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we have a home that's at least 50+ years old, nothing has ever been replaced so its all original piping and electricity. my father was a skinflint with money, constantly buying things we didn't need (he had an obsession with coins from ebay) instead of fixing what needed to be fixed around the house. he consistently denied that we needed professionals and did all the work himself, which usually wound up in jerry-rigged 'fixes' that broke within years.

we've been having trouble with the pipes in our unfinished basement for years now that included flooding underneath our washing machine and sometimes when we took showers or flushed the toilets. that being said, they've been 'fixed' numerous times, for cheap, by my brother, but on july 10th one of them burst and spilled raw sewage--water as well as toilet paper--all over our basement floor. there was about 2 to 4 inches of water in various spots, things are now damanged, and my mother (who is 87) is in a panic because we just can't fully afford to fix everything and she's not sure what to do. we've been on a fixed income since some of us that live here are unable to work, i'm still recovering from surgery that almost killed me, and we're in a bit of a bind.

we're getting a plumber to fix everything save for replacing the pipes, which my brother is doing because we haven't heard back from said plumber--lets be real, he doesn't want to do it. but its a big job and it won't be cheap; not to mention, we're going to have to pay to get a tree taken down because the roots are growing into the sewer and that's part of the problem. my mother is already having heart issues and this is making things worse, so i'm trying to make things easier on her by trying to help out money-wise, but i've come to the conclusion that i can't do this alone. i hate looking for money, but we're really in a fix here, and any kind of donation would be more helpful than you can imagine.


for my roleplay friends, or anyone from shine; certain donation amounts can get you EXCLUSIVE CODES FROM ME; they're listed here as reward levels. what you need to do is donate and then show me a screencap that you've donated, including your name. feel free to send me that message on SHINE or my skinning tumblr (http://panicitslauz.tumblr.com/). full skin commissions may be taken off the list at my discretion--you all have to understand they take a lot of work and i'm still recovering from surgery. please be patient with me! YOU DO NOT NEED TO CLAIM YOUR LEVEL'S REWARD. say you donate $20 but only want 5 thread template? you can do that. if you donate $30 and want an application and 2 thread templates? can do that too. same goes for anything.

so please, if anyone can help at all, even a little bit, that'd be fantastic. WE ARE UNSURE HOW MUCH IT WILL COST YET. that's why this fundraiser is only set to $2000 at the moment; we're hoping it won't be that much, but it may be more. once i know just what we're working with i'll set up the final price. so thank you for looking!

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