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The Story

Big update!

A lot has changed since I first posted this fundraiser - the amount has not changed, but how we are using it has, and in fact they are good changes which will enable us to help a LOT more people. I am leaving the original information below so people can see how the plan has unfolded, but here is a summary of changes:

Where we are going:
We have changed where we are going to help. The reason is three-fold. First, our original destination has already received help while others still have not. Second, it turned out it was not a village but a town/city of 800,000 people - our organization is simply not big enough to help that many people, and it's unfair to only help some. And third, we found another village who has not received help, Guwadhi in the Palpa district. This town has 83 houses, all of which have been destroyed. Yesterday (after we had decided this was where we would go instear), the Nepali government found the town, came through and placed red condemned stickers on all the houses and left without helping them or telling them what they should do instead.

What we are doing:
The need for food has not changed and we plan on bringing both food for immediate needs as well as seed to help them with the next season. However the shelters have. Our Nepali contacts have looked at the relief tents we planned on bringing and determined they will not hold up in the mountains with the monsoons, landslides etc. Instead they recommend that we purchase (locally, not in the U.S. - which helps their economy) corrugated aluminum roofing which can be used both for short-term lean-to shelters as well as for long-term reconstruction. Not only is this dual use but it enables us to provide for all 83 houses instead of temporary shelters for half a dozen families or so. It's really a win-win!

Who is going:
The team is smaller than we originally planned on, mostly because of the short notice. It is now set to be myself (Communications director), Liz (our newest member!) and Marianne (president of 1 Big Boost). This is ok both because we are not bringing as much with us now that the dome tents are not needed, and because we have a team of able and willing Nepalis there to meet us and help get the job done, including our Nepal board member and coordinator, Tuk!

When are we going:
The dates are now set in stone for June 8th-18th. The flight tickets have been booked and our schedules have been cleared! We are not yet packed :)

Below is what I had originally posted:

The Project:

Our Organization, 1 Big Boost, is a global organization with first hand experience in Nepal as well as in Haiti after the earthquake there. We are not trained first responders but rather what I call second responders. After the first responders have done their super important job of finding and rescuing survivors as well as taking care of the dead, we go in and help them with their next immediate needs. 

In Haiti it was food. In Nepal it is shelters and clean water. We are sending a team to Nepal to bring dome tents and community water filters to communities in the mountain regions, the areas at the epicenter where entire villages were flattened. We have been communicating with our contacts in Nepal (including one of our board members) to identify both what and where the needs are and this is what we have determined we can do.

Access to Kathmandu by air is possible only for large and approved organizations, so we will fly to Lucknow, India and travel from there by land. Once we cross the border we will meet with our Nepali connections who will assist us in traveling to Pokhara, where we will meet up with a team of Nepalis who have already brought food and other supplies they were able to gather locally into the region. They will guide us to the villages they know need the most help.

I am looking to raise $3000 - half to be donated to 1 Big Boost (of which I am on the board) and the other half towards my travel expenses. If I raise less than the cost of my travels 100% of the donations will go to OBB. If I raise right around that amount I will weigh whether the supplies or me being on the team is more needed based on how much we have raised through other means and the composition of the team, but hopefully I will meet or exceed my goal so that both are possible and no compromises need to be made.

Thus no amount is too big or too small, no matter what it will go to helping the survivors of the earthquake.

When: The trip is currently set for the second week of June.

Where:While this can change if we either find a more needy village or if the village we are focused on receives other aid, it sounds promising that we have found a village to help which is Sunkhani in Dolakha at the epicenter of the 2nd and 3rd quakes.

How the money will be used:

  • Dome tents: 18' dome tents which can house a family (extended) of 10 cost between $450 and $600 (we are waiting on the final price) per tent. This is the most important thing as the monsoon season is about to hit. The tents have solid waterproof bottoms and will help these communities survive the rains. We can bring 2 per person so the total we can bring depends on the final size of the team.

  • Water Filters:$245 per community filter, about $35 for household filters. One community filter can provide clean water for an entire village.

  • Other Supplies:We have discussed the possibility of bringing additional medical supplies, seeds for them to replant lost crops or other options. These will happen if and only if we feel that we have sufficient shelters and water filters and can still bring more and have raised the funds to do so

  • My travel costs:We are estimating the trip costs as between $1500-1600 per person. I normally fund my own trips or find a sponsor, but this time, partly due to time constraints, this is not possible, which is why I'm turning to you for help with this as well.


Aside from being a board member, I am one of only two team members who has been to Nepal, knows the culture and the people we are working with there, and the other one, our president and organizer of this trip may not be able to go. Even if she does she will not be able to make the entire trek for health reasons. 

Additionally I am physically fit and able to make the trek and am familiar with the region.

Thank you for your support in helping to make the world a better place.

Fundraiser Updates

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