Help with Lillebror's vet bills for his eye treatment

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The Story

Lillebror has a Herpes infection that has infected his eyes. This is very rare. He might loose some of his eyesight.

I have no job because of mental and physical health problem, and now a huge vet bill awaits me.

Lillebror (danish for baby brother) is a 5 year old Arabian mix gelding.

2 weeks ago he scratched his left eye and got a scratch on his cornea. The vet came and treated him.

One week later, his eye seemed better, but it was still half closed and now the right too looked like something was wrong.
The vet came again, checked his eyes for scratches, the cornea scratch in his left eye was healed, and none was in his right. But now he had some snot and cold symptoms.
The vet said to give his eye peace and he got antibiotics for the cold.

But 2 days later, his right eye seemed worse and he was walking into things. The vet came again the same evening.

This time it turned out, the cold was a herpes infection, and it had spread to his eyes (the vet said she has only seen 2 cases in 8 years of spreading to the eyes). And it had giving him iridocyklitis (uveitis) in both eyes (the right worse then the left).

She did an ultrasound of his eyes to make sure his retinals were not already getting detached, luckily they weren't.

The vet wanted Lillebror to go to a horse clinic for treatment, but they want up to 5000 Euros for his treatment.

So now the vet tried something new, which is used in USA. She injected cortisone into his eye lids. Over the next week it will slowly get out and into his eye. He needs this done once a week, for maybe upto 4 weeks.
Meanwhile I have to give him and ointment twice a day.
The next week or two will show if it's working.

But all this will still cost my a fortune. And only 2 month ago he had some knee locking issues. He needed the vet then too. We have been training eversince, and his knee is much better now.
Because of his eyes he now needs to be inside in the dark all the time. That's not good for his knee. I fear the issues wil come back.

Please help us.

Lillebror wishes to get well for Christmas

(As soon as I get some vet bills, I'll upload them here)

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 4, 2017

Posted on January 4, 2017

I got a bill again today from the vet. Something must be mistaken, since the amount is only 1186,98 kr (160 Euros), and I expected it to be about 5000 kr (672 Euros).

Anyway, so I lowered the fundraiser goal amount to cover vets bills plus the extra vitamins/minerals he'll need now for a month after being sick (67,26 Euros for a month). And he'll need a massage too, because he lost muscles from being inside all the time, so he is a little sore now. Massage costs about 67,26 Euros too.
Last he'll need the expensive eye ointment for maybe up up a year.

The new fundraiser goal amount should be able to cover all this.

If I should receive another vet bill after all (if the vet notices she made a mistake), then I'll have to raise the funderaiser amount again.

Lillebror is back outside with the other horses since Christmas, and so far it seems to go well.

Posted on December 17, 2016

Posted on December 17, 2016

I wish I could give you all some good news - but I can't.

The vet came again on Thusday for last round of cortisone treatment. It's not allowed to give more then 4 weeks.
I still give him eye ointment twice a day.

Right eye is completely blind, no reaction to light, and ultrasound showed scar tissue inside the eye.

Left eye still has some changes, that makes his pupil unable to contract 100%. But it does react to light-

If his sees anything else then light from dark, we can't tell.

On Monday he'll be allowed to get the mask of and go outside. Then I'll have to show him around on the paddock.
I hope it will trun out he can see on the left eye.

Posted on December 10, 2016

Posted on December 10, 2016

Bad news from the vet Thursday this week.
Lillebror is now blind on his right eye. The pupil doens't react to light anymore.
In his left eye there are some changes affecting his vision, but so far we can't tell how much.

He has got 1 treament left for next Thursday, and then on Monday after that, he is allowed to go outside again. Then we'll see how he manages with the vision he got left

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Help with Lillebror's vet bills for his eye treatment

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