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The Story


Bonsai - Half A Bulldog, Twice The Love

English Bulldog puppy born with a human condition, Caudal Regression Syndrome (Sacral Agenesis)

**born with just half of his spine**

Bonsai was born to an Arkansas English Bulldog breeder on April 27th 2015 with multiple rare deformities.

He is afflicted with a human condition called Caudal Regression (sacral agenesis) and Sacrocaudal Dysgenesis, likely combined with a variation of Spina Bifida.

In layman's terms, Bonsai was born with only half of his spine, no pelvis and with tiny contracted hind legs.

In addition, Bonsai was born a "Walrus Puppy" (water pup), engorged with fluid - which, combined with lack of mobility of the hind end, led to the condition of "Swimmer's Syndrome" - just one tiny aspect of Bonsai's overall condition.

Swimmer's Syndrome is a condition in which the chest of the newborn pup becomes dangerously flat and the functioning legs splay out to the sides - putting pressure on the internal organs.

Swimmer's syndrome is reversible with time and therapy - however, there is no "cure" or surgical intervention to aid Bonsai's malformed spine and pelvis.

Bonsai has undergone a bilateral amputation of both of his useless hind legs (on 6.25.15) and is doing very well in his recovery.

As we move forward, Bonsai will require multiple in-depth diagnostics to better aid us with his internal anatomy in preparation of managing his unique conditions.  (the most costly, being the MRI and other advanced imaging)

The day to day expense of properly caring for any animal is high but for a pup like Bonsai, they are multiplied. 

Bonsai is a precious boy and deserving of every opportunity of health, wellness and a bright future that we are able to offer him.

We have formed this fundraiser page as a place for Bonsai's friends to offer financial support towards his care and treatment as we go along.

Bonsai is a special character and we just hope to spread the word about him and bring awareness that those born different (animals and human alike) can still MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives and hearts of many! ♥

Our worldwide research to date has not led us to a single documented case of Bonsai's specific condition(s) having been found in any other living animal - (but we'd love to find them, if they are out there!) - so all we have to "compare" Bonsai's physical condition with, is the handful of humans around the world, born with SA, who's level of severity is similar to Bonsai's.

As far as we know, there is no precedence to offer any kind of "prognosis" or outcome for Bonsai, so we'll just take it day by day and address any issues that come up as best we can.

** Bonsai's condition is not merely a matter of having no rear legs - if that were the case, we're not new to 2-legged furkids - but the lack of a huge portion of his spine and no functional pelvis throws so many more variables and uncertainties into the mix. **

Please do what you are able to assist us in our efforts for this special boy and share far and wide for the greatest reach and available support.

Love, prayers, dollars, clicks and shares will ALL make a difference for this precious one! ♥

As always, we thank you for your support in aiding us in our never-ending mission to "help heal the homeless"!! ♥

Bonsai is a critical care rescue resident of Friends Of Emma (Emma Cleft Palate Chihuahua on Facebook) - located in Fort Worth, TX.

Mailing address:

Friends Of Emma
PO Box 331523
Fort Worth, TX 76163

Contact email address:

Donations toward Bonsai's lifelong care may be made via Paypal to:

via US mail to the address above -

via Bonsai's current fundraising page:

via the "donate" button right on Bonsai's Facebook page:

or via our donation page on our main website:

We also have an Amazon Wish List which benefits Bonsai and all of our rescue kids:

We run a private rescue home for major medical and critical care kids - Bonsai is but one of the many little faces in our care at any given time, so there may often be times when you'll find us not posting over on Bonsai's FB page each and every day.

We have no "staff" or "team" - it's just the two of us here (and one with a full time job outside the home) - so we just do the best we can to keep up with the social networking and inquiry responses.

We currently have paralyzed pups, a two-legged kid, little ones with neurological diseases, cleft palate pups, etc. - so needless to say - we are pretty much going non-stop around here.

Constant fundraising - updating - auctions and all the "fun stuff" that goes into the daily care of each of these little ones - (clean up, laundry, meds, feeding, prep-work, therapies, appointments - and on and on) - if we have time to shower, we're having a great day! ;)

All of that having been said - if you don't see us around for a day or two at a time, no worries - all is well and we are just working the day to day routine. ♥ (and we might even slip in a minute or three for a bit of a personal life every now and then) :)

To check in on some of the other goings on around here, you are welcome to visit our main FB page linked below:

**Please note - that we are not a 501c(3) rescue organization and your donations to our plight are not tax deductible.  We provide for these little ones in the same way that we have always cared for Emma - dependent upon the private donations of generous friends, family, businesses, individuals - and out of our own pockets.  We are limited on both space and funding - as well as physical ability - so we are able to take in and provide for only a limited number of pets at any given time - determined on a "case by case" basis.**

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 4, 2016 by Friends Of Emma - Elizabeth Hart
I'm better - but don't tell Mom.
I dig the hand feedin's n' alla' the extra lazy days - so I'm gonna' squish this "poor sick baby" thing out for as long as I can.
~ Love, Bonsai ♥

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Friends Of Emma - Elizabeth Hart
Christian has MET HIS FUNDRAISING GOAL and Bonsai is just wiggling, snorting and rolling with happiness that his birthday wish has come true!!!
(yes, really - but mostly because I promised him pupcakes when we reached goal!!) ;)
We have such an amazing circle of precious friends and followers here - I shouldn't be surprised.... but I am in constant awe of the outpouring of continued love and dedication to the souls in our care. ♥
With your help - Christian has a chance - a future... and we THANK YOU!! ♥
As promised, the Bonsai Stuffie give away will continue on tonight through midnight (CST) for those still wishing to get in on the drawing by making a donation to Christian's fundraising campaign in any amount.
His needs will be ongoing for the foreseeable future, so any and all funding beyond this particular goal - will be put to good use for his ongoing care following his surgery tomorrow.
See the amazing accomplishment made today over on Christian's fundraising page linked below:

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Friends Of Emma - Elizabeth Hart
Bonsai's Birthday Wish ~  (see the photo post on his Facebook page here:
Wanna' WIN onea' my STUFFIES??
huh, huh, huh??
Well - Mama asked me what my birthday wish was - n' the only thing I could think of was wishin' for my own mini horse to pull me 'round in a cart so I can take long walks all over.... but Mama says maybe we can train Journey for that, 'cause she's already as big as a mini horse!!
Soooooooo - my next wish - would be for my buddy Christian to be able to get fixed up by the Dogtah' tomorrow.
He's gotta' be a 2-legger too - 'cause his back's broken n' can't be fixed.
But to do that, we gotta' bump up his fundy page - and I mean QUICK!!
Now, here's the deal.... iffin' ya' wanna' help Christian AND getta' chance to win your very own Bonsai Stuffie - just click the link down there to go to Christian's fundy page and EVERY donation (once per person) - no matter the amount - is gonna' get IN for the WIN!!
Now we can only go from noon today CST - till midnight tonight (CST) - - but everyone who donates during that time WILL BE ENTERED TO WIN!!! ♥ (winner announced on Thursday)
Let's DO THIS for Christian for my birthday!!
Just click it:

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Friends Of Emma - Elizabeth Hart
HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY little buddy ~ You continue to amaze us!!
Love to the moon & back.... ♥

(birthday photo post on Facebook linked below)

And visit Bonsai's Facebook page throughout the day today for lots of fun stuff!! ♥

Posted on April 26, 2016 by Friends Of Emma - Elizabeth Hart
Bonsai is still struggling a bit and feelin' pretty yucky - but Doc assures us that "this will pass" (whatever it is).
Tomorrow is his 1st birthday and he's received loads of birthday cards (and a few gifts too!) - so hopefully he'll be up to digging into them and sharing the love with our special birthday give away's as planned! :)
Thanks to all for the continued love! ♥

Posted on April 25, 2016 by Friends Of Emma - Elizabeth Hart
Just back from another long morning with the Doc.... Bonsai is still not feeling well - but we still have no confirmed diagnosis as to why. :(
We've switched up his meds (again) - and have been able to fend off the fever, so at least that's an improvement.
I am less concerned now as to all of this being something super serious (my greatest fear was hearing "ruptured bladder" - but we have been assured that this is not at all the case, so...)
It's looking like whatever it is will just have to "run its course" with the help of some new meds and time.
Our "homework" is to "catch a clean urine stream" for a culture.
(wish us luck with that one!)

Posted on April 23, 2016 by Friends Of Emma - Elizabeth Hart
We've spent the day at the hospital with Bonsai. :(
11 days following his major surgery (which he seemingly recovered from beautifully) - he is fighting a 105 degree temp for no apparent reason.
The incisions look perfect - no visible infection - no lethargy, vomiting or diarrhea.
The opening (for the redirected urethra) is pink and healthy looking.... everything is healing just as it should.
At home, he seems as though he's in serious pain - but once we get in the car, and while at the hospital - he is wildly stimulated and bouncing around as though he hasn't a care in the world.
The moment we're home and he's calm again, he's trembling from the fever and uncomfortable.
Labs are pretty unremarkable - a few highs and lows, but nothing screaming a diagnosis..... liver and kidney function all stellar - nothing evident via ultrasound.
Passing urine and stool - so nothing to suggest a blockage.
Eating vigorously (but only if hand fed) - totally refusing to drink.
He's been on antibiotics the entire time.
Everyone is clueless.
We have him on fluids - a new medication to help reduce the fever and ease any pain - and are gently cooling him with damp towels.
If the fever does not break this way - we'll get him in a tepid bath, but that's not ideal with the incisions / sutures - so we're trying to avoid that for now.
Will update with any changes ~ please send up the love for our guy. ♥

Posted on April 13, 2016 by Friends Of Emma - Elizabeth Hart
Bonsai had a peaceful night last night and is doing well. ♥
We brought him home around 8:30 last night - got him cleaned up, he ate, drank and snuggled right down.
So far, so good - no problems, no concerns - he seems to be doing great - just resting and recovering from his big day. ♥
We have reached our limit here on his YouCaring page for adding photos to the gallery, so keep updated over on Bonsai's Facebook page for new pictures and regular posts.  :)
Here's the link:

Posted on April 12, 2016 by Friends Of Emma - Elizabeth Hart
::whew:: **breathe**
Bonsai is OUT of surgery!!
And according to Doc - - "pretty perfect" ♥
He's not totally awake yet - but coming around....
We'll bring him home this evening!

Posted on April 12, 2016 by Friends Of Emma - Elizabeth Hart
My little mancub has been in surgery for about 90'ish minutes or so now.... should be hearing something soon (hopefully!)
::nerves are shot::
It's been decided that it is in Bonsai's best interest to move forward with a total penile amputation and urethrostomy (redirect of the urethra) to avoid recurring problems.
He is also being neutered and having the cherry eyes repaired.
Big day for our boy ~ thanks for sending up the love!! ♥

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