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The Story


FRC 6909 SAKURA Tempesta, Japan - The winner of Rookie All Star in FIRST Robotics Competition 2018 Honolulu Regional. They decided to go FIRST Championship - Detroit. 


FIRST is a non-profit founded in 1989 to inspire young people's interest and participation in science and technology. FIRST participation is proven to encourage students to pursue education and careers in STEM-related fields, and inspire them to become leaders and innovators.

About FRC

High-school student participants call it “the hardest fun you’ll ever have.”

Under strict rules, limited resources, and an intense six-week time limit, teams of students are challenged to raise funds, develop team branding, hone teamwork skills, and build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors. Volunteer professional mentors lend their time and talents to guide each team. Each season ends with an exciting FIRST Championship.

About SAKURA Tempesta

SAKURA Tempesta was formed in Spring of 2017. We consist of 15 members from all around the Chiba Prefecture, of which more than 50% is female. We operate mainly at the Future Robotics Technology Center at Chiba Institute of Technology with support from local CoderDojo.

What we've done

With support from many companies and team supporters, plus crowdfunding at CAMPFIRE, we were able to compete at FRC Hawaii Regional held from March 21st to March 24th at Stan Sheriff Center. Although there were many experienced teams there, we were able to be ranked 10th and even made it to quarter finals! Thanks to everyone, we won the Highest Rookie Seed Award and the Rookie All Star Award, which allows us to participate in FIRST Championship at Detroit!

What we're going to do

The FIRST Championship will be held at Cobo Center (Detroit, MI) from April 25th to April 28th. We are so excited to compete at the Championship as the FIRST Japanese FRC Team to be there!

~Problems to be solved~

At the Hawaii Regional, we only had 6 members and 3 mentors because of the high travel cost from Japan to Hawaii. Because of this, our capacity as a team was severely handicapped.

We didn't even had enough time to eat our lunch and some people ended up sick. 

Because of the above concerns, we would like to have all of our team at the Championship. Teamwork only works with a team.

~2018 FIRST Championship Costs (3,361,000 yen = $30,555 total)~

To have everyone at the Championship, we would like to cover their airfare and their accommodation fee at the least.

Airfare: 15 people×150,000 yen = 2,250,000 yen

Accommodation Fee: $72×17 people×5 nights=$6,120 (673,200yen $1=110yen)

Championship registration: $5,000  (550,000 yen $1=110 yen) 

We would like to cover the cost with the fund we will receive through

this crowdfunding and the ones provided by companies.

~Use of funds~

※Since we already paid for registration fee and booked flight tickets and hotel rooms, we will be participating in the championship. However, the expence each member needs to bear will depend on how much fund we recieve. Considering to participate in FRC next year, we really would like to minimize the expense.

With $5,000 (550,000 yen), registration fee will be covered.

With $16,591 (1,950,000yen), registration fee and a half of airfare will be covered.

With $34,302 (3,773,200yen), registrtaion fee and all the travel costs will be covered.

With $ 40909 (4,500,000 yen), we promise 

・participate at an FRC Regional next year

・attend more outreach events and symposiums to further STEM education.

Funding rewards

Please refer to


FRC(FIRST Robotics Competition)はアメリカの NPO 法人である FIRST(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)が 主催する高校生向けのロボティックス大会です。FIRST は若者の理 系教育の参画を推進する団体で、年齢別にロボティックスをメイン としたプログラムを5つ提供している。FRCはその中の1つである。 現在、27 か国、3,647 チームが活動し、約 90,000 人の生徒、26,000 人のメンターが参加している大規模な国際ロボコンである。 

SAKURA Tempesta について

SAKURA Tempesta は 2017 年春に発足した新設の チームです。メンバーは約 15 人で、半数は女性です。主に千葉県内の中学生・高校生によって構成 されています。チームリーダーである中嶋 花音が留学先で FRC と出会い、日本からも参加したい と考えチームの設立に至りました。主に津田沼、千葉を活動拠点とし、千葉工業大学の未来ロボット技術研究センター(fuRo)や地域のCoderDojo からサポートを受けています。2018 年 3 月 20 日~24 日 にかけてハワイ大学で行われた FRC Hawaii Regional にて世界大会出場権を獲得しました。これにより 4 月 26 日~28 日にデトロイト(アメリカ ミシガン州)で行われる FIRST World Championship(世界大会)に日本から初めて出場します。


昨年秋に Campfire で行いましたファンドレイジング、そして企業様の多岐にわたる御支援など多くの方からのサポートを頂き、 3月21 日~3月24 日にハワイ大学の Stan Sherriff Center(スタンシェリフセンター)にて行われた FIRST Robotics Competition Hawaii Regional におきまして 10 年以上活動しているベテランチームが多かったにもかかわらず決勝戦に出場し、全体の10 位で終わることが出来ました!

さらにRookie All Star Award を受賞し、2018 年 4月24日~4月28 日にデトロイトの Cobo Center(コボセンター)にて行われる世界大会(FIRST Championship)出場権を頂くことが出来ました。その他にも Highest Rookie Seed Awardを受賞、そしてチームキャプテンの中嶋は Dean's List Finalist(ディーンズリストファイナリスト)に選ばれました! 


今回の大会に参加したメンバーの人数は旅費の関係などもあり、 6 人のみとメンバー全体の約半分となってしまいました。そのこともあり、ロボットの整備、他チームのロボットの分析など試合において重要となってくる部分の割合と人数が完全に合わず、大会期間中はお昼休憩の時間が取られているにもかかわらずお昼を食べる時間が無かったりと、十分な休息をとることが出来ず、体調を崩すメンバーも出てしまいました。世界大会ではより規模が大きくなり、全員のメンバーが行くことが出来ないと大会に参加すること自体が厳しいと思います。 



航空券:17 人×150000 円=2550000 円 ($23181 $1=110 円)

宿泊費:$72×17 人×5 泊=$6120=673200 円 ($1=110 円) 

大会参加費:$5000=550000 円 ($1=110 円) 

大会参加のために最低必要な金額:3773200 円 







450 万円集まったら出来ること


-より多くの方に FRC、FIRST について興味を持って頂くために様々な展示会参加、FLLなどを始めとした他のロボコンでの広報活動などを始めとしたアウトリーチイベントをより活発に行って参ります。 


Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 12, 2018

Posted on May 12, 2018

We will be once closing our crowdfunding campaign on YouCaring at the end of May.

We are still figuring out our funding plan for the next FRC season, but we are sure to launch another crowdfunding campaign to compete again in FRC next year.

It would be our honor if you could support us again next time!





Posted on May 12, 2018


Posted on May 12, 2018

Thanks to your constant support, we ranked 54th out of 68th in Carson Division at FIRST Championship Detroit and won Rookie Inspiration Award.

Not only competing at the worlds but also winning an award there is for the first time ever for Japanese FRC teams.

We were never be able to make these accomplishments all in our rookie year without your support.

Again, thank you very much for believing in us and for supporting us.

Rookie Inspiration Award celebrates a rookie team's outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering and Engineers, both within their school, as well as in their communities.

FIRST Championship 結果ご報告



Rookie Inspiration Award獲得


日本チームのFRCでのFIRST Championship出場はもちろんのこと賞を受賞することも日本初の快挙であります。



Rookie Inspiration Awardはルーキーチームの中でエンジニアリング分野の発展に貢献したチームに送られる賞です。


Posted on April 24, 2018


Posted on April 24, 2018

We will leave Japan soon!!


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