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Foofy-face needs Teef Stuff (Foofy-face aka. Monkey)
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The Story

It started a couple weeks ago when my cat started drooling (which is really abnormal for cats). I googled it and a list of Really Awful Things (WebMD-like) came up on the list that causes cats to drool. Many were associated with dental problems that turn into neurological and other serious complications. So I checked her teeth. And low and behold one of her canines (sharp pointy ones) has pinkish-red marks on it. So, to google I go to find out that basically it's bad.

I called the emergency vet on Monday night and talked to a tech who told me that it doesn't qualify as an actual emergency, but to have the looked at. The earliest I could get an appointment with a vet was Thursday (today). So I took her in and turns out she needs a bazillion dollars worth of work. And possibly to have to tooth removed.

Here's a link to the things that are needed to try to figure out exactly what's going on and treat her. The Treatment Plan

What sucks is that I had pet insurance for over a year, but turns out it was only good for accidents that will never happen to my cat because she's indoor only with no other animals in her life. I wasted a lot of money only to find out it doesn't apply to her situation today. I tried to plan for this, and it bit me in the butt. Completely. Worthless.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 28, 2015

Posted on October 28, 2015

Tomorrow is the big day! She goes into the vet office in the morning and will be put under for dental work. The hope is that Miss Foofyface doesn't need to have a tooth extracted.

Thank you everyone for your help. I wanted to definitely let you all know that everything seems to be on schedule, and ask that you keep your fingers crossed for everything to go smoothly tomorrow!

Posted on September 30, 2015

Posted on September 30, 2015

There is little I can say about the relief I feel from the outpouring of support I've received. While still stressful, because Blizzcon is coming up and there's a million things left to do, it's nice knowing that I can get my cat the help she needs for quality of life without sacrificing everything else in my life (like Blizzcon).

Update on dolls: I'm still working on them, plotting and planning and working on them. I haven't forgotten! I have all the emails noted in my account and will make contact as soon as I have stuff done.

Other stuff: I know I tweeted about it, but wanted to make very clear that I did NOT use funds from the vet campaign for the N3DS OR the new phone (or Animal Crossing amiibo cards for that matter). Not that it's anyone's business, but I want to make damn sure you know I'm not scamming you or lying about what's going on. I suspect there'll be "drugged cat" photos at some point once it's all said and done for everyone's amusement (mostly my own). I do want to be transparent and make sure no one is questioning where the money is going.

I am still going to pay out of pocket, due to ~9% in fees and state taxes, so rest assured I'm not expecting everyone to cover this for me without my putting in as well. The 9% doesn't seem like much at first, until you start adding up the deposits and realize it doesn't match the number on the campaign.

Thank you all for all the help and spreading the word and generosity! It means more than these updates can say.

Posted on September 23, 2015

Posted on September 23, 2015

Things have been unbelievably successful on the fundraising front. The first is my anonymous benefactor who is matching all donations until I hit my goal. I think that has been an unbelievable boost across the boars. So many thanks to them for what they're doing to help with my fur baby.

The second is everyone sharing, talking about it, and donating! I know I keep saying thank you, but I feel such a huge sense of relief when I see how successful things have been. And knowing that I won't have to worry about being able to afford this while sacrificing things like food, entertainment, and general life comforts. Even after fees are taken out, I'll still have the majority of the vet bill covered and that is no small feat! That is entirely thanks to all of you!

So thank you. Immensely.

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Foofy-face needs Teef Stuff

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