat of labs.
Next step will be a (costly) CT scan for further attempt at an accurate diagnosis.
Her current PCV is at 28% which is very low... if it continues to drop, Pinky will require a blood transfusion.
Latest bloodwork shows signs of potential kidney failure, liver failure, non-regenerative anemia and just a broad spectrum of complications - with essentially no documented cause at this point.
Ultrasound however, shows no obvious masses in the liver / kidneys - so that's a plus... her heart is strong and films show her lungs to be clear.
::new labs and radiographs have been posted to Pinky's fundraiser page::
While her body seems to be fighting her right now, Pinky's drive and spirit remain strong.... because of this and simply without knowing whether or not Pinky is fighting something that CAN be corrected, we cannot in good conscience do ANYTHING other than try to continue HELPING her. (no... "putting Pinky down" is not an option at this point... not if there is any chance that she will improve).
So how can YOU help Pinky?
Keep those dollars, shares, clicks and prayers coming! ♥
Please visit Pinky's funding campaign page linked below... drop in whatever bits that you are able to assist with - and share far and wide for much needed support.

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