Protecting the People from mass layoffs and foreclosures

For: The Entire Public
Organizer: Eytan Katz
Protecting the People from mass layoffs and foreclosures (The Entire Public)
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The Story

Protecting the People from mass layoffs, foreclosures and bankruptciesDuring Crises and saving Billions of dollars!

In Memory of my father Gidon Katz who helped me so much to develop the project out of his love and greatitude to America

Launch Date: November 10th 2017 - we are still editing the page and videos. We are seeking few volunteers to help edit the Booklet or narrate our promotional videos. Please leave testimonials in the meantime

Our Mission is to Protect millions from layoffs, foreclosures and bankruptcies during crises as happened after September 11th, Hurricane Katrina and during the banking crisis. 

We will inspire the public to work together, develop strong dynamic and to boost mass business activities. 

Our MOTO: To do whatever it takes in order to WIN together

The project is based on methods, values, attitudes and principles that are completely different to the way governments work

Read the articles at the bottom of this page and learn how with love we could have infused the entire economy and saved millions of jobs after September 11th. 

Government focused on saving the airlines. Our focus was on protecting the workers of the entire travel industry including in the hotels, restaurants, ground transportations (taxi, busses, etc) and in all businesses at tourist locations. We emphasized a strong anti-layoffs mind set!

Read the articles at the bottom of this page and learn how with love we could have protected millions of Homeowners from Foreclosures and from losing their jobs during the 2008 banking crisis. We would have reduced the $700 Billion bailout and would have Prevented the entire $20 Triliion fall-up.

Government focused on saving the banks. Our plans were to save both the homeowners and also the banks. 

The project is designed to save the public from even greater catastrophes in the future.

Homeowners and Renters, Business Owners and Workers should support the project with joy, passion and enthusiasm. We will fight for the sake of all of you.

The solutions are very simple. Yet, Governments often settle for poor solutionsdue to conflicting interests, wrong attitude and bad priorities choices. They often show low motivation to fully protect the people. The people so often end up short-changed. 

The public needs much stronger inspiration, leadership and plans of actions to achieve the BEST recoveries.

Share and discuss the issues in the articles below with your friends. It will inspire you to take actions for strong recoveries in future crises. 

Join and Invite your friends to our Facebook Group
This will be the place to share ideas during future crises.

About The Author: Eytan got involved with the project out of pure love, care and determination to help the American people WIN. He dedicated years since 2001 and all the money he made after selling his properties in San Francisco. His love, care and attitude – not credentials - are the reasons the project could prevent so many different hardships when government and experts often fail.

Now we should return our love with support and blessings back to him. He needs to raise at least $100,000 in order to complete a 300-page detailed manual with few short inspiration/instructional videos. 

We hope he gets much more because his sacrifices were in the millions and the public's benefits would be in the Trillions. He showed a lot of love and goodness towards us all by Committing to bless us. Let's do the same for him.  

Section one: ideas from previous crises in order to inspire for the future

Here are simple ideas that we offered Hawaii after September 11th in order to boost up their morale and the travel industry within just few weeks.

Here are lists of actions that we offered after September 11th in order to make America WIN.

We offered very special plan to uplift the African community and to bring outstanding recovery for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

A simple  but effective plan that would have prevented the 2008 banking crisis, would have saved millions from losing their homes and jobs, would have saved the nation most of the $7000B bailout and would have prevented the $20T economic fall down.

Section two: Why the public loses so often to the special interests?Let's be honest; the special interests kick the people' asses again and again. The people must start wining.  

Defeating crises would be achieved through strong character and values. Those issues are what the project is all about. Here are just few short articles about character issues:

Patriotism: The cheapening of the concept

Slogans: are they merely to develop excitement or to bring solutions?

who do the people really serve?

Seek and You Shell Receive: Why people fail to seek the best for the nation?

We will dedicate large portion of the 300-page manual to the character issues. Those are the reasons America has been defeated so many times by the special interests.

Jews should highly support this project because it is a gift for the American people who helped Israel so many times in the past.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 29, 2017


Posted on August 29, 2017

Due to the passing away of my father Gidon Katz we are propounding the campaign to launch on September 21st.

Please check out the articles in the link below. They are about protecting the People from mass layoffs, foreclosures and bankruptcies during national crises and about saving the nation Billions of dollars.

Governments and experts keep failing the people. The articles are about the reasons why and what changes are needed. Please post short comment on the page and share with your friends

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Protecting the People from mass layoffs and foreclosures

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