Urgent ~ Help Bubba Beat The Cruelty of Intentional Poison!

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Urgent ~ Help Bubba Beat The Cruelty of Intentional Poison! (Elizabeth and Matty Whipple)
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The Story

This is Bubba.  He’s only 2 & according to the vet he's, "never seen a cat with so much fight to live".  Tuesday Bubba had violent seizures, muscle spasms, & tremors. Doctors are almost certain he was poisoned with strychnine.  It was explained this was almost certainly intentional as a cat won’t ingest strychnine unless it’s hidden in something tasty. He was not expected to survive the first 24 hours but has displayed an incredible will to get home to his family. But he needs an MRI asap to pinpoint what damage was done to his brain or this family will have to face watching him make it through the poison just to lose the fight because of the expense of care.

Bubba was born to a fostered cat at Liz & Matty's house. Immediately he was attached to Nathaniel, their youngest. The attachment was so profound they decided the best friends belonged together forever & he was officially adopted.

Bubba is always looking for trouble to get himself into.  Like falling into a bucket of paint & running through the house (he was blue for weeks) or the "construction" he did to the dryer vent to create his own cat door (he did not agree with only indoors).  He loves to bat the water when it’s running.  He gives kisses by jumping up & smashing his nose into your face. He loves to give them out.  He makes the rules in Nathaniel's room & tries to stop anyone attempting to wake him.  Christmas mornings he has been banned for trying to open everyone's presents before they can. But his favorite time of day is bedtime - he runs to Nathaniel's room & patiently waits to curl next to him & sleep.  He doesn't leave him all night.

Nathaniel has not been coping with this evil well & has actually been physically sick from the fear of losing his friend.  No child should have to learn there is evil out there by such a cruel deed.  Nathaniel is fiercely vigilant in watching out for Bubba.  On a fall evening Liz had a small gas leak in the house.  I happened to be there & we immediately vacated the house.  I will never forget watching the argument between Nathaniel & his mother because he was insisting, almost to hysteria, on returning to the house to retrieve his buddy.  It was a heated battle of mother protecting her son & son perfectly fine with risking his life to protect his cat.

Bubba has, against all odds survived so far. The doctor tonight said he is guarded, but hopeful. He needs more days in the ICU & further intensive medical treatment. The doctors feel an MRI is critical, but very expensive. He can not yet stand on his own, but he is trying so hard. The MRI would unlock the damage so it could be treated.  His family drives an hour one way for less than a 5 minute visit, but doctors feel it is vital.  They feel Bubba becomes alert when he is aware his family is there. After they leave staff stated it takes about 2 hours to get him calmed back down, but he shows the fight.  He knows what he wants to live for.  Visit time is limited so not to over stimulate him.

Bubba can only survive with 24 hour, critical medical care. This level of veterinary care is extremely expensive & this family is in desperate need of some urgent help. They have almost depleted everything. Nathaniel insisted on giving the $101 he had been keeping to save up for his coveted Xbox1.  Please help him be reunited with his best friend. How can a lack of finances be what puts an end to such a heroic fight? This is a family that is always the first to step up & help anyone who needs it.  Giving so much to so many in our community & they need help now.  I know it weighs so heavy on my dear friend that they could lose him if they run out of money.  If I could give them what they need myself I would do it without hesitation. Help me show them this world still has love and hope.  Nathaniel has become so distrusting of the world.  I want to show this poor boy the world is still a good place with good people. We have the power to not let evil win this one.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 6, 2016

Posted on October 6, 2016

We would love to invite everyone to celebrate our Super Hero & his amazing recovery to a truly extraordinary professional magic show at Klinger's On Carsonia at 3pm this Saturday!  We are having some incredible raffle prizes ~ dog basket, cat lover basket, a beginner's magic basket, beauty basket & MORE!  We are also encouraging you to come as your favorite super hero to celebrate our super hero, Bubba!  (All costumes will receive a prize!)  We are asking for a $5.00 donation, if you are able, to help with his vet bills.  Our final billing, not including any on-going care was still more than triple what we have collected ~ although we have also paid several thousand toward that as well...it has made a terrible chaos in paying our normal monthly bills & make the payments the veterinary hospital is asking of us.

We can not thank everyone enough ~ so many wonderful people!  It restores your faith in a world of things so ugly - THANK YOU!  Please share his page ~ it is so appreciated!

Posted on October 5, 2016

Posted on October 5, 2016

Well life has been extremely overwhelming ~ much more than I thought it would be & trying to keep up with Bubba, appointments, kids, and updating everyone has made time my most precious commodity!  I am so sorry I have failed to update this sooner ~ we are so grateful for everyone who has supported us, shared, and sent so much positive energy our way!

The good news is Bubba has COME HOME!! We did pull him from the first neurologist office.  He was in the care of a new graduate vet with no neurology experience (the neurologist had a medical issue & was hospitalized) ~ she was insistent that he had not made any progress, although she had reports from Quakertown and us saying the opposite and had not even seen him in the beginning.  She was very set in convincing us we should put him to sleep.  This was truly horrifying considering the progress he had made and the fact she had no testing or anything to support her view.  We took him out & back to Quakertown and they sent us to Dr. Eagleson, a neurologist in Levittown at VSEC.  He was incredible!  He took great care of Bubba and was amazingly knowledgeable!  He also said that Bubba's survival was extraordinary and in no way would he suggest there was ANY REASON to put him to sleep and was quite perplexed why a vet would ever tell us that.  So scary.

He said the bladder issues were not related to the brain damage and had us keep him at Quakertown with the cath removed until they were satisfied he was urinating properly.  Took a couple days and we got to take our Buddy home!  He has damage to the right side of his brain which is causing the blindness, partial paralysis, and balance issues on his left side.  The neurologist is unable to determine which may be permanent yet but we are continuing to pray he gets to have his fun, cat life back completely.

After being home a few days he started to vomit blood so was re-admitted to Quakertown.  VERY stressful and scary.  He was there about a week to be on IV seizure meds etc since he could not keep them down.  They believe it was throat and stomach irritation from all of the meds.  He has since been discharged to us and is settling in nicely!

When we got home he was on 9 different medications for a total of 19 doses of meds a day which was an insane commitment taking care of him, but it actually made us so happy to have him back TO take care of!  They have since stopped all the belly and pain meds and we are back to the basics - now we are only at 7 pills a day!

Well after a month in the ICU...owing the first "neurologist $1100.00 just for them to release him so we could get him out of that scary place, an MRI, second neurologist for 2 appointments, another week stay at Quakertown, and his on-going meds we have found ourselves a bit financially overwhelmed.  We count our blessings and we are so, so thankful to everyone but it is very daunting to think about.  We are holding a professional magic show and raffle on Saturday, October 8th at Klinger's on Carsonia in Pennside, PA!  It starts at 3pm and will be about an hour and a half.  Bubba is our super hero and we would love for kids and adults to come out and dress as their favorite super hero!  Prizes for anyone who comes dressed up!

This will be an amazing show and has 2 of the area's best, professional magicians guaranteed to blow your mind!  Any help is so, so appreciated ~ please come out and celebrate his triumph over evil with us on Saturday!

It is also with a heavy heart and some terror that we found out today our neighbor across the street had 2 of her sweet dogs poisoned right before Bubba.  They died within a couple days of each other and although she got them to the vet they just could not save them.  Then this weekend our next door neighbor's aging dog was also murdered by what their vet believed to be poison.  We are so sad and we hurt with them.  We will find out who is doing this to our buddies and it is 100% sure now this was NOT something accidental.  Thank you to everyone who has helped good triumph over evil.

Posted on August 28, 2016

Posted on August 28, 2016

Any insight or advice would be SO appreciated! Here is where we are:

We were admitted to the neurologist & really liked him and his treatment plan. He was going to start with a work up and tweaking meds to try to get all seizure and unbalance activity to stop, etc. When he left our appointment he had a medical emergency himself and wound up in the hospital.

Fast forward 12 hours: His student called us and apparently she has been put in charge of Bubba...my feeling is that he is her case study. She insisted she will only treat if we start with the MRI which is around $1500-$1800. The first vet was going to wait to see if we HAD to go this route. It had to be paid upfront because it would be done outside the hospital as U of PA. When I told her I had paid out over $3,000 the night before between the first bill and their deposit and asked if we could push the MRI off until they tried some of the other things the first doctor talked about she told me MRI or she suggests just putting him to sleep because she can not treat anything without it. Total contrast to first doctor. She is not following his discharge instructions and was actually rude when I was trying to get answers as to what she was thinking.

Finally talked to first doctor an hour or so ago and he was SO rude. Said this is his student and she is going to handle the treatment and we will have to do it the way she wants. He also will not answer questions and had me in tears with how gruff and rude he was being sticking up for her. I was NOT being argumentative. I just want to understand. I do not understand how everything has changed. Plus she keeps saying, "it's been 11 days and he has not improved"??? 1. You did not treat him the first 10 - the improvement is PROFOUND. I understand we need to stop the seizures but improvement all around is profound. 2. Everytime I tried to explain to her the change from day 1 until now she would say it is irrelevant. How can his improvement be irrelevant? You just told me he did not improve and that his not improving is very relevant??

The doctor today actually told me NOT TO VISIT because they do not need me in there wasting time by asking questions?? That downright scares me. We contacted another hospital who is willing to take him. We really want to move him but are we doing the right thing moving him again? That means we have to also pay this guy (which it's possible my deposit will cover that) and then come up with another deposit for the next place? Do we skip neurology all together and take him back to Quakertown for just comfort and maintenance and see if he continues to improve on his own?

He IS doing SO great! Friday when we saw him he seems to be seeing almost normally and no more eye twitching. He only fell once in a half hour and actually ran a couple steps! We did not get to visit last night so I am so anxious to just see him. Every time we see him he improves yet we hit a brick wall with him feeling like a science project we're not allowed to ask questions about? We feel very, very lost and no idea what to do next. I am panicked and can't sleep because this just feels so wrong to us. Any input or suggestions are SO welcome! And we are so grateful to everyone for their support!

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