We are creating a Community for Awakening Kids & Teens

For: Empathic and Intuitive Children of all ages
East Greenwich, RI
Organizer: Carolyn Jaymes & Alethea Kehas
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The Story

We are striving to create an online community devoted to teaching and guiding today’s youth as they navigate through the challenges of life and shine their own unique light out into the world. It will be a community that will open the doors for children and teens to discover, grow, and nurture their souls’ gifts.    

A website will be created, The Labyrinth.online, providing a sister site to Holistic Campus.com, which is a community of authentic and enthusiastic teachers and practitioners of spirituality and metaphysics from all over the world. The dedicated individuals at HolisticCampus.com are devoted to offering their wisdom through lessons and teachings for the younger generations who are ready to embrace their souls’ gifts and flourish in a safe, caring, and loving environment.     

The site will be developed using themes, guides and settings from Alethea Kehas’ book The Labyrinth, which is the first in a series called Warriors of Light. Alethea began writing the series with the purpose of creating a fun and engaging environment to help children of all ages learn about the deeper meaning of life. The six young warriors in the book are like the gifted seekers of today’s youth. They are here to understand the labyrinth of light that exists within them, and also outside of them.   

With your help, we will have the resources to build an interactive website using the labyrinth to guide kids and teens in a journey of personal growth and discovery. The journey will be interactive with games, videos, and engaging lessons. Together, we can create a community that will adapt and expand to fit the needs of these special children as they grow their gifts. 

Our mission is to create a community that is a haven for kids of all ages where they can feel like they truly belong, and are cherished for who they are.     

Please share with your friends, working together we can create something wonderful. 

Where will your money go?

We plan to make this site and this community to be free and open for kids to visit.  Every kid seeks the truth, every kid seeks a deeper meaning in their lives whether they realize it or not.  This is the place for them to explore those deeper meanings.  

Imagine Nico, a 12-year-old who goes to the library to get on the internet. Nico is feeling lost with no one to talk to, no one who understands, and is looking for answers, and hope.  Nico doesn’t fit in, feeling a little different, looking for answers, looking for community.  There are a lot of kids like Nico. 

We are here to guide, to understand, and to embrace who they are. To engage them, we are creating a website which is a lot like a video game. A virtual environment where they are very comfortable, and that comes alive with a single click.   

As they traverse through the site, they choose a pathway through different surroundings that allow them to uncover information, ideas, teachings and tools that will answer the questions and provide the hope they seek.  This site will offer an interactive community for these kids to connect with others in a safe setting – and be free to be themselves.   

We are grateful for all donations, and we thank you for your support.  

With a donation of $25 you will receive an intuitively guided medicine bag containing healing and guardian stones, crystals and other gifts from nature.    

With a donation of $50 we will send you an autographed copy of The Labyrinth & and a medicine bag.    

With a donation of $75 you will receive an autographed copy of The Labyrinth and a hand-made pendulum.    

With a donation of $100 you will receive an autographed copy of The Labyrinth and a hand-made chakra healing device.     

Note: You may wonder how we came about the funding request of $9999. When putting together the related expenses involved in getting this off the ground, the calculation came up to 9999.  We knew this had to be right - especially when we realized what the meaning of this repetitive number meant:

9999 is a number of completion and can symbolize a principle in humanitarianism and services to others. When the angel number 9999 appears to you, it is a message that your life's purpose involves giving back to others or in the service of others. 

What could be more perfect? :-)    

In Loving Gratitude, 

Carolyn Jaymes - Founder of HolisticCampus.com, Author of A Life By Request

Alethea Kehas - Founding Practitioner and Author of The Labyrinth

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We are creating a Community for Awakening Kids & Teens

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