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EduVision: Empower Youth & Women in Nepal + Emergency Center (EduVision Foundation (Hetauda, Nepal))
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The Story

Update: Since we first posted this the devastating earthquake North of Kathmandu wreaked havoc throughout the country. NGOs like EduVision are among the first places that communities look for support in these trying times, and the facility we're trying to raise money to build could be used as an emergency shelter for Hetauda in the future. We've updated our gallery with some photos of the damage here in Hetauda. Please consider a donation to EduVision to be an investment in disaster relief efforts down the road. We certainly don't want to detract from anyone's desire to donate to causes that support immediate relief, as the people of Nepal are suffering right now and need all the help they can get, but do remember that this country was in rough shape due to deepseated social issues long before the earthquake, and due to the persistence of those issues, the country is now suffering more than necessary after the earthquake. EduVision's goal is to strengthen the country as a whole so that disasters like this needn't be so costly or tragic.

Eduvision Foundation of Hetauda, Nepal raising money to purchase land and build a facility which will serve as its headquarters, providing the NGO with a youth training center, a women's entrepreneurship training center, and a safe house for at-risk children. Over its long history, Eduvision has been extremely successful in promoting positive social change, but has been somewhat limited by the lack of a permanent headquarters. Now we seek to change this.

The Problem:

Women and children are frequently undervalued and exploited throughout the small country of Nepal. Imagine a child as young as 8 or 9 years old cleaning houses from 5 to 8 in the morning, attending school from 9 to 3 and cleaning houses again from 4-9 in the evening. Grueling 14 hour-days like this, during which there is no time for homework or play, are all too common for poorer Nepalese children and teenagers. Generally forcing children to engage in this strenuous labor results in poor academic performance, and eventually produces adults who are demoralized, uneducated and unskilled, and for lack of resources, must force their own children down the same path of crushing, cyclical poverty. 

Girls in these circumstances are particularly vulnerable as Nepal is a major source-country for global sex-trafficking. In desperation, uneducated and poor Nepali women and girls are more prone to accept fake job offers and be shipped abroad, tricked into slavery.

What we do:

For four years EduVision Foundation has sought to end this cycle for families by bearing some of the financial burden of education (tuition, books, uniforms, supplies) and providing a before-and-after-school program where students take additional classes to help them catch up, and often-times accelerate well passed the standards of the local schools. Students in especially precarious circumstances, such as those with unstable family lives, are provided with housing and a loving environment where they can focus on school, make new friends and work through the sort of psychological barriers that form when children's fundamental needs are neglected. In addition, EduVision students learn the value of social work, as they don't just benefit from it, but engage in it themselves, by making frequent visits to local orphanages and elder care homes. Eduvision helps to support these children up through their undergraduate studies, so long as they continue to perform well.

In recent years, EduVision has sought to expand its efforts to improve Nepal by educating communities on the transformative power of environmentally conscious behavior and by training poor and unskilled women in various trades so that they can earn higher wages despite their underprivileged backgrounds.

The Clean Community Campaign has been particularly effective in reducing the amount of solid wastes both produced and disposed of improperly not just in Hetauda but in communities throughout Nepal. This effort improves the everyday quality of life for the Nepalese people by ensuring that the communities they inhabit are clean, safe and healthy. It has the added bonus of improving the overall desirability of Nepal as destination for tourists, bringing new money to a very poor country. It is difficult to market Nepal's copious natural beauty when it is blighted by litter.

By attacking the root causes of poverty, particularly lack of education, and cultivating communities that care and work towards common goals, EduVision has developed a framework that with time and growth could help Nepal to see dramatic, positive systemic changes throughout the country. Please help us help Nepal reach its potential.

For more information on EduVision Foundation, visit our Tumblr which is frequently updated with our day-to-day efforts and progress:

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Posted on April 29, 2015

Posted on April 29, 2015

We're off and running! Thanks so much to everyone who's donated, please keep it up and keep spreading it. The key is getting the word out far and wide!

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EduVision: Empower Youth & Women in Nepal + Emergency Center

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