Emily Wright needs our support! Let's kick cancer's butt!

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Emily Wright needs our support! Let's kick cancer's butt! (Emily Wright)
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The Story

The beautiful and lovely Emily Wright needs our love and support! If you know Emily, you probably know she's been tenaciously yet gracefully fighting breast cancer for several years now. Recently (Nov 6th/7th), we found out some very discouraging news. It looks like a 2cm tumor has formed around her brain stem. Because of its location it is inoperable. Emily and Jeremy's first choice in treatment care is a holistic clinic in Germany with a very high success rate. If accepted as a patient the cost will be no less than $40,000, not including travel expenses, living expenses, and unforeseen needs. If they are unable to go to Germany they will be looking into an oncologist in Marquette and will still need financial support. If you've ever had a conversation with Emily you've most likely discovered her incredible passion for natural and holistic health care. Knowing this, you might guess that her heart's desire is to get to Germany. You also might know that her passion for natural care and her hope to attend this clinic is founded in solid knowledge gained from many hours of research, and even more hours of prayer. 

About a year and a half ago my youngest son needed major surgery on his skull. My sister set up a crowdfunding page for us. It was hands down the most substantial way for people to show their support for us through that scary time. Yes, prayers are valuable and irreplaceable! No, not everyone can give large amounts of money. But I can absolutely tell you, from experience, that seeing financial support from dozens of people was one of the main things that got us through. Helping with finances shows love, relieves stress in a very stressful situation, and helps in a tangible way. You might think your $5 dollars won't go far. I'm not going to sugar coat it, it won't. But 50 people giving $5? 100 people? And you know what goes the farthest? Seeing a $5 donation from someone you know is giving all they can. I can tell you, some of those $5 donations actually meant more than the $500 ones. And if you really really don't have a penny to spare please share this and share this and share this!!

I want to take a minute to call on the church. You have an opportunity to tangibly bless a sister who has likely blessed you more than twice. This is a chance to be the hands and feet of Christ, a chance to show that we are in fact, the most giving people on earth. Prayer and faith may move mountains, but if we're not actively showing love, no one gains anything. Emily knows you are praying. Now it's time to act.

Emily and Jeremy have both poured their hearts and lives into those around them, not just friends, family, and the community, but literally everyone around them. Let's multiply that love and support and send the blessing back to them. Let's overwhelm them with a flood of finances so they aren't just taken care of, but overcome with how much they are loved and appreciated. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 19, 2018

Posted on February 19, 2018

Sunday, February 18th

From Emily:

"Still in a lot of pain, overnight and mornings are the worst for fatigue and pain. Afternoons seem to be the best time of day, sometimes that lasts into the evening. Areas of pain are my right kidney, head, breast, and constant irritation of the lungs which causes coughing and the coughing causes muscle pain in my back and abdomen.  

Aside for prayer for pain to flee and ability to sleep through the night, I would love prayer for doctors appointments this week. Tuesday we meet with the brain surgeon and Wednesday we meet with the Oncologist. We have already been told by all of my doctors that our only option at this point is chemo and radiation. We are thankful that my German Doctor has a very positive view of this new path and suggested that many patients that have been through the German program (that I went through) are able to endure chemo without the negative side effects. My ultimate desire is that I will be healed before Wednesday when I will likely have to begin treatments (or very soon after).  

We are super thankful to everyone who has blessed us with prayer, cleaning, free massages, and so much encouragement.  We were especially blessed by both of our families who came to spend some down time with us this weekend and were excited to see our nephews and meet our new niece. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and encouragement. We know God is good and has a good plan for our lives - no matter what things look like."

Tomorrow (Monday) evening, (from about 6:30 until 8/8:30) there will be a small handful of women meeting with Emily to pray over her. Please take a moment where ever you are to join us in prayer at that time.

Posted on February 14, 2018

Posted on February 14, 2018

Tuesday, February 13th

It both breaks my heart and sets it on fire to give this update.

Emily's MRI results show two more brain tumors (one in the occipital lobe or vision center). The ultrasound showed a tumor in her kidney that has doubled in size since first being found in December. Her chest x-ray showed innumerable tumors throughout both lungs, and as well as fluid around her left lung (this is the cause of her cough). The Dr in Germany assured her if she were to choose chemotherapy and radiation at this point, the treatments which were done in Germany would absolutely serve as preparation. The treatments, namely the vaccine will have built up her body in a way which will allow her to withstand the challenge and even do it with less side effects. They meet with the brain surgeon on Tuesday at which point they will know more. 

I recently listened to a sermon about healing. I want to share a little of what I gathered from the sermon and from my own experience. Keep in mind, this is coming from a human. And an upset human to boot. I might be getting something from God, but I am a broken human, with a broken heart. Please examine and cross check everything I say by getting with God on your own.

First off, why is there sickness to begin with? If God loves us why does He allow it? Well, God gave us authority over and responsibility of the earth and everything in it. By making poor decisions we have given that authority to the enemy. Am I saying Emily has cancer as a punishment for her sins? Absolutely not! I'm saying cancer exists because humans as a whole have allowed the enemy access to our lives, like giving him a key to our house. If God were to just take all sickness away right now He'd also have to remove our free will, because our free will is what got us here. He gave us our free will because He doesn't want robots, he wants souls. God's original design was us without imperfection or separation from Him. It's not His will for us to be sick or in pain, it's our choice (as a whole) to allow it in. No, it's not Emily's choice to have cancer, but we have all fallen short of perfection and the enemy has gained our "property" as a result. But it's not hopeless!! God made a way for US to take back what we gave away, a second chance (and third and fourth and millionth). Our fight is not against flesh and blood (or cancer), it's against a very real spiritual enemy who is standing on territory that rightfully belongs to us! By opening the door to Jesus and saying "Yes Lord! Please come in!" and giving him the space to move we can fight back, win back what we lost. Through PRAYER we can win these battles until we win the war. Praying is like flagging down the Lord and ushering Him into the situation. When Jesus healed people while on earth, he just said "you're healed" because he has the authority to do it. He could say to the sickness "get out" because He could also tell the sin to get lost. He gave us that same authority, so we say "In Jesus name" because we know that He's the one who gave us the power and He's the one who's standing there with us as we pray!

There is a battle going on in and over Emily right now, and right now it LOOKS like the bad guys are winning. But our faith is not based on what we see, it's based on WHO we know. Jesus has giving us authority over this thing. Emily's is God's! Let's stand together with Jesus and take back what belongs to our Kingdom! 

Posted on February 6, 2018

Posted on February 6, 2018

Monday, February 5th

So sorry for the delay in updates folks!! There's a lot going on in my house. At this point you can assume no news is no news... but I do know many of have been wondering if Emily is back stateside and how she's doing!

They arrived home last Tuesday and are working on catching up with life here. Emily has been feeling weak and tired, dealing with pain caused by the vaccine doing it's thing, and pain from the cough she's still experiencing. She started an antibiotic for the cough last Wednesday but it hasn't let up yet. She's said she's in a lot of pain throughout the day, but mornings are especially difficult. 

The team in Germany feels strongly that her body responded well to the treatments and vaccine. Her doctors here are in contact with the doctors in Germany to come up with her continuing care plan. They will be monitoring the progress in her body through MRIs, x-rays, and ultrasounds over the next few months. She will be receiving an MRI on her head tomorrow, as well as reviewing some results of a previous X-ray, and then getting an ultrasound done on her kidney on Wednesday.

She said she would especially like prayers for strength and for the cough to be gone. Also pray for good results in all the testing happening this week.

And one more thing. Emily says "Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. It's still hard to believe that we were able to go to Germany to receive such great care. We are beyond thankful." 

It can't be said enough; THANK YOU!

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Emily Wright needs our support! Let's kick cancer's butt!

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