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The Story

On March 26th, a devastating fire struck East 7th Street, burning 119-123 2nd Avenue to the ground and creating significant fire damage in 125 2nd Avenue, the home of our beloved shop, Enz's East Village.

As of Monday, March 30th, we have finally been able to get back into the shop to assess the damages and remove 90% of our stock. Although much of it has survived (for which we are immensely grateful), as we feared, literally everything has been affected by water or smoke damage in at least some way.The shop itself is in terrible shape (especially the ceilings and floors), and although it is a great victory that the building is structurally sound enough to remain standing, the floors, ceiling and walls of the shop were all waterlogged and will have to be replaced to avoid mold (and then the interior of shop will have to be rebuilt, repainted, etc.). As of now it appears we will definitely be spending at least the $25,000 we had hoped to raise, if not more, on the renovations alone. In addition to this cost,we will definitely be shuttered for at least two months and possibly more.

(Please see the update section for more information about our visits to the shop and the work being done, and the gallery section for photographs.)

Worse, our shop was not insured for fire. That means Mariann will likely be paying for 100% of the costs of rebuilding her store out of pocket.

Enz's has been thriving on the Lower East Side since the 80's and represents 30 years of Mariann's life and livelihood. We are 100% committed to the putting in hard work of recovery but at this difficult time we could really use a hand. 

Small businesses like Enz's are what keep the East Village unique, vibrant and thriving.If you've ever made a purchase in this New York City counter-culture institution, please consider donating what you can to help get our shop up and running again. 

About Enz's (From New York Magazine):

"This fifties-inspired boutique has undergone several reincarnations through the years first as a local hangout for enfants terribles like Lou Reed and Debbie Harry in the seventies, then as a destination for full-on rocker-chic ensembles on St. Marks in the eighties. Now settled into a slim space on Second Avenue, Enzs has reinvented itself once again as an outfitter of modern-day pinups and rockabillies. The shop is known for its weekly shuffle of nipped-waist dresses, most designed by owner Mariann Marlowe. The selection includes full-skirted dresses in bright prints, retro, patterned aprons, burlesque bathing suits, and unusual accessories like Dia de Los Muertos cocktail rings and charm bracelets. Punk nuances like skull-stamped T-shirts and handbags hint at the shops angsty past, but the aesthetic also surfaces in softer standouts, like the macabre line of faded, rose-embellished jewelry by Tarina Tarantino. And for those looking to accessorize beyond the wall of sharp clutches and leather Tano bags, button-down greaser shirts and black cotton tees are on hand for the men buying you a beer (or a milkshake) later."

Genevieve Leon

Photocredit: Left image of Mariann in the shop - Livets Salt Tatuering; Right image of East 7th Street - Dean Neistat (

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 8, 2015

Posted on April 8, 2015

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your generous support!!! With your help, our campaign now has 190 supporters, over 3,500 shares and we are so, SO close to the milestone number of $10,000! Thank you all so very much for your generosity and support!

We have some more good new to share! The city has helped place Enz in a pop-up shop at 103 Allen Street. With the help of some dedicated friends, as of tomorrow, Wednesday, April 8th, ENZ WILL BE BACK OPEN FOR BUSINESS IN OUR NEW SPACE!!! Please stop by and visit us - we have this space at 103 Allen Street for one week only.

We will be vending a selection of new merchandise that was quickly supplied to us by some of our favorite brands like Bernie Dexter and Trashy Diva as well as the Park Slope Store. Later in the week we will also have some of the smoke-damaged stock from the shop available for amazing sale prices so please stay tuned for details....we will be sure keep you updated with the info about our upcoming sale.

We are so thrilled by this next step for us but it is not without costs. We do have to pay rent on this new space, and our dry-cleaning bill has been astronomical. We are still uncertain as to the fate of our original location, and not until we learn the complete details about that space will we understand the full financial picture of whether we are looking at renovation or permanent relocation, and what the associated costs may be. 

In the meantime, please check out the gallery to see pictures of our new pop-up shop. You can also still help us by continuing to share this campaign, and by paying us a visit at 103 Allen Street starting tomorrow! 

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts,
Mariann and the Enz team

Posted on March 31, 2015

Posted on March 31, 2015

Dear Friends,

With the help of our community liaison, Bernadette, we were finally able to get into the shop today. We had an intense 20 minute period while the rubble cleanup was on break to get into the shop and remove literally everything. 

With a valiant crew of five working inside, we bagged everything we could get our hands on, and had an additional band of helpers shuttling the stock to cars to get it to the drycleaners.

We are pleased to report that we were able to remove approximately 90% of the stock from the shop. As for the condition of the stock, it is a mixed bag. Everything smells awful - like a campfire gone sickeningly wrong - but aside from the smell, some pieces of the stock seem virtually unharmed, some have minor surface dirt that does seem like it will come out, while others are dirty, stained and in all likelihood completely ruined.

Some of it we kept to try to clean ourselves but some (about 500-1000 gorgeous dresses and shirts from companies like Stop Staring, Bernie Dexter, Trashy Diva and Steady Clothing) we left in the hands of our trusty drycleaner May, who kindly stayed open late and will be working overtime to accomodate this gigantic load. We won't fully understand the totality of what was lost - what can be salvaged and what can't, what smells too bad, what is too stained - until the cleaning process is complete.

As for the condition of the shop itself, please take a look at our gallery if you would like to see some pictures. The floor is ruined with the beautiful hardwood soaked and completely covered in mud; the ceiling is wet and leaking, and light fixtures have fallen down; our display case is soaked, and part of the display window is broken (from the explosion).

However we are so grateful to be surrounded by such a compassionate and caring group of supporters, both those who have provided encouragement and emotional support and those who were able to be physically present today.

We also remain grateful that the damage wasn't worse. While we are still most likely looking at between $25,000 and $100,000 worth of damage, it really is a miracle that the shop itself was not touched by the actual fire, which stopped one or two floors above the store. It feels as though some angelic or protective functions were watching over the shop, and for this small miracle we are truly counting our blessings. 

Posted on March 30, 2015

Posted on March 30, 2015

Thank you so much to everyone who pitched in to help us out. With your help, we exceeded 20% of our goal - over $5000 - within the first 48 hours. We are truly overwhelmed by - and so very grateful for - your generosity and support. 

We still haven't been allowed back into the shop, although we are hoping we may be allowed in tomorrow to assess the damages, and will provide further updates at that time. 

We remain grateful for the good fortune of our own safety, and that there may be anything left of the shop at all. In the wake of the discovery today of the remains of Nicholas Figueroa and Moises Ismael Locón Yac, we are praying for their families. We are also praying for our neighbors, both the businesses and tenants, whose homes and livelihoods were devastated. 

Once again thank you all so much for your support, and we will post more information here once we have a better idea of what the situation may be.

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