Emily Wright needs our support! Let's kick cancer's butt!

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Emily Wright needs our support! Let's kick cancer's butt! (Emily Wright)
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Ways that you can help Emily and Jeremy:
- Grocery gift cards (Marquette Food Co-Op, Walmart, Target, Amazon)
- Meals ((https://takethemameal.com/meals.php?t=MXSQ1950)
- Gas Cards
- Cash gifts to this fundraiser page (or directly to them) so she can continue getting her supportive IV's at her doctor's office. (These give Emily the energy she needs to get through the Chemo process much easier and with far less side effects)
- Contact Shana to help with cleaning our home: [email protected]
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The beautiful and lovely Emily Wright needs our love and support! If you know Emily, you probably know she's been tenaciously yet gracefully fighting breast cancer for several years now. Recently (Nov 6th/7th), we found out some very discouraging news. It looks like a 2cm tumor has formed around her brain stem. Because of its location it is inoperable. Emily and Jeremy's first choice in treatment care is a holistic clinic in Germany with a very high success rate. If accepted as a patient the cost will be no less than $40,000, not including travel expenses, living expenses, and unforeseen needs. If they are unable to go to Germany they will be looking into an oncologist in Marquette and will still need financial support. If you've ever had a conversation with Emily you've most likely discovered her incredible passion for natural and holistic health care. Knowing this, you might guess that her heart's desire is to get to Germany. You also might know that her passion for natural care and her hope to attend this clinic is founded in solid knowledge gained from many hours of research, and even more hours of prayer. 

About a year and a half ago my youngest son needed major surgery on his skull. My sister set up a crowdfunding page for us. It was hands down the most substantial way for people to show their support for us through that scary time. Yes, prayers are valuable and irreplaceable! No, not everyone can give large amounts of money. But I can absolutely tell you, from experience, that seeing financial support from dozens of people was one of the main things that got us through. Helping with finances shows love, relieves stress in a very stressful situation, and helps in a tangible way. You might think your $5 dollars won't go far. I'm not going to sugar coat it, it won't. But 50 people giving $5? 100 people? And you know what goes the farthest? Seeing a $5 donation from someone you know is giving all they can. I can tell you, some of those $5 donations actually meant more than the $500 ones. And if you really really don't have a penny to spare please share this and share this and share this!!

I want to take a minute to call on the church. You have an opportunity to tangibly bless a sister who has likely blessed you more than twice. This is a chance to be the hands and feet of Christ, a chance to show that we are in fact, the most giving people on earth. Prayer and faith may move mountains, but if we're not actively showing love, no one gains anything. Emily knows you are praying. Now it's time to act.

Emily and Jeremy have both poured their hearts and lives into those around them, not just friends, family, and the community, but literally everyone around them. Let's multiply that love and support and send the blessing back to them. Let's overwhelm them with a flood of finances so they aren't just taken care of, but overcome with how much they are loved and appreciated. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 18, 2018

Posted on May 18, 2018

Friday, May 18th

Update from Emily, sent to me yesterday:

"Well, this week has been filled with ups and downs. I've been sleeping well except for one night when I only slept an hour and a half, so I'm very thankful for that. I've had a lot of days not feeling well, very weak and tired. But yesterday and today I have been full of energy and feeling much more like myself. This was my final week of chemo in Round 3 and next week I will have scans to determine the progress of the current plan. The scans are scheduled for Wednesday May 23rd with the head MRI at 8:30am and the PET Scan at 10 am. Our next scheduled meeting with the Oncologist (Dr. Acharya) is on Tuesday May 29th at 8 am. My guess is that we will not hear about the results until the meeting on the 29th. At that meeting we will discuss future treatment plans and make a decision as to whether or not we will continue chemo.  

Some exciting things to report are: the breast tumor has continued to shrink, the metastases on my scalp are going away (several are gone and the largest ones are now depressed instead of raised on the skin), my oxygen levels remain high/normal, my cough has continued to be manageable and not nearly as bad as before my hospital visit, and I have been sleeping 10 hours at night – now that I'm no longer on the steroid!  

Please be praying for wisdom and clear direction for us. That we will know if we are to continue chemo or not. It has been a very difficult process, even though I have been spared many of the common symptoms so far, I still have experienced many symptoms that are quite difficult to bear at times. Please also pray for strength, energy, and complete healing for my body. My desire is for this to be over and that I could use the summer to recover and enjoy my favorite season in the UP!  We continue to be blessed by all of you who have contributed financially or with meals, rides, cleaning, etc. We cannot thank you all enough for your generosity during this time of need. We pray that the Lord will bless you all as much as you have blessed us."

Posted on May 8, 2018

Posted on May 8, 2018

Tuesday, May 8th

Update from Emily:

"I have been blessed to have my mom and sister here with me for the past week helping me, then this past weekend we received a visit from Jeremy's brother Derek & his wife Julia and their children. It's so nice to see family. I have been able to breathe better and haven't had the violent cough that sent me to the hospital, but I have not felt very well this past week. The chemo has been very rough on my body and some days are much more difficult than others. Please be praying for the symptoms to lessen and my body to have strength and no pain or discomfort. There are days that certainly feel as though I cannot possibly survive the pain, then other days that I feel almost normal.  

I receive my week 2 chemo infusion today (currently in the Dr office) so please pray for that to go well without any reactions and for the chemo to do it's job in killing the cancer cells. Thank you all for continuing to pray, encourage, and support us in so many ways. We feel so blessed to have family and friends that are willing to walk alongside us in this journey. We continue to be encouraged by the Lord that His Will is to heal my body, our job is to trust Him in His timing. We are thankful He has continued to encourage us, even as the Doctors may be offering discouraging news."

Posted on May 2, 2018

Posted on May 2, 2018

Wednesday, May 2nd

Update from Jeremy:

"We met with Emily's oncologist yesterday (Tuesday) where she shared the following:      

At this time Emily will complete this round of chemo (3 weeks of going in on Tuesdays and 1 week off) She received the first treatment yesterday.     Once she is done with this round of chemo she will get a PET Scan (whole body minus the head) and MRI with Contrast of her head         

These images are the best we can get. A PET Scan does the best job showing where cancer is in someones body plus the oncologist will be able to compare to the PET Scan Emily had back in late February.     

The oncologist said that we need to just take things 1 week at a time. She was glad that Emily's breathing got better and was able to go home.     

The oncologist shared that she was not the most optimistic about the long term. She felt that if we are still meeting with her in a year it would be something worth celebrating.     

Emily has triple negative breast cancer which from a clinical stand point has the least chance of chemo being able to fight it. There are 3 main chemo's used against this type of breast cancer and she has been on 2 of them at this time.  

Emily and I know that in the medical world this looks bad, but everything is in the Lords hands. We also know there isn't anything we can do to earn the Lords mighty healing. What we can do is keep asking and know that the Lord has a plan beyond anything we can imagine. Thank you each for standing with us and expecting great things."

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