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We need your help. We just picked up two frenchies from a shelter in Florida this weekend and they are in rough, rough shape.

Lyanna the lovely pied has infected skin, she’s been hacking non-stop, has a snotty nose, is exploding with diarrhea, and worst of all, she is dripping blood and pus from her vulva. The shelter just spayed her. She needs immediate x-rays, blood work, and antibiotics. Her buddy is in worse off shape

Rhaegar has a cellulitis infection at his neuter incision site that is traveling down his leg. He is weak and can barely stand and also has snot pouring out of his nose. He has been hospitalized. Rhaegar was neutered at the shelter yet was found to have cryptorchidism and so his left testicle is still in there. He’ll need a second neuter once he is healed from his current infection. He also has brachycephalic syndrome and will need his palate and nares trimmed

These two frenchies deserve a chance at a happy life. Lyanna and Rhaegar have full lives ahead of them, just waiting to be lived. As rescuers who advocate for helpless Frenchies in need, while costly, it is our duty to move forward with their surgeries and care and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The total estimated cost of Rhaegar’s hospitalization, pre-testing, and surgeries is $2,854. Lyanna is estimated at $900.

But that’s not all. While we were in the midst of rescuing these shelter strays this weekend poor foster Blaise started vomiting and developed labored breathing on Saturday. His foster mom called the ER and brought him right in, but on the drive there he started to turn blue. Upon arrival, his O2 saturation was 85%. For reference, normal saturation is 93-100%.

Blaise was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonitis. He spent 24 hours in an oxygen tank with antibiotics before they were successfully able to wean him from the tank. Blaise is now resting safely in his foster home with oral meds and taking it easy for a while. His 24 hr stint at the ER cost us $2,900.

And if that wasn’t enough, Huggy Bear (the poor boy who’s back yard breeder used him all up as a stud and then dumped him at a known high kill shelter) had his first TECA surgery two weeks ago. Huggy needed the total ear canal ablation due to chronic, untreated ear infections that left him with permanently and painfully blocked ear canals. While he was under they biopsied the lumps in his “good” ear and although it turns out they are benign, he needs a TECA on the second ear. That’s $3,149 x 2!

We’re drowning in sick frenchies over here and could really use your help! Just these four frenchies will have cost $12,952 to rehabilitate – and that's just their initial and emergency care. Will you help #SaveTheFrenchies? Every donation counts!

The French Bulldog Rescue Network is a North American non-profit corporation, with 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt status as a publicly funded charitable organization. Our federal tax id is #01-0704651. FBRN's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home French Bulldogs in need from commercial breeding kennels, import brokers, public shelters, private rescue groups, owners or Good Samaritans. Our organization is comprised solely of volunteers who nurture and foster these dogs as well as provide education and training. Our goal is to place healthy and happy French Bulldogs into forever homes. Learn more at

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 29, 2015

Posted on August 29, 2015

Oh my dog, we did it!!! We launched the #SaveTheFrenchies fundraiser on Wednesday afternoon and by Friday morning YOU all helped use reach our goal  in less than 48 hours to help save Lyanna and Rhaegar!

These six year old Florida strays are getting the medical care they need, and are already on their way to happy, healthy lives. Already both dogs have started to eat with glee and each have initiated a little play with bones and stuffies. We cannot wait to see their personalities fully emerge once they’re in tip top shape.

We cannot thank everyone enough for helping us help Lyanna and Rhaegar. You are all rescue super heroes. :)

Thank you,
Letitia Wallace
2015 Board of Directors

Posted on August 28, 2015

Posted on August 28, 2015

Rhaegar's mom has an update for us!

"Rhaegar made his way to my home on Saturday, after he was found on roaming streets with Lyanna. A local shelter picked them up and contacted FBRN. Both appear to be prior breeder dogs thrown out as trash, and are in pretty bad shape.

Rhaegar has urine stains and sores all over his back legs, paws and underside. I'm pretty sure he spent his life in a crate laying in his own urine. He has kennel cough, hives, his breathing is pretty labored, and while he had his neuter done at the shelter, they did him no service. His suture was so sloppy that his wound opened up, and he ended up with an infection leading to swelling in his belly and leg. His leg was so swollen I thought it was broken.

They only removed one testicle, so Rhaegar will have to have the other removed once his health is stable enough. He has been spending the past few days at the hospital while I'm at work, and they have loved having him. He is the most easy going dog I've ever met. The vets all love him and call him their easiest patient.

He is finally starting to eat, after eating almost nothing for two days. He hasn't had much energy, but today after I picked him up from the vet, he chewed his first bone and played with a tennis ball for a few seconds in his ‘man cave’. He is the sweetest dog ever and I can tell he is happy to be in a home. He panted the entire drive to my house, until we got inside. I sponge bathed him with medicated shampoo to remove the urine from his fur, and he placed his head on my thigh and went to sleep. I couldn't help but cry knowing the rough life this boy has endured. I love him so already..." - T.

Posted on August 28, 2015

Posted on August 28, 2015

Our volunteer who picked Lyanna and Rhaegar up from the shelter wanted to share her experience.

"Lyanna and Rhaeger were found roaming the streets of a bad side of town...really bad…and turned into the local shelter. When I went to the shelter I could hear them coming – two little snort monsters. The moment that I kneeled to say hello, Lyanna jumped on my lap and gave me a kiss. Rhaegar seemed interested in what was happening, but he wanted OUT and just stared straight ahead, looking at the door. I was tearing up at this point.

We practically ran out of the shelter and when I put them in my car Rhaegar was protective of Lyanna – she cowered in the corner and he stood guard for her. He was not mean, just watched out for her. That poor boy did not lay down for the entire trip. I knew something was wrong.

[After meeting up with another foster mom to take Rhaegar, our volunteer went home with Lyanna.]

Lyanna is very sweet and very scared. After I gave her a bath to wash off the shelter, she ran behind the toilet and stayed there. Eventually she came out to find a more comfortable spot and then slept for hours. Now she does not want to leave her bed. My husband and I have to carry her out to go potty, and then she runs right back to the door and paws at it to let her in. She does NOT want to be outside. We’ve had a few thunderstorms in the past couple days and she curls up in a corner and will not make eye contact. We approach her very slowly and with a sweet voice. 

As you know by now, she is a mess. Her vulva is huge – likely from giving vaginal births (which threaten a frenchie momma and her pups’ lives) and her nipples are huge. She is so petite it makes me sick thinking about her suffering that way. She has an upper respiratory infection, her vulva is draining pus and has very loose stools. She has barely eaten in the last two days, but we’re trying. Her outer ears are inflamed from untreated ear infections." – L.

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