Carper Family Fire Fund

For: Gary, Charlene, and Gabby Carper
Fredericksburg, VA
Organizer: Amanda Deibel (Eldest daughter)
Carper Family Fire Fund (Gary, Charlene, and Gabby Carper)
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The Story

March 22nd while my parents were at home relaxing on a Sunday morning their house caught fire. It soon turned into an uncontrollable blaze that swept through the entire upstairs of their home, in addition to causing extensive water and smoke damage in the first floor of their home.

Thankfully both my parents made it out with no injuries, and my youngest sister Gabby is away at college. They've lived there 19 years, and aside from what my parents could carry out on their person they've lost everything from inside the home. All of their clothing, furniture, electronics, and keepsakes...nothing is salvageable. This includes decades of music, and memorablia from Gary's decades long career as a professional musician.

We've already had so many people stop by the house to offer all kinds of aid from donuts to second-hand clothing. My parents and Gabby have a home with my husband Eric and I for the foreseeable future, but if you're like so many of the people who have already contacted me to contribute I've created this fund here. The money will go directly to my father Gary and will first go toward the essentials of living, and later towards the clean-up, and either demolition or rebuilding of their home. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 8, 2015

Posted on April 8, 2015

Update - Tuesday - April 7, 2015

It's been a busy couple of weeks for my parents. Yesterday after much searching and debate my parents moved into a very nice little rental house. The entire day was spent moving them from the hotel, cleaning the rental, overseeing the delivery of rental furniture and housewares, and shopping for a few essentials for the house.

They're both happy to be out of the hotel and settling into a new "normal" for the time being. The little rental house is a rambler on a small hill, in a neighborhood close to their home on Schooler Court. The cherry blossom and dogwood trees are beginning to bloom around the rental house making things very cheery. :)

We are still working their insurance on the inventory of all the items that were lost in the fire, plus determining what's to be done with the house.

As we've heard before, this is proving to be a long process that will likely be a lot longer, but everyday a few more things get done. Thanks again for the support. :)

Posted on March 26, 2015

Posted on March 26, 2015

Update - Thursday - March 26th

Yesterday was very productive, we moved my parents into a 2 bedroom extended stay hotel very close to my dad's workplace in Spotsylvania. It has a stocked kitchenette as well as a living area. Their insurance is completely covering this while we find them a more permanent temporary residence. They are very encouraged to have their own space again, and I think we all feel as though this is good progress.

I also went with my mom to look at a rental home one neighborhood away from their old house, ideally this would be where they will live while the house is being rebuilt.

On the subject of their old house, today it will be evaluated on it's condition to determine what the next step will be, and if it will be rebuilt, or demolished.

Many people have asked me if there will be a registry of things they need for their eventual home, or if there is anything that may be donated now in lieu of money. Once they are in a rental house we will have a much clearer idea of what is needed. We will likely create some kind of registry and I will update the list when those things have either been purchased by them, and/or purchased or donated by others.

We all hesistate to ask for too much, especially since they have good home insurance. Obviously it will not cover everything, and some things will be irreplaceable, but there has already been a great outpouring of donation since the fire on Sunday. 

Gabby will be home from UVA this weekend for the first time since the fire and we are all very anxious to be a complete family again in this time of crisis. If you're praying or sending good thoughts please keep her and my parents in your thoughts as they deal with this together. We were able to take some pictures inside the home on Monday but I've kept them offline out of consideration for her.

Also, my mom was able to replace her cellphone that was lost. Her number is the same, but if you would like the number please contact me. She lost all her contacts and she's eager to rebuild her address book.

Thank you again to everyone who has thought of them at this time, I'll try to continue updating as we get news about their house. 

Posted on March 24, 2015

Posted on March 24, 2015

Update - Tuesday - March 24th
Yesterday we returned to the house and were allowed inside to view the damage and see what could be saved. The majority of the upstairs was badly burnt and the rest of the house was badly damaged by smoke and/or water. The entire roof was burnt away or collpased into the house. I don't think any of us were really prepared for the amount of devestation we found, and many the things we hoped might still be saved were to dangerous to reach or too damaged to keep.

My parents also met with their home insurance agent, and the meeting was very encouraging. They had a good insurance policy and while it can't replace many of the sentimental things that have been lost, it should serve to eventually get them what they need for a fresh start, in addition to rebuilding the home.

Another note is that if you have been trying to reach my mom via her phone it was lost in the fire and we are working on a replacement. Please contact me for the temporary way to reach her.

I wanted to personally thank everyone that has supported us during this time so I recorded a video this morning. Please excuse my emotions and generally grubby appearance. :)

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