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The Story

Hello! My name is Felix, I am a 20 year old working musician, venue worker, and music educator living in Washington, DC. I also happen to be transgender. 

I started my transition (medically and socially) over two years ago. This month (March 2018) marks two years since starting hormone replacement therapy and I have never felt better about my body, presentation, and life.

Finally, after years of waiting, I have secured an appointment for a gender affirming mastectomy/reconstruction with an incredible surgeon on October 8! This procedure is necessary for me to feel at home in my body. I've worn a chest binder daily for the past three years, sometimes for close to 24 hours at a time due to long shifts at work, and the pain/discomfort associated has always been too much.

The financial burden of transitioning is a significant cause of stress for so many trans people. Luckily, I have the incredible privilege of being insured through my parents' employers BUT my insurance only covers half the costs (80% after paying the remainder of the deductible.) 

Another cost of the surgery is loss in earnings. I will have to spend 4-6 weeks out of work. Typically I work 50 hour weeks between three jobs and I have been financially independent, paying rent, and living away from my family for over two years-- any time off is a huge financial hit. I have a small amount of savings currently and I intend to save leading up to October 8 but still need help to sustain myself for the up to two months that I won't be able to work.

My goal is set to $4000 to cover:

-insurance deductible $1200

-surgery costs after deductible $1800

-aftercare/time off savings $1000

These numbers are lowballed guestimates from my understanding of my insurance plan and all of the money raised will go towards costs associated with my surgery. 

Anything and everything helps, I'm hoping I can make this move with the help of my incredible friends, coworkers, chosen family, fans, and kind strangers.

xoxo felix pilar perez

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